Hyundai vs Mazda: Which Is More Reliable?

Hyundai vs Mazda Reliability

Hyundai and Mazda are both popular car manufacturers known for their reliable vehicles. But in the battle between Hyundai and Mazda reliability, Mazda is generally more reliable than Hyundai. Mazda beats Hyundai with higher reliability ratings, better dependability scores, better engines, and cheaper repair and maintenance costs. Read on for details about Hyundai vs. Mazda […]

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Hawaii Vehicle Sales Tax & Fees [+ Calculator]

Hawaii Sales Tax

Buying a new car includes some hidden costs (like sales tax)that you may not factor into your initial budget. Hawaii vehicle sales tax is 4% of the vehicle purchase price. This guide shares a comprehensive list of all sales taxes and fees you’ll need to pay when you purchase a new car in Hawaii. Key […]

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Why Does My Car Sounds Like a Lawn Mower? Top 6 Reasons (and How To Fix It)

Car Sounds Like Lawn Mower

If you’ve noticed that your car sounds like a lawn mower, it can be a cause for concern. The sound can be caused by several factors including: Old Differential Fluid Engine Misfire Bad Wheel Bearing A Blown Head Gasket Exhaust Leak Old Tires   Sadly, it can be hard to diagnose the problem yourself if […]

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Acura vs. Audi Reliability (All You Need to Know)

Acura vs Audi Reliability

Acura and Audi are two popular car brands known for their high-quality luxury cars, and excellent performance. Both have a good reputation for reliability, but Acura is more reliable than Audi overall. Acura cars get better resale value and lower maintenance and repair costs than Audi. However, Audi offers impressive handling, superb performance, great technology, and […]

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BMW vs. Jaguar Reliability

BMW vs Jaguar Reliability

Both Jaguar and BMW are luxury brands, both with high-end vehicles. However, both brands have different approaches to their designs and production, which impacts their vehicles’ reliability. When evaluating BMW vs Jaguar reliability, BMW comes out ahead.  BMW offers higher safety ratings, cheaper repair and maintenance costs, and higher reliability ratings. The resale value is […]

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Delaware Vehicle Sales Tax & Fees

Delaware Sales Tax

One of the best states to purchase a vehicle is Delaware because it does not charge a sales tax on vehicle purchases. Of course, this only applies to cars that are also registered in Delaware, so you won’t save money just buying a car there to bring home to another state. Additionally, you will have […]

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Your Complete Guide to Car Deposits

car deposit

A car deposit can save you money on monthly payments, but at the same time, they carry some amount of risk. There could be instances where the dealership won’t refund the deposit. Here’s everything you need to know about car deposits. Key Takeaways There are holding deposits (refundable or non-refundable) to reserve a car and […]

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Where Are Honda’s Wheel Lock Keys Located?

Common Wheel Nut Key Locations Honda

Before you can pop on those new rims or replace your flat tire, you’re going to need to locate your car’s wheel lock key. Here’s where you can find your wheel lock on your Honda. Key Takeaways Honda wheel lock keys are typically found in the glove compartment or with the spare tire, stored in […]

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How to Check Car Warranty by VIN (Guide)

How to Check Warranty Status by VIN

Every new vehicle comes with some form of basic factory warranty. Once this warranty ends, you can decide to purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer or a third party. Whether you’ve purchased a brand-new car or recently acquired a car that’s only a year or two old, it’s vital to know what warranty coverage […]

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Are Cadillacs Reliable? (Cadillac Reliability Guide)

Are Cadillacs Reliable

Cadillacs are one of the oldest car brands in the industry and a known marker of luxury. They may have a long history, but is Cadillac a reliable car brand? Yes, overall Cadillac is a reliable car brand. They are one of the most reliable cars that General Motors has ever made, but even so, […]

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