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APR Deals with Cash Back Offers for March 2020

APR Cash Deals

In addition to low APR financing deals, many car manufacturers are offering a bonus cash back rebate on select 2019 and 2020 models this month for well qualified buyers.

Most of the bonus cash back deals are between $500 and $1,000 but a few deals are worth a couple thousand dollars. Drivers can save money on many of today’s popular models from manufacturers like Nissan, Hyundai, and GMC.

Below is a current list of all manufacturer financing incentives that come with cash back offers for March.

To truly get a good deal, you’ll want to get prices from several dealerships (Tip: pick a make and model car and click the orange button above to get prices) Mitsubishi Outlander Sport DealsSeveral dealers will email you with competitive prices along with their contact information so you can negotiate.

YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpiration
2020BMW2-Series2.99%60 months$3,000 3/31/20
2019BMW3-Series3.19%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2020BMW3-Series2.99%60 months$2,500 3/31/20
2020BMW4-Series2.99%60 months$3,500 3/31/20
2019BMW5-Series3.19%60 months$4,500 3/31/20
2020BMW5-Series2.99%60 months$4,000 3/31/20
2020BMW7-Series2.99%60 months$1,000 3/31/20
2019BMWi30.00%60 months$7,500 3/31/20
2019BMWX10.90%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2020BMWX12.99%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2019BMWX20.90%60 months$5003/31/20
2020BMWX22.99%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2019BMWX33.19%60 months$3,000 3/31/20
2020BMWX32.99%60 months$2,500 3/31/20
2019BMWX43.19%60 months$2,250 3/31/20
2020BMWX42.99%60 months$2,500 3/31/20
2019BMWX53.19%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2020BMWX52.99%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2019BMWX63.19%60 months$6,000 3/31/20
2020BMWX62.99%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2019BMWX73.19%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2020BMWX72.99%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2019BMWZ43.19%60 months$3,000 3/31/20
2020BMWZ42.99%60 months$1,500 3/31/20
2019BMWM Series3.19%60 months$2,500 3/31/20
2020BMWM Series2.99%60 months$2,500 3/31/20
2020BuickEncore0.00%72 months$2,350 3/31/20
2020BuickEncore GX0.00%36 months$1,600 3/31/20
2020BuickEnvision0.00%72 months$3,350 3/31/20
2020GMCAcadia0.00%72 months$5003/31/20
2019GMCSierra 1500 Limited0.00%72 months$3,000 3/31/20
2020GMCSierra 15000.00%72 months$5003/31/20
2020GMCTerrain0.00%72 months$3,100 3/31/20
2020CadillacCT60.00%60 months$1,500 3/31/20
2020CadillacXT40.00%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2020CadillacXT50.00%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2020CadillacXT60.00%60 months$2,000 3/31/20
2020ChevroletBolt0.00%72 months$4,750 3/31/20
2019ChevroletEquinox0.00%72 months$1,250 3/31/20
2020ChevroletEquinox0.00%72 months$1,000 3/31/20
2019ChevroletSilverado LD0.00%72 months$3,000 3/31/20
2020ChevroletSilverado 15000.00%72 months$5003/31/20
2019ChevroletTraverse0.00%72 months$1,000 3/31/20
2019ChevroletTrax0.00%72 months$1,250 3/31/20
2020ChevroletTrax0.00%72 months$2503/31/20
2020FordEscape0.90%60 months$5003/31/20
2020FordEdge2.90%60 months$1,750 3/31/20
2019FordF-1500.90%60 months$2,500 3/31/20
2020FordF-1503.90%60 months$1,500 3/31/20

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YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpiration
2020HyundaiAccent1.90%60 months$5003/31/2020
2019HyundaiElantra0.00%72 months$5003/31/2020
2019HyundaiIoniq Hybrid1.90%60 months$5003/31/2020
2019HyundaiKona0.00%60 months$5003/31/2020
2019HyundaiKona Electric2.90%60 months$5003/31/2020
2019HyundaiSanta Fe0.00%72 months$5003/31/2020
2019HyundaiSonata0.00%60 months$5003/31/2020
2019HyundaiSonata Hybrid0.00%60 months$5003/31/2020
2019HyundaiTucson0.00%72 months$1,000 3/31/2020
2020HyundaiVeloster2.90%60 months$5003/31/2020
2020JaguarXE1.90%24-60 months$1,000 3/31/2020
2020JaguarE-Pace1.90%24-60 months$1,000 3/31/2020
2020JaguarF-Pace1.90%24-60 months$1,000 3/31/2020
2020JaguarF-Type1.90%24-60 months$1,000 3/31/2020
2019JeepRenegade0.00%36 months$4,000 3/31/2020
2020Land RoverDiscovery Sport1.90%24-60 months$1,000 3/31/2020
2019MitsubishiEclipse Cross0.00%72 months$5003/31/2020
2020MitsubishiEclipse Cross0.00%60 months$5003/31/2020
2019MitsubishiOutlander0.00%72 months$2503/31/2020
2020MitsubishiOutlander0.00%60 months$5003/31/2020
2019MitsubishiOutlander Sport0.00%72 months$2503/31/2020
2020MitsubishiOutlander Sport0.00%60 months$5003/31/2020
2020NissanAltima0.00%36 months$1,500 3/31/2020
2019NissanArmada0.00%36 months$5,000 3/31/2020
2020NissanArmada0.90%36 months$2,000 3/31/2020
2019NissanFrontier0.90%36 months$2,995 3/31/2020
2019NissanKicks0.90%36 months$5003/31/2020
2020NissanKicks0.90%36 months$5003/31/2020
2019NissanLeaf0.00%60 months$2,500 3/31/2020
2020NissanLeaf0.00%36 months$2,500 3/31/2020
2020NissanMaxima0.00%36 months$2,750 3/31/2020
2020NissanMurano0.00%36 months$5,250 3/31/2020
2019NissanPathfinder0.00%36 months$4,500 3/31/2020
2020NissanPathfinder0.00%36 months$2,750 3/31/2020
2020NissanRogue0.00%60 months$2,576 3/31/2020
2019NissanRogue Sport0.00%60 months$1,000 3/31/2020
2020NissanRogue Sport0.00%36 months$1,000 3/31/2020
2019NissanSentra0.00%60 months$2,000 3/31/2020
2020NissanSentra0.00%36 months$7503/31/2020
2019NissanTitan0.00%72 months$3,750 3/31/2020
2019NissanTitan XD0.00%72 months$3,750 3/31/2020
2020VolvoXC902.99%60 months$3,500 3/31/2020
2020VolvoXC602.99%60 months$1,750 3/31/2020

These offers may vary based on location, credit score, and financing terms and are not guaranteed.  So use my free service to Check Discount Car Prices to get the best prices that include current manufacturer offers and incentives.