What is Find the Best Car Price and Why is it Free?

Accident in a Leased Car: What to Do Next

Accident Leased Car

Leasing a vehicle offers a number of differences versus owning a vehicle outright. For instance, all of your vehicle’s repairs are covered during the life of the lease. Also, with a lease, you have some mileage restrictions. But what happens if you get into an accident in a leased vehicle?  After all, it is not […]

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CPO: Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles [What’s the Difference?]


If you’ve ever started shopping for a new or used car, chances are you heard the term “Certified Pre-Owned.” Compared to brand new cars, CPOs can save you a lot of money on a great quality vehicle. However, the included warranty, inspection, and repairs will cost you significantly more than a standard used car. What […]

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What NOT to Say to a Car Salesperson

What Not To Say Car Sales

During the car buying process, you can say a few things that can drastically harm your chances of getting a good price. Knowing what not to say is just as important as knowing the best questions to ask when buying a new or used car. Here are the top things to not say to a […]

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Ford F-150 vs Toyota Tundra: Which Is the Better Full-Size Truck

F-150 vs Tundra

Spend any time reading up on pickups and you’ll quickly realize that the Ford F-150 is – and has been for over four decades – the big kahuna among full-size trucks. Yet the market is not short of competition vying to carve their own success from Ford’s share of the sales pie chart. Among those […]

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Best Off-Road Trucks: Which Is the Most Capable?

Best Off-Road Trucks

Pickup trucks, being extremely versatile, are often the favored off-road machine of choice. This list of best off-roaders will focus on midsize, full-size, and heavy-duty truck choices. We are evaluating and ranking based on factory builds rather than custom configurations. Wherever possible, we will list the specific model and trim level we are ranking. Read […]

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Diminished Value: What You Need to Know & How to File

Diminished Value

If you’ve gotten into an accident, you will deal with an immediate depreciation known as diminished value. Even when you restore your vehicle fully, it will not have the same market value without an accident. Diminished value can have a huge impact when you sell your vehicle, but you may be able to collect a […]

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1/2 Ton, 3/4 Ton, 1 Ton Trucks: What Does It All Mean?

What is Ton Truck

If you have been shopping for trucks, then you may have heard of the terms ½ ton, ¾ ton, and 1-ton trucks. So what do these terms mean, and what type of capabilities do each of these trucks have? Here, we will take a look at the different types of trucks and compare their various […]

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Best Crossover SUVs for Snow [Ranked for 2021]

Best Crossover Snow

Snow presents a unique challenge to drivers. Picking a good vehicle to handle winter conditions is important to those who live anywhere above the Mason Dixon line. Our focus in this list of the Best Crossover SUVs for Snow will be on-road snow driving. Those who wish to tackle off-road snowy conditions should check out […]

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Best Diesel Trucks [Winners in Each Class]

Best Diesel Truck

If you haul or tow serious loads, you need diesel power. While diesel pickups were the exclusive purview of the heavy-duty class for a long time, that is no longer the case – Ford, Ram, and Chevrolet all offer the oil-burning engines in their light-duty full-size trucks. Jeep and Chevy now even offer their midsize […]

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21 Important Questions to Ask When Leasing a Car

Questions to Ask When Leasing Car

Leasing a vehicle can be a great option for those looking for an affordable way to drive newer cars. However, to ensure you get the best lease deal without any unwanted surprises, you must ask the right questions before signing a lease. Here are some of the most important questions to ask when leasing a […]

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