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Best 0% APR Deals on Luxury Cars [June Edition]

Best 0 apr Luxury Car Deals

Best 0 apr Luxury Car DealsCar manufacturers are offering zero percent APR deals on luxury cars to entice car buyers to spend in a down economy.

0% APR deal term lengths are much longer than historical financing deals, with payment terms going up to 84 months and many at 60-72 months as well. A few deals each month have bonus cash back offers that allow buyers to save a few hundred or even a couple thousand dollars on a new luxury vehicle.

With dealers and brands so eager to revive sales, high-end car buyers can easily find an interest free deal on many 2020 models.

Best 0% APR Financing Deals on Luxury Cars and SUVs

Here's our picks for the best APR deals on SUVs for the month of June. Some include bonus cash offers as well.

YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpiration
2020AudiA70.00%36 months6/30/2020
2020InfinitiQ600.00%72 months7/6/2020
2020JaguarE-Pace0.00%24-72 months6/30/2020
2020Land RoverRange Rover0.00%24-72 months6/30/2020
2020LexusLS Hybrid0.00%60 months6/30/2020

Best 0% APR Deals by Category

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a well-made vehicle with premium features for under $35,000 with an entry-level luxury car or SUV. Some of these include the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Audi A3, BMW 2 Series, and Infiniti Q50. See our picks for the best luxury car 0% APR deals.

Luxury car brands like BMW, Cadillac, Land Rover, and Lexus consistently put out new 0% APR deals each month on their lineup. See all 0% APR deals on luxury vehicles available right now.

Even though brands like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Audi rarely offer 0% APR, there are still plenty of options for luxury cars and SUVs with 0% APR. Top brands like Lexus and higher-end models from Lincoln and Kia are available with no interest. See all 0% APR deals on luxury vehicles available right now.

Especially at the price point of luxury vehicles, not paying any interest on top of the high monthly payments can be very beneficial. As long as you can pay the loan and have a very solid credit score, 0% APR can be a good deal. See all 0% APR deals on luxury vehicles available right now.

In general, your credit score should be at least 700 to qualify for 0% APR financing, but with luxury brands it should be a bit higher. Buyers with a score of 720 – 750 (or higher) have a much better chance. See all 0% APR deals on luxury vehicles available right now.