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Best 0% APR Financing Deals For January 2021

Best 0% APR Car Deals

Best 0% APR Car DealsMany manufacturers are offering zero percent APR car deals this month on 2020 and 2021 models for well-qualified buyers.

In addition to financing deals, most specials come with a bonus cash credit of up to $5,000. By paying no interest, drivers can save money on many of today's popular models from manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet.

The 0% APR deal term lengths range from 24-72 months, but a majority are for 60 months.

Best 0% APR Financing Deals Right Now (across all vehicle types)

Here are our picks for the best APR deals for the month of January. Some include bonus cash offers as well.

Our Top Pick in Each Vehicle Class & Category

0% APR Deals on Trucks

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The best way to finance a pickup truck is with zero interest if you can get it.  Our top pick this month is the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with a deal of 0.0% APR for 72 months plus $2,500 in bonus cash.

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0% APR Deals on SUVs

2020 Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano

Need a little extra headroom or all-wheel drive? There are several financing specials on sport utility vehicles.  Our top pick this month is the 2021 Nissan Murano with a deal of 0.0% APR for 60 months plus $3,500 in bonus cash.

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0% APR Deals on Luxury Vehicles

Lexus LS

Lexus LS

It's easier to splurge on a stylish, high-end vehicle when you don't have to pay interest.  Our top pick this month is the 2021 Lexus LS with a deal of 0.0% APR for 60 months plus $1,000 in bonus cash.

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What Does 0% APR Mean When Buying a Car?

What does a 0% APR offer mean?

0 APR or zero percent financing means you pay no interest on your monthly auto loan payments which can add up to thousands of dollars saved.

When you get a car loan from a dealership or lender, they make their money by charging you interest and loan fees.  These fees are factored into your monthly payment and spread out across the life of the loan.

The annual percentage rate (APR) is the percent of all your payments over a year that goes towards interest and fees.  The higher the APR, the higher your monthly payment.

If a dealership offers a promotional 0% APR loan, they are waiving their loan fees and interest as an incentive to get you to buy a car. 100% of every payment you make will be applied to your loan principal.

Is 0% APR Worth It?

0% APR financing can save you a lot of money on your car purchase since you're not paying any interest on the car loan. The average price of a car is around $36,000 and with 0% financing over 60 months, monthly payments come out to around $600. If we applied the average APR of 4.96%, the monthly payment on the vehicle rises to $678 a month, or $4,700 in interest payments over 60 months.

Is 0% a good deal?

0% APR offers can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of the car loan, but you should be wary of the reason the dealer is offering them. If you read the fine print, you'll realize that most zero APR offers will require you to be a well-qualified buyer with excellent credit and you cannot combine with other offers.

What's the catch with zero percent car loans?

Is 0% APR a good deal?

While 0% APR loans can be a good deal, there’s also a catch to consider. Once the dealer gets you in the door with the zero APR loan offer, you may find that it’s more of a bait-and-switch, with the offer only applying to very specific models and packages that have limited stock available.

Dealerships can offer zero interest car loans because they make money on the sale in other ways, like a higher car price, or add-ons in the Finance Office with things like gap insurance or extended warranties. And sometimes the catch is that the low APR may only apply up to a certain amount requiring you to make a bigger down payment else pay a higher APR for anything above the limit.

Additionally, you can often only choose either 0 APR OR cashback, not both. Learn more about choosing between low APR or cashback.

Can you Get Zero Percent Financing on Used Cars?

0 APR used car deals are rare, but not unheard of.  Typically, this type of incentive is only offered on new cars.  One exception is Volkswagen, which has been running 0% APR financing for 60 months on their CPO (certified pre-owned) during the COVID crisis.

Occasionally, a dealership will advertise a no-interest deal on a used vehicle, but these are very hard to find.  A better approach to is focus on negotiating the sales price of the used car you want and then get competitive financing from a bank or credit union.

How to Get a 0% APR Car Loan

In most cases, low APR loans have strict requirements that can be difficult to meet. Typically, you’ll need to have excellent credit, but you must look carefully at the advertised deals to know what the qualifications are.

What credit score do you need to get 0% financing?

What credit score do you need to get 0% financing?Lenders rarely advertise the minimum credit score to be eligible for 0% financing. However, you'll typically need at least a 700 credit score and a score above 720 will give you a better chance of being approved.

