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Honda Car Deals

Honda is a Japanese brand that maintains a reputation of high reliability and quality at a reasonable price. Their overall driving and owning experience is rated very highly among owners, making it one of the most well respected brands in the global auto industry. Honda offers a wide range of sedans, crossovers, pickups, and a highly rated SUV.  Their most popular models include the Civic (2020 model starting at $19,750) and the Accord (2020 model starting at $23,870).

Honda Car Deals

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Honda Cash Back IncentivesHonda Cash Deals

There are no advertised cash back specials from Honda for this month.

Honda Finance DealsHonda Finance Deals

Honda extends most of their finance deals from last month and are available until July 6th. APR specials range from 0.9% to 1.9% for 24-60 months. Prospective buyers can opt for a higher APR special for a longer term. For example, the 2020 Passport SUV has a special APR of 1.9% for 24-60 months and another for 2.9% for 61-72 months. The 2020 Odyssey minivan has deal for 0.9% APR for 24-60 months or 1.9% APR for 61-72 months.

YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpiration
2019HondaAccord0.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaAccord1.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaCivic1.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2019HondaCR-V0.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaCR-V1.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2019HondaFit0.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaFit1.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2019HondaHR-V0.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaHR-V0.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaOdyssey0.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaRidgeline1.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2019HondaPassport0.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaPassport1.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaClarity Plug-In Hybrid1.90%24-60 months7/6/2020
2020HondaInsight0.90%24-60 months7/6/2020

Honda Lease DealsHonda Lease Deals

There are no advertised lease deals from Honda this month.


Honda New Graduate DealsHonda New Graduate Deals

Recent college graduates looking to purchase or lease a brand new Honda vehicle can save up to $500. The bonus deal applies to any 2018 or newer model and also requires that you have no adverse credit history.

ManufacturerProgram NameSpecial Offers & DiscountsEligibility & RequirementsExpiration
HondaHonda College Graduate Program$500 off purchase/lease on 2018 or newerGraduated in past 2 years or next 6 months, Full-time employment or commitment3/31/20

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Honda Military Deals

As an appreciation to active members of the military, retirees, veterans (within one year of discharge), and their spouses, Honda is offering up to $500 when financing or leasing through Honda Financial Services. The bonus cash can be applied to any 2018 or newer model.

ManufacturerProgram NameSpecial Offers & DiscountsEligibility & RequirementsExpiration
HondaHonda Military Appreciation Offer$500 off purchase/lease on 2018 or newerActive Duty, National Guard, Reservists, Retirees, Veterans (within 1 year)3/31/20

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Honda First Responder DealsHonda First Responder Deals

Honda is one of the manufacturers that introduced a first responder program in response to COVID-19. They are offering first responders and healthcare professionals $500 off a purchase or lease on most models.

ManufacturerProgram NameSpecial Offers & DiscountsEligibility & RequirementsExpiration
HondaHonda First Responder Program$500 off purchase/leasePaid/Volunteer Firefighters, Police, EMT/Paramedics, 911 Dispatchers, Healthcare Professionals7/6/20

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Honda Mobility Program DiscountsHonda Mobility Discounts

The Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program will reimburse customers with physical disabilities of up to $1,000 for adaptive equipment installations on their new vehicle.  It will take about 4 weeks upon Honda receiving all required documentation to get the reimbursement in the mail.

ManufacturerProgram NameReimbursementEligibilityInstall Equipment WithinApply Within
HondaHonda Customer Mobility Assistance$1,000 New vehicleWarranty of purchase/lease6 months of install

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