Best 0% APR Deals on Luxury Cars and SUVs [June 2024 Edition]

Best 0% APR Luxury Deals

Car manufacturers are offering zero percent APR deals on both luxury cars and SUVs to entice car buyers to spend in a down economy.

0% APR deal term lengths on luxury vehicles are much longer than historical financing deals, with payment terms going up to 84 months and many at 60-72 months as well. A few deals each month have bonus cash back offers that allow buyers to save a few hundred or even a couple thousand dollars on a new luxury vehicle.

With dealers and brands so eager to revive sales, high-end car buyers can easily find an interest free deal on many 2023 and 2024 models.

How We Collect & Rank Car Finance Deals

At the start of each month, we meticulously search for deals from all major manufacturers, sourcing them directly.

Our picks are guided by the total loan cost and MSRP, guaranteeing true value. We keep a close eye on deal history, too, to bring exceptional offers into the spotlight.

Best 0% APR Financing Deals on Luxury Cars

Here are our picks for the best APR deals on luxury cars for the month of June. Some include bonus cash offers as well.

Please note that 0% APR specials are hard to come by right now, especially for luxury brands. So we've included a few low-interest finance specials for this month.

#1 Deal: 2024 Infiniti Q50

Finance Deal: 3.90% APR for 60 months

>> Check Infiniti Q50 Prices <<


#2 Deal: 2024 BMW 4 Series

Finance Deal: 3.99% APR for 60 months

>> Check BMW 4 Series Prices <<


#3 Deal: 2024 BMW 5 Series

Finance Deal: 3.99% APR for 60 months

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#4 Deal: 2024 Lexus ES 250

Finance Deal: 4.99% APR for 60 months

>> Check Lexus ES 250 Prices <<


YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpirationCheck Prices
2024InfinitiQ503.90%60 months7/1/24Check Prices
2024BMW4 Series3.99%60 months7/1/24Check Prices
2024BMW5 Series3.99%60 months7/1/24Check Prices
2024LexusES 2504.99%60 months7/1/24Check Prices

Best 0% APR Financing Deals on Luxury SUVs

Here are our picks for the best APR deals on luxury SUVs for the month of June. Some include bonus cash offers as well.

#1 Deal: 2024 Infiniti QX80

Finance Deal: 0.90% APR for 60 months

>> Check Infiniti QX80 Prices <<


#2 Deal: 2024 Infiniti QX60

Finance Deal: 1.90% APR for 36 months

>> Check Infiniti QX60 Prices <<


#3 Deal: 2024 Lexus RZ 450e

Finance Deal: 1.90% APR for 60 months

>> Check Lexus RZ 450e Prices <<


#4 Deal: 2024 Jaguar F-Pace

Finance Deal: 2.90% APR for 12-60 months

>> Check Jaguar F-Pace Prices <<


#5 Deal: 2025 Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Finance Deal: 3.90% APR for 12-48 months

>> Check Land Rover Range Rover Velar Prices <<


YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpirationCheck Prices
2024InfinitiQX800.90%60 months7/1/24Check Prices
2024InfinitiQX601.90%36 months$2,0007/1/24Check Prices
2024LexusRZ 450e1.90%60 months7/1/24Check Prices
2024JaguarF-Pace2.90%12-60 months7/1/24Check Prices
2025Land RoverRange Rover Velar3.90%12-48 months7/1/24Check Prices

What to Consider Before Financing a Luxury Car

Luxury vehicles come with top-of-the-line features and amenities for comfort, design, and performance, but of course come with a high price tag.   Before splurging on a high-end vehicle, here are a few considerations.

1 - Type of Luxury Vehicle

Luxury vehicles can be broken down by size into classes like compact, mid-size, and full-size.  But it’s easiest to start by simply determining whether you want a luxury car or an SUV.

  • Luxury Cars come in coupes (2 door), sedans (4 door), convertibles, and sports cars.  You can expect sleek, head-turning designs with premium comfort features and technology.  And of course, many high-end performance and safety features come standard.

The average starting price for an entry-level luxury car is in the low $30,000 range.

  • Luxury SUV’s have become extremely popular for those looking for creature comforts but with added headroom and the ability to handle rough conditions with all-wheel drive and added vehicle weight.

Luxury crossovers and SUVs are more expensive than cars but start as low as the $30,000 range.

Check out our top picks for:

2 - Loan Terms

Long-term loans, especially on luxury vehicles, typically cost much more in the end due to how much interest is charged and having a higher APR.

With long-term loan deals that come with 0% APR, it seems like the story is a little different.

If you see a great deal on a luxury car, like 0 percent financing for 72 months, it’s worth consideration. Remember that there are probably other ways that the lender is getting their money, like charging extra for add-ons or extended warranties.

Just make sure that you look at the fine print and see if it may be a better deal to take out a traditional loan.

3 - Do You Qualify for the Best Rates?

When loan amounts get high, so does the minimum credit score you need to finance.  A credit score of 720 or higher will likely be required to get the best interest rates and published APR specials.

How Can You Purchase a Luxury Vehicle with Bad Credit?

In order to obtain zero percent financing for a luxury SUV or car you will need pristine credit.  Otherwise, you’ll be paying inflated interest rates and more money over the life of your loan.  To reduce the amount you pay, here are a few suggestions.

  • Try to reduce the purchase price by finding more than one dealer and getting competing price quotes.
  • Pay as much upfront as possible. If you can afford it, a big down payment will result in lower monthly payments.
  • Shopping around for financing online where you can expect to pay a lower APR than a bad credit loan at the dealership.
  • Buying a slightly used luxury vehicle instead. You can save a bundle by getting a luxury vehicle that’s a couple of years old.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable luxury car to buy right now?

You can get a well-made vehicle with premium features for under $35,000 with an entry-level luxury car or SUV. Some of these include the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Audi A3, BMW 2 Series, and Infiniti Q50.

What luxury car companies are offering 0% APR?

Luxury car brands like BMW, Cadillac, Land Rover, and Lexus consistently put out new 0% APR deals each month on their lineup.

Can you get 0% APR on a luxury car?

Even though brands like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Audi rarely offer 0% APR, there are still plenty of options for luxury cars and SUVs with 0% APR. Top brands like Lexus and higher-end models from Lincoln and Kia are available with no interest.

Is 0% financing a good idea on a luxury SUV?

Especially at the price point of luxury vehicles, not paying any interest on top of the high monthly payments can be very beneficial. As long as you can pay the loan and have a very solid credit score, 0% APR can be a good deal.

What credit score do you need to qualify for an interest free luxury car deal?

In general, your credit score should be at least 700 to qualify for 0% APR financing on a new car, but with luxury brands it should be a bit higher. Buyers with a score of 720 – 750 (or higher) have a much better chance.