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Ford Car Deals

Nearly every American would recognize the iconic blue oval emblem of Ford Motor Company. Ford is synonymous with American manufacturing; possessing a long rich history in the U.S since 1903. Their lineup ranges from pickup trucks to recognizable American muscle cars. Ford’s best-selling vehicle by a significant margin is the F-150 line of pickup trucks, with the 2020 model starting at $28,495.

Ford Car Deals

We do our best to collect all current manufacturer incentives. However, these offers may vary and are not guaranteed by FindTheBestCarPrice.com.

Ford Cash Back IncentivesFord Cash Deals

Ford is offering cash back incentives on most of their 2020 models for November and deals are available until January 4th, 2021. The 2020 F-150 ($2,750) and 2020 EcoSport ($4,750) have fairly high cash back offers.

YearMakeModelCash Incentives (up to)Expiration
2020FordEcoSport$4,750 1/4/2021
2020FordEscape$1,750 1/4/2021
2020FordEscape Hybrid$1,500 1/4/2021
2020FordEdge$3,500 1/4/2021
2020FordExpedition$2,000 1/4/2021
2020FordExplorer$3,000 1/4/2021
2020FordF-150$2,750 1/4/2021
2020FordRanger$1,250 1/4/2021
2020FordSuper Duty$5001/4/2021
2020FordFusion$2,500 1/4/2021
2020FordFusion Plug-in Hybrid$2,250 1/4/2021
2020FordFusion Hybrid$2,500 1/4/2021
2020FordMustang$1,750 1/4/2021

Ford Finance DealsFord Finance Deals

Ford consistently offers purchase deals every month. Buyers have until January 4th to capitalize on Ford’s finance deals. One of Ford’s best sellers, the 2020 Ford Explorer, is available with 0% for 60 months APR finance deal. Other models with 0% APR are the 2020 Ford Edge, Escape, and Expedition.

YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpiration
2020FordEcoSport8.90%84 months1/4/2021
2020FordEscape0.00%60 months1/4/2021
2020FordEscape Hybrid4.90%84 months1/4/2021
2020FordEdge0.00%60 months1/4/2021
2020FordExpedition0.00%60 months1/4/2021
2020FordExplorer0.00%60 months1/4/2021
2020FordF-1505.90%84 months1/4/2021
2021FordF-1508.90%84 months1/4/2021
2020FordRanger6.90%84 months1/4/2021
2020FordSuper Duty7.90%84 months1/4/2021
2020FordFusion0.00%60 months1/4/2021
2020FordFusion Plug-in Hybrid4.90%84 months1/4/2021
2020FordFusion Hybrid3.90%84 months1/4/2021
2020FordMustang6.90%84 months1/4/2021
2021FordBronco Sport5.90%84 months1/4/2021

Ford Lease DealsFord Lease Deals

Ford has a few lease deals this month with one on the 2020 Edge for $169 per month for 24 months with $3,939 due at signing. The 2020 Ford Ranger has a lease deal for November for $254 per month for 36 months with $2,815 due at signing. Term lengths range from 24 to 39 months and most down payments are around $3,000. It's important to note that a few of Ford's lease deals are only available to trade-in customers and current lessees.

YearMakeModelLease OffersExpiration
2020FordEcoSport$189/month for 36 months, $3,329 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordEscape$189/month for 24 months, $3,819 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordEscape Hybrid$357/month for 36 months, $3,308 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordEdge$169/month for 24 months, $3,939 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordExpedition$459/month for 24 months, $4,649 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordExplorer$209/month for 24 months, $3,529 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordF-150$492/month for 36 months, $4,937 due at signing1/4/2021
2021FordF-150$498/month for 39 months, $5,137 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordRanger$254/month for 36 months, $2,815 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordFusion$352/month for 39 months, $2,789 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordFusion Plug-in Hybrid$159/month for 24 months, $3,079 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordFusion Hybrid$400/month for 39 months, $3,320 due at signing1/4/2021
2020FordMustang$319/month for 36 months, $3,106 due at signing1/4/2021
2021FordBronco Sport$379/month for 39 months, $3,195 due at signing1/4/2021

Ford Promise Buy-Back Program

Ford is taking a bit of the pressure off of purchasing a new vehicle right now by offering to buy it back within one year of purchase/lease. This offer only applies if a customer encounters financial hardship due to loss of employment. New, used, or CPO 2019/2020/2021 Ford models that have been purchased or leased through Ford Motor Credit between 6/26/20 and 9/30/20 qualify.

