What is Find the Best Car Price and Why is it Free?

How To Buy a Car in 2022

Want to know how professional car buyers find the best deals on cars?  It’s simple, they get car prices from several dealers at once.  The professionals know the only way to get the best car price is to start a bidding war!  When you involve more than one dealership, salesmen must lower their prices in order to win over your business.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds.

The simple method: If you want to find a good deal quickly, get discount prices from several car dealers at once at the top of this website. Simply follow-up with the car dealer who gives you the best offer.

The expert negotiator: If you are a serious shopper and want to put in a little effort for the really big savings, then dive into my Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Car for 2022.

Just like the simple method, first get car prices above. But then, reply to car dealers in the right way to start a Bidding War to get the best deal possible….all without ever leaving your home!


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Car Reviews & Comparisons

"I heard you could find great deals on cars on the Internet, but I didn't feel comfortable buying a car online. Then realized I didn't have to! I just did my research and lined up a great deal before I went to the dealership. It was safe and painless!"
– Jeff, Philadelphia PA
"I never leave reviews for websites, but I must say that your site was AWESOME! I am a terrible negotiator in person and dread going to the dealership. However, with a few emails to several different dealers, I saved $2000 off the invoice price and nearly $4500 off of the MSRP! Thanks for all your easy to use help from the website!"
– Chad, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"I was able to conduct the entire process without ever speaking to a car salesperson on the phone."
– Lori, Durham NC
"We didn't just beat MSRP or Factory Invoice, but got our new car under Dealer Cost! Within a few short emails, we shaved $4,000 off our purchase...."
- EngineerYourFinances.com