Email #1 – Ask for a clear car price quote

Car Negotiation Email Samples

After using a car quote service, you will have contact information for multiple dealers, but you may not have specific quotes. In order to get the information you will need to negotiate with each dealer, enter the fields below to create an email to send to dealers.

Dear ,

Thank you for your response to my inquiry. I'm interested in purchasing a new car within the next week. Could you please provide a price for a ? Please specify all applicable fees and add-ons including destination and documentation fees, floor mats, splash guards, etc.

I'm interested in this model in or . Are either of those colors available? If so, please include any additional charges for paint in your price.

Again, I'm interested in acting quickly, so please provide as much information as possible on your available cars including the VIN#(s) so that I may make an informed decision.


Copy the email template and paste it into your reply to the dealer's email. Send to the dealer, but be sure to proof-read first.

Track all your emails and car dealer responses in our car price comparison worksheet.