Ford Fusion

The vehicle return program will cover up to a maximum of $15,000 and the customer is responsible for the remaining balance, which may include any repairs and past due payments. The Ford Promise program excludes fleet members and residents of Oregon and New York.

To qualify for Ford Promise, customers must have applied and been approved for state unemployment benefits and notified the Claims Administrator within thirty days of involuntary job loss. The job must have been for 30+ hours a week from a single employer.

Individuals who are experiencing self-employed personal bankruptcy are also eligible for Ford Promise.

Ford New Graduate DealsFord New Graduate Deals

The Ford Drives U program is eligible for active college/trade students, active graduate students, recent graduates (within 3 years), and collegebound high school seniors. The $500 cash back deal applies towards the purchase or lease of any 2019 or 2020 model.

ManufacturerProgram NameSpecial Offers & DiscountsEligibility & RequirementsExpiration
FordFord Drive U$500 off purchase/lease on 2019 or newerCurrent college/trade student or graduated in the past 3 years, High School Seniors1/4/21

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Ford Military Deals

The Ford Military Appreciation Program is eligible for active members of the military, retired military, and veterans (within 2 years of discharge). The bonus deal of $500 can be applied to any 2019 and 2020 model.

ManufacturerProgram NameSpecial Offers & DiscountsEligibility & RequirementsExpiration
FordFord Military Appreciation Program$500 off purchase/lease on 2019/2020Active Duty, National Guard, Honor Guard, Reservists, Retirees, Veterans (within 2 years)1/4/21

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Ford First Responder DealsFord First Responder Deals

Ford’s First Responder Appreciation Program is for $500 off the purchase or lease of any 2019 or 2020 Ford vehicle.

ManufacturerProgram NameSpecial Offers & DiscountsEligibility & RequirementsExpiration
FordFord First Responder Appreciation Program$500 off purchase/lease of 2019/2020Paid/Volunteer Firefighters, Police, EMT/Paramedics, 911 Dispatchers, Healthcare Professionals7/6/20

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Ford Fleet Program DiscountsFord Fleet Discounts

The Ford Fleet program can be useful for companies that need a fleet of vehicles for commercial, government, or rental use. A company must first apply for a FIN code to access the incentives, advance notice on products, and priority scheduling included for its members.

ManufacturerProgram NameSpecial Offers & DiscountsEligibility & Requirements
FordFord FleetUp to $4,000 off each vehicleMinimum 15 vehicles, Limo/Livery/Funeral Business, Taxi Business

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Ford Mobility Program DiscountsFord Mobility Discounts

Ford customers who had adaptive equipment installed on their new vehicle can get a one-time reimbursement of up to $1,000. Customers must install the eligible equipment within one year of the purchase or install date, and must apply for reimbursement within the following year.

ManufacturerProgram NameReimbursementEligibilityInstall Equipment WithinApply Within
FordFord Mobility Motoring Program$1,000 New vehicle1 year of purchase/lease1 year of install

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Ford deals near me?

Ford publishes monthly financing and lease specials. But to get the best deal, get prices from several local Ford dealers. When you introduce competition, dealers will lower their price to win your business. You can often negotiate local deals well below published incentives.

How much is it to lease a new Ford?

You can lease a new Ford for around $200-$300 per month. You can currently lease a Ford Ranger for around $250 per month for 36 months with around $2,500 due at signing. New deals come and go every month and terms may vary so check out all the latest Ford lease deals here.

What is the cheapest Ford to lease?

The cheapest Ford to lease is generally the 2020 EcoSport for around $200 per month. The 2020 Ford Explorer SUV has monthly lease payments of around $300.

Is it better to buy or lease a Ford?

As a rule of thumb, it’s almost always better financially to buy a car rather than lease one, and Ford is no exception.  The exception is if you frequently get new cars and don’t plan to keep one more than a couple years.  It’s also easier to negotiate the purchase price of car than it is to negotiate leasing terms. Learn more about how to decide whether to buy or lease a car.

Does Ford offer 0% Financing?

Ford occasionally offers 0% financing on some of their 2019/2020 sedans, SUVs, and trucks. However, deals come and go every month and terms may vary so check out the full list of Ford finance deals here.

Does Ford offer bonus programs (i.e. military, student)?

Ford offers a few bonus discount programs for new graduates, members of the military, first responders, businesses, and customers that need adaptive equipment installed.

What are the most popular Ford models?

The 2020 Explorer, starting at $32,765, is one of Ford’s most popular and highly rated SUVs. The 2020 F-series line of pickup trucks, which starts at $28,745, is another one of Ford’s more popular options.