Monitor monthly incentives

Part of getting an appealing low APR car loan is to carefully monitor monthly incentives. Most manufacturers change their offers at the beginning of every month with incentives on different models.

Bookmark this page to check for the monthly updated deals, or sign up for the Car Deals Early access list at the footer of this page to get notified by email.

All 0% Finance Deals for January 2021

Below is a list of all the current 0% APR deals offered by each manufacturer right now.

YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpiration
2020AudiA30.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiA40.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiA60.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiA80.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiA8 E0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiQ50.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiQ5 e0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiE-Tron0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiS30.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiS40.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiS60.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiS80.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020AudiSQ50.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020BMWi30.00%60 months$7,500 2/1/2021
2021BuickEnclave0.00%72 months$2,750 2/1/2021
2021BuickEncore0.00%72 months$2,000 2/1/2021
2021BuickEncore GX0.00%72 months$1,100 2/1/2021
2020BuickEnvision0.00%72 months$5,950 2/1/2021
2021GMCAcadia0.00%72 months$2,550 2/1/2021
2021GMCCanyon0.00%72 months$1,550 2/1/2021
2021GMCSierra 15000.00%72 months$3,500 2/1/2021
2021GMCSierra 25000.00%72 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2021GMCSierra 35000.00%72 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2021GMCTerrain0.00%72 months$3,250 2/1/2021
2020ChevroletBolt EV0.00%84 months$7,000 2/1/2021
2021ChevroletBolt EV0.00%72 months$3,500 2/1/2021
2020ChevroletBlazer0.00%84 months$2,400 2/1/2021
2021ChevroletBlazer0.00%72 months$4002/1/2021
2021ChevroletColorado0.00%72 months$1,150 2/1/2021
2021ChevroletEquinox0.00%72 months$2,400 2/1/2021
2020ChevroletSilverado 15000.00%72 months$3,250 2/1/2021
2021ChevroletSilverado 15000.00%72 months$2,500 2/1/2021
2020ChevroletSilverado 25000.00%72 months$9502/1/2021
2020ChevroletSilverado 35000.00%72 months$9502/1/2021
2021ChevroletSpark0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2021ChevroletTrax0.00%72 months$3002/1/2021
2020ChryslerPacifica0.00%60 months$1,000 2/1/2021
2021ChryslerPacifica0.00%60 months$3,000 2/1/2021
2020ChryslerPacifica Hybrid0.00%60 months$3,750 2/1/2021
2021ChryslerPacifica Hybrid0.00%60 months$3,000 2/1/2021
2020Chrysler3000.00%36 months2/1/2021
2021Chrysler3000.00%36 months2/1/2021
2020ChryslerVoyager0.00%36 months$1,000 2/1/2021
2020DodgeChallenger0.00%36 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2021DodgeChallenger0.00%36 months2/1/2021
2020DodgeCharger0.00%36 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2021DodgeCharger0.00%36 months2/1/2021
2020DodgeDurango0.00%36 months$7502/1/2021
2021DodgeDurango0.00%36 months$7502/1/2021
2020DodgeJourney0.00%36 months$1,000 2/1/2021
2020DodgeGrand Caravan0.00%36 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2020HondaCR-V0.00%24-60 months3/1/2021
2021HondaCR-V0.00%24-48 months3/1/2021
2020HondaHR-V0.00%24-60 months3/1/2021
2021HondaHR-V0.00%24-60 months3/1/2021
2021HondaPilot0.00%24-60 months3/1/2021
2020HondaRidgeline0.00%24-60 months3/1/2021
2021HondaPassport0.00%24-48 months3/1/2021

YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpiration
2020HyundaiAccent0.00%48 months$5003/1/2021
2021HyundaiAccent0.00%48 months3/1/2021
2020HyundaiElantra0.00%60 months3/1/2021
2020HyundaiElantra GT0.00%60 months$5003/1/2021
2020HyundaiIoniq Hybrid0.00%60 months$1,500 3/1/2021
2020HyundaiKona0.00%60 months3/1/2021
2020HyundaiPalisade0.00%48 months3/1/2021
2020HyundaiSanta Fe0.00%72 months$1,000 3/1/2021
2020HyundaiSonata0.00%72 months$1,000 3/1/2021
2020HyundaiSonata Hybrid0.00%72 months$1,000 3/1/2021
2021HyundaiSonata Hybrid0.00%60 months3/1/2021
2020HyundaiTucson0.00%72 months$1,000 3/1/2021
2020HyundaiVeloster0.00%48 months3/1/2021
2020HyundaiVenue0.00%60 months3/1/2021
2021HyundaiVenue0.00%60 months3/1/2021
2020InfinitiQ500.00%72 months2/1/2021
2021InfinitiQ500.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020InfinitiQ600.00%72 months2/1/2021
2021InfinitiQ600.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020InfinitiQX500.00%72 months2/1/2021
2021InfinitiQX500.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020InfinitiQX600.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020InfinitiQX800.00%72 months2/1/2021
2021InfinitiQX800.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020JaguarXE0.00%24-72 months2/1/2021
2020JaguarXF0.00%24-60 months2/1/2021
2020JaguarE-Pace0.00%24-72 months2/1/2021
2020JaguarF-Pace0.00%24-72 months2/1/2021
2021JaguarF-Type0.00%24-72 months2/1/2021
2020JaguarI-Pace0.00%24-72 months2/1/2021
2020JeepCherokee0.00%36 months$2,250 2/1/2021
2021JeepCherokee0.00%60 months$1,250 2/1/2021
2020JeepCompass0.00%60 months$1,750 2/1/2021
2021JeepCompass0.00%60 months$7502/1/2021
2020JeepGrand Cherokee0.00%36 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2021JeepGrand Cherokee0.00%36 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2020JeepRenegade0.00%60 months$1,750 2/1/2021
2021JeepRenegade0.00%60 months$1,250 2/1/2021
2021JeepWrangler0.00%36 months2/1/2021
2020JeepGladiator0.00%36 months$2,000 2/1/2021
2021JeepGladiator0.00%36 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2020KiaCadenza0.00%75 months2/1/2021
2021KiaForte0.00%66 months2/1/2021
2020KiaNiro0.00%75 months2/1/2021
2020KiaNiro Plug-In Hybrid0.00%75 months2/1/2021
2020KiaNiro EV0.00%75 months2/1/2021
2020KiaRio0.00%66 months2/1/2021
2020KiaRio 5-Door0.00%66 months2/1/2021
2021KiaSedona0.00%66 months2/1/2021
2020KiaSorento0.00%75 months2/1/2021
2021KiaSoul0.00%66 months2/1/2021
2021KiaSportage0.00%75 months2/1/2021
2021KiaStinger0.00%66 months2/1/2021
2020KiaK9000.00%75 months$2,000 2/1/2021
2021KiaK50.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020Land RoverVelar0.00%24-72 months2/1/2021
2020Land RoverEvoque0.00%24-60 months2/1/2021
2020Land RoverDiscovery Sport0.00%24-60 months2/1/2021
2020LexusLS0.00%60 months$1,000 2/1/2021
2020LexusLS Hybrid0.00%60 months$1,000 2/1/2021
2020LincolnMKZ0.00%72 months3/31/2021
2020LincolnMKZ Hybrid Reserve0.00%72 months3/31/2021
2020LincolnContinental0.00%72 months3/31/2021
2020MazdaCX-50.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020MazdaMX-5 Miata RF0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020MazdaMX-5 Miata0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020MitsubishiEclipse Cross0.00%60 months$7502/1/2021
2020MitsubishiOutlander Phev0.00%60 months$1,000 2/1/2021
2020MitsubishiOutlander0.00%60 months$1,000 2/1/2021
2020MitsubishiOutlander Sport0.00%60 months$7502/1/2021
2021MitsubishiOutlander Sport0.00%48 months$5002/1/2021
2020MitsubishiMirage0.00%60 months$7502/1/2021
2021MitsubishiMirage0.00%48 months$5002/1/2021
2020MitsubishiMirage G40.00%60 months$5002/1/2021
2021MitsubishiMirage G40.00%48 months$2502/1/2021
2021MercedesE-Class0.00%24-36 months2/1/2021
2021MercedesGLC-Class0.00%24-36 months2/1/2021
2020NissanAltima0.00%60 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2021NissanAltima0.00%60 months$2,500 2/1/2021
2020NissanFrontier0.00%72 months$1,500 2/1/2021
2020NissanKicks0.00%60 months$1,000 2/1/2021
2020NissanLeaf0.00%72 months$2,000 2/1/2021
2021NissanLeaf0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020NissanMaxima0.00%36 months$3,000 2/1/2021
2021NissanMaxima0.00%36 months$7502/1/2021
2020NissanMurano0.00%60 months$3,500 2/1/2021
2021NissanMurano0.00%36 months$3,500 2/1/2021
2020NissanPathfinder0.00%60 months$2,250 2/1/2021
2020NissanRogue0.00%36 months2/1/2021
2020NissanRogue Sport0.00%60 months$2,000 2/1/2021
2020NissanSentra0.00%60 months$5002/1/2021
2021NissanSentra0.00%36 months$2502/1/2021
2020NissanTitan0.00%36 months$2,000 2/1/2021
2021NissanTitan0.00%84 months2/1/2021
2020NissanTitan XD0.00%36 months$2,000 2/1/2021
2021NissanTitan XD0.00%84 months2/1/2021
2020NissanVersa0.00%36 months2/1/2021
2020RAM15000.00%36 months$3,500 2/1/2021
2021RAM15000.00%60 months$3,750 2/1/2021
2020RAM1500 Classic0.00%48 months$1,750 2/1/2021
2021RAM1500 Classic0.00%48 months$1,750 2/1/2021
2020RAM25000.00%36 months$5002/1/2021
2021RAM25000.00%36 months2/1/2021
2020RAM35000.00%36 months$5002/1/2021
2021RAM35000.00%36 months2/1/2021
2021SubaruAscent0.00%63 months2/1/2021
2020SubaruImpreza0.00%63 months2/1/2021
2021SubaruImpreza0.00%63 months2/1/2021
2020SubaruLegacy0.00%63 months2/1/2021
2021SubaruLegacy0.00%63 months2/1/2021
2020SubaruOutback0.00%63 months2/1/2021
2021SubaruOutback0.00%63 months2/1/2021
2021ToyotaAvalon0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2021ToyotaAvalon Hybrid0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020ToyotaCamry0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020ToyotaCamry Hybrid0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2021ToyotaCorolla0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2021ToyotaCorolla Hybrid0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2021ToyotaCorolla Hatchback0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020VolkswagenAtlas0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020VolkswagenAtlas Cross Sport0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020VolkswagenGolf0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020VolkswagenGolf GTI0.00%60 months2/1/2021
2020VolkswagenJetta GLI0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020VolkswagenJetta0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020VolkswagenPassat0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020VolkswagenTiguan0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2020VolkswagenArteon0.00%72 months2/1/2021
2021VolkswagenArteon0.00%72 months2/1/2021

