Presidents Day 2012 Car Deals

Presidents Day car deals

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new car, this weekend might be a good time to finally pull the trigger.  Presidents' Day weekend is historically one of the best times to buy a car.  Dealerships offer great deals on cars over the long weekend for several reasons:

  1. It’s still the cold winter and dealers are desperate to lure car shoppers onto their lots before Spring.
  2. Three day weekends mean people have an extra day to shop so dealerships usually ramp up their sales efforts with “events” and other promotions.
  3. Dealers are still trying to clear out their prior year’s inventory and close-out models.
  4. Often times a dealership will offer a bonus to the salesman who makes the most sales over a long weekend.
  5. And most importantly, towards the end of every month car salesmen are trying to hit their monthly bonus targets and are more willing to make a deal on a single car to earn a big bonus check.

If you are car shopping this weekend, don’t buy anything while you walk around the lot and test drive.  Be sure to head home and get the best car prices on the Internet to find the best car deals.

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