Car Price Comparison Worksheet

I've created a free car price comparison worksheet that you can use to track all the car dealer responses you receive. Click on the link above or below and save the worksheet to your computer so that you can edit it. This will allow you to consider all cost factors and options side by side to compare apples to apples.

Download Worsheet (Excel document)

The top section is where you collect details about the car and how it is equipped. Fill in as much as you can with your initial responses, however you probably won't get a VIN# right away.

The middle section is where you collect pricing details. The colored cells will be calculated for you and do not need to be entered. Dealers will most likely not send you the invoice price, but it is easy to find on Edmunds.

The bottom section is where you track contact details for each dealership.

Note: If your state has a sales tax other than 6%, update this field and it will automatically calculate applicable taxes for you. Your trade-in may also factor into the tax amount.

As you track responses, be sure to create separate entries for each dealer's price quote and each separate make/model/trim/option package you receive. This will allow you to compare prices for specific cars and also help you decide between different option packages.

As shown in the image below, each time you send an email or receive a dealer response click the dropdown button next to the “Last contact action field”. Then select the appropriate action. Make sure to update the date of the last contact as well. If you've also received a new price, update the price field(s). This is very handy to help you keep track of who you've contacted and when.

When reviewing your offers it is important to obtain pricing on specific vehicles, which is why we ask for the vehicle identification numbers (VIN). Many times a dealership will give you a price for a specific make/model/trim/option package, but neglect to inform you until you arrive at the dealership that the specific model in stock has already been equipped with extra options like a navigation system, heated seats, spoiler, etc. that can cost hundreds of dollars extra than the “standard model” they quoted. They figure once you are at the dealership, they've got you locked in and you'll be willing to pay the extra charges. But since you now know to get specific before arriving at the dealership, you can avoid those extra hassles.