These offers may vary based on location, credit score, and financing terms and are not guaranteed.  So use my free service to Check Discount Car Prices to get the best prices that include current manufacturer offers and incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What car dealers are offering zero-percent financing?

Buick, Chevy, Hyundai, Nissan, and more.

Can you get both 0 APR and no money down?

While it would be ideal to get both, typically you cannot get both 0 APR and no money down. Most times, you will only be able to get one or the other, and it would be highly unusual for you to find them both available together.

Is there a catch to 0% APR car deals?

Sometimes APR deals are tied to buying a car at a non-negotiable price or have a short loan term like 24 or 36 months.  But if you look closely, sometimes you can find good deals without a catch.

Is a 72-month car loan bad?

72 and 84-month loans are worse than shorter loans.  The longer the loan term, the more you’ll end up paying in interest over the life of the loan.  However, if you have 0% APR, a longer loan can be good because you’re not paying any interest at all.

What does 0 APR for 60 months mean?

Zero APR means you pay 0% interest on your car loan.  60 months is the duration of the loan (and the total number of monthly payments).

Is it better to finance a car through a bank or the dealership?

You can get a loan through dealer financing or through your bank or credit union.  Go with whoever offers you the best lending terms unless getting a loan is tied to a discount on the price of a car. Learn more about financing through a bank or dealership.

Does 0% APR hurt your credit?

No, it’s just the interest rate on an auto loan and doesn’t have anything to do with your credit.