What is Find the Best Car Price and Why is it Free?

Why Get Several Car Prices?

Geoff - What is a bidding war

Let’s face it, car buying stinks! I can't change that completely, but I can at least help you get the best possible deal.

When you get car prices from many car dealers at once you introduce competition and prices go down.

And by getting car prices online, you'll have time to understand and digest offers you receive without pressure from a car salesman.  You'll find this greatly helps eliminate the stress of face-to-face negotiations.

Get prices from several car dealers at once at the top of this website.  Car dealers will email you discount prices with no obligation to buy.  And if you’re ready, just pick the lowest bidder.

You can stop here, choose the best price, and get a much better deal than going to your local dealership.

Or...if you want to put in a little more work...

When car dealers email you, use the step-by-step process I explain in my free car buying guide to make them compete against each other.  You'll escalate the Bidding War for a really great deal and the best possible car price.

Why is it Free?

I can confidently recommend the service at the top of my website to help you get discount car prices because I use it myself when buying cars for family and friends.

I also recommend several other free car price websites to put you in touch with local car dealers who will send you prices.  Each brand has a slightly different networks of car dealers (often overlapping).  You can try more than one website to find additional dealers and potentially lower prices.

It's still up to you to find the best price, but the websites make it easier to reach more dealerships.  Regardless of which service you use, your main objective is to simply get in touch with several car dealers to find better prices than talking to a single dealer.

On the flip side, car dealers are always looking for ways to find car buyers in a competitive market.  In fact, they are so anxious to sell cars that they pay me a small referral fee just for putting them in touch with you.

And since THEY are the ones that pay me, I'm able to spend time to create all the advice on this website and provide this service to YOU for free!

- Geoff, creator of FindTheBestCarPrice.com