What Holidays Are Car Dealerships Closed?

What Holidays Are Dealerships Closed

No doubt, dealerships are the best places to go when you want to buy a new car - whether you’re buying a brand-new car or a used one. But just like many other businesses, dealerships are not open daily; some close on major holidays, while some are closed on weekends.

What holidays are car dealerships closed? Well, every dealership has its operating policies and business model. While some dealerships may close on Labor Day, some others open until noon. There is simply no one-rule-for-all when it comes to holidays that dealerships respect.

Apparently, most dealerships run holiday sales, so they’re open on those days, but this is not common. This article lists the most common holidays respected by most dealerships nationwide.

Are Dealerships Open on Holidays?

Several holidays are celebrated yearly, from New Year holidays to Ramadan (for Muslims), Easter, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas.

During these holiday times, most car manufacturers run adverts and offer promotional sales, which are available at specified dealerships. So, many dealerships ditch holidays and open as they would on regular days for these promotional sales.

Aside from auto manufacturers running promotional sales through dealerships, some dealerships also host their own promotional sales on holidays. So, practically, you’d find most dealership centers open on holiday dates, except, maybe, on major holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Easter.

During holiday sales periods, some dealerships open for an extended time – sometimes, they may stay for 24 hours. Similarly, some may only open for six hours and close by noon or before 4:00 pm. If you’re planning on doing holiday shopping for a new car, it is best to check in time to know if your chosen dealership will be open on that day, or perhaps, they could offer you a special treat.

What Holidays Are Car Dealerships Closed?

Different dealerships may choose different holidays at which they’d be closed or opened based on various factors best known to them. But a vast majority of dealerships nationwide remain open on Labor Day - some even stay for longer hours than their usual work hours. This is basically because they do record more sales on such holiday days.

More so, a lot of dealerships offer sales discounts on public holiday days to draw more “new customers” who are at home on those “free days.” But this is not the same for all dealerships; of course, some will remain closed for every public holiday celebrated throughout a calendar year. The most common holidays respected by a vast majority of dealerships include:

  • New Year's Day
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Other state-based holidays are most often not respected by dealerships, as they may even extend their work hours on such days.

How To Get Car Dealership Holiday Deals?

If a car dealership is running a holiday sales season, they’d announce it on many channels, including running commercials on TV and social media platforms. Some may only print fliers and share them with their target audience. However the dealership decides to do it, the sales discount notification would spread abroad.

So, you should keep your head high when a holiday is approaching and look out for social media ads that talk about car dealership discounts. If you’re on forums like Quora, Reddit, and the likes, you should follow “Auto” topics; some members of the group/community would definitely post discount information when they come across any.

Furthermore, if you have a favorite dealership, you should follow them on all socials to know when they’re up to anything “cool” you may like. You can also walk into dealerships that are open on holidays and check if they’re running promotional sales that may entice you; ensure to carefully go through the sales promo document and what it entails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dealerships Open on Weekends?

Weekends are even the busiest days for dealerships; they are always active on weekends. However, some may reduce their work hours on Sundays and probably Saturdays too. But dealerships stay open on weekends because they make a lot of sales.

What Time Do Dealerships Close Daily?

Except the dealership is running some promotional sales, most dealerships open by 8:00 am and close before 6:30 pm daily, notwithstanding some dealerships close at 8:00 pm on weekends and 6:30 pm on weekends. The closing time differs by dealership but is usually between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., and opening time is between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Why are Dealerships Closed on Sundays?

In most states, Sunday is a day for workers to rest, so many stores and sales centers will remain closed that day. There are about 20 states where businesses are expected to close on Sundays, including Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota, New Jersey, Missouri, Oklahoma, and others. So, dealerships in these states will remain closed on Sundays.