What is Find the Best Car Price and Why is it Free?

About Me

Hi, I’m Geoff Cudd, creator of FindTheBestCarPrice.com.

I’m Not a Car Buying Expert

car buying expert

I don’t want you to think about me as a car buying guru. A cost-conscious, overly-analytical nerd…well, maybe.

The truth is, I hate car buying just as much as you. Why should you have to learn how to negotiate 20 types of dealer fees just to avoid getting ripped off on something you buy once every 5-10 years?

I never worked a day inside a car dealership. Instead, I worked in Corporate America as a business consultant, jumping into different industries and uncovering problems with a fresh set of eyes.

As an auto-industry outsider, I bring outside-thinking into car negotiations. In the business world, when you make a big purchase, you get proposals from multiple vendors to drive down the price. So why not do the same for cars?

Don’t negotiate individual dealer fees. Instead, simply ask dealers to beat the best total offer from their competitors.

You really don’t need to be a negotiating expert to buy a car!

Who Am I?

Geoff Cudd - Car Buying ExpertI am a serial entrepreneur and a consumer advocate. When I’m not helping car buyers, I love working on ventures that have a positive impact.

I run a cause marketing agency and I volunteer for Vayu Global Health where we are disrupting the medical industry and preventing the needless deaths of mothers and babies during childbirth.

When I see problems, I want to fix them. And believe me, the auto industry has some big problems.

Transparent pricing? Unless you’re ready to buy a Tesla, think again.

You are up against trained sales organizations and sneaky price structures designed to extract money from your wallet.

Car buying can be scary and intimidating. But I’ll show you how anyone can buy a car without the stress.

How this Website Began

Geoff Cudd familyWay back in 2007, my fiancé (now wife) needed a new car and she didn’t know where to start. I jumped in and ended up buying her a car well below invoice.

My friends and family started asking me to help them buy cars.
I further refined my processes, and for years, I continued getting my friends and family great deals and rock bottom prices on brand new cars.

One day, my brother-in-law jokingly said, “Hey, you should really write a book!” …so I did….an ebook actually.

Since then, I turned that ebook into FindTheBestCarPrice.com and have been helping my readers get great deals ever since. The average savings is $3,167 off MSRP and my readers routinely get cars below dealer cost.

Where We Are Today

Find The Best Car Price has matured a lot over the years. We went from a one-man band and a single guide into a team of auto industry experts who curate incentives across all car brands.

We share new deals along with our top picks each month as soon as they come out (you can get on our list below).

Want the latest Car Deals before everyone else?

You'll also get my best tricks to help you save big money on your next car.

And we’re always adding to our collection of car buying and leasing guides to arm you with all the information you need to find a great car deal.

How To Buy A Car at the Best Possible Price

So what exactly is the secret to buying a car? It’s simple.

Get car prices from several car dealers at once.

When dealers compete, they must lower their prices in order to win your business. IT REALLY WORKS!! (sorry for yelling, I’m just passionate about this!)

It’s like when you buy a product on Amazon. When there are multiple sellers, they have to offer better prices to stay competitive. As they race toward the bottom, the buyer wins.

But there’s slightly more to finding a great deal than just getting a bunch of price quotes. So I’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you negotiate with car dealers for the lowest possible price: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Car. It’s free, so check it out!

I truly hope you save big money and have a good experience during your next car purchase.

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- Geoff, creator of FindTheBestCarPrice.com


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