What is Find the Best Car Price and Why is it Free?

Where to Find the Best Car Prices

where to find the best car pricesThe websites below provide the best car prices from local car dealers (for free). They will put you directly in touch with car dealers so you can agree on a good price through email before heading to the dealership.

You’ll want to reach as many car dealers as possible.  I suggest getting prices from 6-8 dealers for the best deal.  

Tip: To reach additional dealers, do more than one search using nearby zip codes.


Disclaimer:  If you request free car prices using these services I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  These are the same services I use myself when negotiating car deals for friends and family.

Find The Best Car Price (this website!)

  • Find The Best Car Price logoContact up to 5 dealers at once
  • You have the control to select which dealer(s) to work with
  • We use the largest network of dealers in the U.S. with over 12,000+ dealerships in our network across all brands
  • We closely monitor car incentives across all brands.  And you will get access to our Car Deal Alerts to be notified when incentives are published each month.

  • carsdirect reviewContact up to 5 dealers at once
  • Find out the target price for a specific model and configuration in your zip code
  • Provides buying guides and detailed “head-to-head” comparisons of popular new cars
  • CarsDirect has been rated the #1 site for buying new cars online by Forbes, Time, PC Magazine, and PC World
  • Car financing offers are available for both good and bad credit


  • MotorTrend reviewContact up to 5 dealers at once
  • Trusted auto enthusiast magazine with a monthly circulation of over one million readers
  • Provides road test results, car guides, and reviews of popular new cars as well as the latest in automotive industry trends and news
  • Provides YouTube video “Big Test” comparisons between several new cars
  • Known for it’s prestigious, annual “Car of the Year” award


If you live in a small town with just a few dealerships, consider expanding your car search to nearby cities (zip codes) to get better car prices and save more money.