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Jeep Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited: Top Alternatives for 2021/2022

Jeep Wrangler Alternatives

Those looking for off-road adventure, or an all-weather SUV that can do it all, should really start with the Wrangler line. The Wrangler line is so good and has evolved to such a degree that it is hard to find fault with the modern Jeep. So, unlike some of our other lists, this one is […]

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We Buy Any Car Review: Can I Get a Good Price for My Car?

WeBuyAnyCar Review Temp

Get an online quote and sell your car fast and easy. That’s the experience WeBuyAnyCar promises with their online car-selling service. With over 400 locations in the U.K. and availability in 14 states in the United States, their service has helped millions of people sell their cars. But do you really get the best deal […]

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Missouri Vehicle Sales Tax & Fees [+ Calculator]

Missouri Sales Tax

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle, you will want to factor in the state sales tax. In some cases, the state sales tax can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to the cost of the vehicle. Some states have better rates than others. Vehicles purchased in Missouri will be subject to the […]

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Kia Telluride: Top Alternatives for 2021/2022

Kia Telluride Alternatives

If an auto expert suggested ten years ago that Kia would reset the bar for the three-row SUV segment, it would have elicited more than a few laughs. Kia’s progress was steady in small quirky vehicles, but it hadn’t had a breakout hit with large vehicles. Yet. Kia did reset the bar, and the Telluride […]

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Dual-Clutch Transmissions Explained

DCT Transmission

While researching for your next car, one important decision is, what type of transmission should I get? It may start with a choice between automatic or manual transmission, but there’s more to it than just that. One that you may not see often is a dual-clutch transmission or DCT. So let’s dive deeper into what […]

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Long Term Auto Loans: Should I Avoid Them?

Long Term Lease

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle, then chances are that you will get an auto loan. However, how long should your car loan be? After all, you can get an auto loan for up to 84 months, but is it right for you? Here, we will take a deeper look to see if […]

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Cadillac Escalade: Top Alternatives for 2021/2022

Cadillac Escalade Alternatives

The Cadillac Escalade is about as big and brash as they come: it stretches up to nearly 19 feet long, features 38 inches worth of screens, seats up to eight, and is decked out with all the frippery one expects of a six-figure luxury SUV. With its widespread appeal ranging from musicians to Hollywood stars […]

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Best Commuter Cars [Ranked for 2021]

Best Commuter Car Parent

Crossovers and SUVs may be in the limelight right now, but sedans are by no means down and out. In fact, they’ve gotten better than ever: between their performance, styling, and efficiency, the current crop of both mainstream and luxury four-doors are as well-rounded and sophisticated as they’ve ever been. For those who don’t have […]

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Best Small Commuter Cars [Ranked for 2021]

Best Small Commuter Cars

An unreliable and uncomfortable car can make the daily commute even more frustrating, especially with a bulky car that’s hard to maneuver. The truth is, smaller more compact commuter cars are a bit easier to manage in many traffic situations. You can alleviate some of the stress from commuting by having a car with solid […]

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Subaru WRX: Top Alternatives for 2021/2022

Subaru WRX Alternatives

The Subaru WRX revolutionized the enthusiast market when it dropped in the United States. Suddenly, young people earning moderate wages had a quick, all-wheel-drive sports sedan that they could not just aspire to but own. The WRX introduced Subaru to new buyers just as its other models like the Outback did. Every brand wants an […]

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