Top 6 Bad Wheel Hub Symptoms

Some signs of major wheel hub issues are strange noise from your wheels, poor steering and control, irregular vehicle stability, and much more. You must understand that these symptoms are not limited to bad wheel hubs. They can also indicate that your vehicles have bad wheel bearing or tires. Here’s a comprehensive list of the […]

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Top 6 Front Wheel Bearing Noise Symptoms

Front Wheel Bearing Symptoms

There are a lot of things that could cause the noise coming from your front wheel bearings. The roaring, howling, or rumbling noise can either mean that you have a bad wheel bearing or riding on worn-out tires. The symptoms can go beyond these. The sounds coming from your front wheel bearings should help you […]

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Top 9 Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator Symptoms

Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator

Contrary to what you might have heard, the fuel pressure regulator doesn’t keep fuel pressure constant. It considers the atmospheric pressure, manifold pressure, and boost to maintain a defined pressure flowing to your car’s engine. What happens if a fuel pressure regulator goes bad? There will be uneven fuel pressure in your engine, which may […]

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Volvo Vs. BMW Reliability: Which Is Better?

Which Is More Reliable Volvo or BMW

No doubt, Volvo is a reliable brand! While BMWs are lightweight cars with fantastic performance. Nonetheless, Volvo is more reliable than BMW. Volvo offers better mileage, comfort, and lower cost of maintenance. While BMWs tend to wear off after extensive use. Let’s learn more about Volvo vs. BMW and why Volvo is considered more reliable. […]

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What Can Void A Car Warranty? [Partial & Complete Voids]

What Can Void Car Warranty

After spending the extra costs associated with extended warranties, the last thing you want to see is the phrase “Claim Denied.” It helps to be prepared, so we’ll give you a rundown of the most common things that can partially or completely void your car warranty. In addition, we’ll show you some tricks to avoid […]

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How to Calculate Car Extended Warranty Cost

How to Calculate Warranty Cost

Regardless of what you’re purchasing, one of the first and most important things that you need to consider is cost. With over 80% of Americans financing their automobiles through loans, you want to make sure you’re protecting your investment, and that’s where extended warranties come into play. Beyond just understanding what an extended warranty can […]

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Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist [Updated for 2022]

Pre Purchase Inspection Checklist

It’s easy to get caught up in a rush of excitement when you purchase a car. We get it. We know how tempting it is to grab those keys and fire up the engine. But before the rubber hits the road, you owe it to yourself to make sure a thorough pre-purchase inspection takes place. […]

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Is Honda More Reliable Than Subaru?

Is Honda More Reliable Than Subaru

Honda and Subaru are great brands with records of producing high-performing and durable cars. However, when Subarus are compared with Honda, Honda is more reliable than Subaru. Subaru produces great cars and will last as long as a Honda car, but the cost of maintenance and repairs is more expensive for Subaru. Honda cars are […]

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End of Model Year Car Deals [2022 Edition]

Model Year-End Clearance

The fall season means it’s time for model-end clearance deals. Unfortunately, we may not see the greatest deals this year because of the inventory shortages we saw in 2022. And yes, car manufacturers do start selling the new models before the new year starts (so you can actually buy a 2023 car in 2022). Deals […]

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Car Models With the Highest & Lowest Markup for August

Highest Lowest Markup

The recent COVID pandemic coupled with work stoppages and a never-ending boom-bust cycle for semiconductors has wreaked havoc on the U.S. auto market. The result is that a shortage of vehicles is driving the value of used cars up, and new vehicle prices are being marked up dramatically by dealers. The most commonly-used phrase for […]

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