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Current Mazda Deals & Incentives

Mazda combines reliability, an exciting driving experience, good fuel economy, and affordability with its line of sedans and SUVs. Small sedans like the Mazda 3 start at $20,500. The sleek CX-5 SUV with its premium interior starts at $25,270.

Mazda Car Deals

We do our best to collect all current manufacturer incentives. However, these offers may vary and are not guaranteed by FindTheBestCarPrice.com.

Mazda Cash Back Incentives & RebatesMazda Cash Deals

There are a few new cash back deals introduced this month from Mazda. The 2021 CX-3 and Mazda3 Hatchback have $1,000 cash specials until June 30th.

YearMakeModelCash Incentives (up to)Expiration
2021MazdaCX-3$1,000 6/30/2021
2021Mazda3 Hatchback$1,000 6/30/2021

Mazda Financing DealsMazda Finance Deals

A majority of Mazda’s finance deals this month are for 0.9% APR for 60 months. Some 2021 models have a lower APR of 0.0%. The 2021 CX-9 can be financed for 0.0% APR for up to 60 months. The 2021 Mazda3 sedan has an attractive low-interest deal of 1.9% for June.

YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpiration
2021MazdaCX-31.90%60 months6/30/2021
2021MazdaCX-50.00%36 months6/30/2021
2021MazdaCX-90.00%60 months6/30/2021
2021MazdaCX-300.00%36 months6/30/2021
2021Mazda3 Sedan1.90%60 months6/30/2021
2021Mazda3 Hatchback0.90%60 months6/30/2021
2021Mazda60.00%60 months6/30/2021
2021MazdaMX-5 Miata RF0.90%60 months6/30/2021
2021MazdaMX-5 Miata0.90%60 months6/30/2021

Mazda Lease DealsMazda Lease Deals

Mazda has lease specials that are available until June 30th, with terms lasting for 36 months. The 2021 CX-9 has a deal for $279 per month with $2,999 due at signing.

YearMakeModelLease OffersExpiration
2021MazdaCX-5$229/month for 36 months, $2,999 due at signing6/30/2021
2021MazdaCX-9$279/month for 36 months, $2,999 due at signing6/30/2021
2021MazdaCX-30$189/month for 36 months, $2,999 due at signing6/30/2021
2021Mazda3 Sedan$199/month for 36 months, $2,499 due at signing6/30/2021
2021Mazda3 Hatchback$199/month for 36 months, $2,499 due at signing6/30/2021
2021Mazda6$229/month for 36 months, $2,499 due at signing6/30/2021
2021MazdaMX-5 Miata RF$369/month for 36 months, $2,499 due at signing6/30/2021
2021MazdaMX-5 Miata$269/month for 36 months, $2,499 due at signing6/30/2021

Mazda Military DealsMazda Military Deals

The Mazda Military Appreciation Bonus Cash is an ongoing program for active members of the military, reservists, retirees, and veterans (within 2 years of discharge). The $500 cash back deal can be applied towards the purchase or lease of 2020 or newer models.

ManufacturerProgram NameSpecial Offers & DiscountsEligibility & RequirementsExpiration
MazdaMazda Military Appreciation Bonus Cash$500 off purchase/lease on 2020 or newerActive Duty, Reservists, Retirees, Veterans (within 2 years)Ongoing

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Mazda Fleet Program DiscountsMazda Fleet Discounts

The Mazda Commercial Fleet Program offers its members up to $1,000 off each vehicle. The minimum requirements for a  business to qualify is to have purchased at least 5 vehicles in the past 12 months.

ManufacturerProgram NameSpecial Offers & DiscountsEligibility & Requirements
MazdaMazda Commercial Fleet ProgramUp to $1,000 off each vehiclePurchased 5 or more vehicles within 12 months

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Mazda Mobility Program DiscountsMazda Mobility Discounts

Mazda customers who had adaptive equipment installed on their new 2018, 2019, or 2020 model can get a one-time reimbursement of up to $1,000. Customers can install the equipment at any time but must apply within 90 days of the install date.

ManufacturerProgram NameReimbursementEligibilityInstall Equipment WithinApply Within
MazdaMazda Mobility Program$1,000 New 2018/2019/2020 vehicleOngoing of purchase90 days of install

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Mazda deals near me?

Mazda publishes monthly financing and lease specials. But to get the best deal, get prices from several local Mazda dealers. When you introduce competition, dealers will lower their price to win your business. You can often negotiate local deals well below published incentives.

How much is it to lease a new Mazda?

You can lease a new Mazda for around $200-$300 per month. You can currently lease a Mazda3 sedan for around $200 per month for 36 months with around $2,500 due at signing. New deals come and go every month and terms may vary so check out all the latest Mazda lease deals here.

What is the cheapest Mazda to lease?

The cheapest Mazda to lease is generally between the 2021 CX-30 and Mazda3 for around $199 per month.

Is it better to buy or lease a Mazda?

As a rule of thumb, it’s almost always better financially to buy a car rather than lease one, and Mazda is no exception.  The exception is if you frequently get new cars and don’t plan to keep one more than a couple years.  It’s also easier to negotiate the purchase price of car than it is to negotiate leasing terms. Learn more about how to decide whether to buy or lease a car.

Does Mazda offer 0% Financing?

Mazda occasionally offers 0% financing on most of their 2021 sedans and SUVs. However, deals come and go every month and terms may vary so check out the full list of Mazda finance deals here.

Does Mazda offer bonus programs (i.e. military, student)?

Mazda offers a few bonus discount programs for members of the military, businesses, and customers that need adaptive equipment installed.

What are the most popular Mazda models?

The 2021 CX-5, starting at $25,370, is one of Mazda’s most popular and highly rated SUVs. The 2021 Mazda3, which starts at $20,650, is another one of Mazda’s more popular options.