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What to Say to Car Salesmen

car salesmanWant to know what to say when talking to a car salesman?

If you still need to do a test drive, read this to learn how to test drive and politely leave the dealership.

If you are running a bidding war and asking salesmen for competitive car prices, here’s what to say:

“Hi John, I’m planning to buy a Honda Accord in two days.  I want to be upfront and tell you that I’m calling a couple dealerships.  I’ll buy the car from whoever has given me the best price by the end of the day Wednesday.  Currently, the best price I’ve received is $X. I’d be happy to consider buying from you. Can you let me know the lowest price you can offer on this type of car?”

Dealers will then ask you a few questions. Here’s how a typical conversation will go:

Salesman: Sure, I can work up a price for you. What options and color do you want included?

You: Tell them the details of whatever car you picked out. Be sure to tell them the MSRP of the model you want. This will help them find the right car and reinforce that you are serious.

Salesman: “If I give you a great price, can I get you to buy from me now?”

You: I appreciate your offer, but as I mentioned, I’m going to wait and go with the dealer that gives me the best price by the end of the day today (or whenever your deadline is).

Salesman: To this they are trained to respond: “Well you’re just gonna shop my price around to my competitors.”

You: “That’s exactly right. I’ve been up front from the beginning that I will take the best offer I get.   Would you like to be included in the process and make me an offer?”

Ultimately, the dealer will either say they are not interested, give you a good price, or ask you to give them a chance to beat your best price on the last day of the bidding war.  All of these are acceptable options.  As long as you reach out to enough dealers, you’ll end up getting a great price.