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Presidents Day Weekend Car Sales [2020 Edition]

Presidents Day Weekend Car Sales

Presidents Day Weekend is often a great time to buy a car and this year is no different.  Three day weekends usually mean some of the biggest promotions and deepest discounts of the year. Dealerships will be crowded with shoppers and you will likely have to wait in line for a salesman.  Many will open at […]

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When is the best month to buy a car?

best month to buy a car

If you have the flexibility, you can find extra savings buying a car at the right time. It’s always a good idea to get prices from several car dealers, but if you time your purchase you can get even bigger savings. Some months are actually better than others for getting a deal. Here are some […]

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Auto Industry Trends: 2020 and Beyond Will Be Great for Car Buyers

auto industry trends

The auto industry is at a tipping point and things are about to get a lot better for consumers. Within the past ten years a majority of shoppers now start the car buying process online before heading to dealerships.  That trend is driving prices down and sites like Edmunds, CarsDirect, and TrueCar are bringing more […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Car Discounts for College Students and Grads

college car deals

After graduating college, one way to start building credit is by purchasing or leasing a car.  Fortunately, most car brands offer cash incentives to students and recent college graduates to win over brand loyalty early in life. Let’s take a closer look at how to qualify and the requirements for each of these college auto […]

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Can You Get a Deal Buying Two Cars at Once?

getting a deal buying two cars at once

Sometimes things happen and your family needs two cars at the same time. Maybe you survived a flood, fire, or some other catastrophe.  Or maybe you decided to upgrade your ride and your spouse expects a new car too in order to “make things even”.  Or maybe you’ve just got two cars that are both […]

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6 Steps to Hack the Car Buying Process

Hacking the Car Buying Process

“I’m taking a blood-bath on this car!” the salesman confided in me after we closed the deal. We had agreed upon $2000 UNDER invoice. That’s invoice folks (dealer cost) and $4700 under the sticker price (MSRP). I bought a brand new 2016 model in the first week of the year. The salesman said the next day […]

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Negotiating Car Dealer Add-On’s & Accessories

Dealer Add On Infographic

So you’ve learned how to negotiate a new car and think that guarantees you a good deal.  Well think again!  Did you know a majority of a car dealer’s profit comes from add-ons in the Finance Office? Dealerships want you to think the hard part is over and that it’s time to let your guard down.  But as you’re getting ready […]

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How far would you drive to save 2,000 bucks?

local car prices

Note: This post contains affiliate links to free car price websites that pay me a small referral fee.  Using these links does not cost you anything and allows me to continue offering free advice on this website.  Do you live in a small city with only one car dealer?  If so, you may be wondering […]

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Buying vs Leasing a Car

buying vs leasing a car

Not surprisingly, many people don’t understand all the reasons why you might buy versus lease a car. If your parents always got cars one way, there’s a good chance you’ll do the same without considering both choices. But there are compelling arguments for each option. Not everyone is in the same boat and there are several questions […]

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Don’t Forget Your Trade-in Tax Savings

Pricing Your Trade in

When you get a lower than expected trade-in appraisal at the dealership, it can be tempting to stop negotiations.  You may believe you could get a better offer somewhere else.  While this may be true, you must remember to factor in tax savings to perform a true comparison. Most states will credit the value of […]

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