Best Cars for Gas Mileage [2023 Edition]

Best Cars for Gas MileageA new vehicle is a big purchasing decision that includes several key considerations. You must choose a car that suits you as a driver and one that fits your lifestyle needs. Another important factor to consider is the gas mileage.

Some cars tick every box but they are not fuel-efficient. However, fuel efficiency is not something you should compromise on. Fortunately, there are now many high-quality, fuel-efficient car options available.

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Below we highlight some of the best cars for gas mileage and what to consider when picking out a fuel efficient vehicle.

Best Cars for Gas Mileage

We did extensive market research to bring you the top choices out there. Our picks for the best cars for gas mileage are:

Who Should Consider a Car with The Best Gas Mileage?

While everyone should factor in fuel consumption when purchasing a car, there are some people that should make it a top priority including:

gas mileage price

  • People that drive far and often. If you have a long commute or frequently make far drives, then fuel efficiency must be a priority.
  • Those that live in high-price gas places. Not everyone lives somewhere with gas that is only $1.88. The more expensive your local gas is compared to the national average, the more you need to consider a car with high gas mileage.
  • Environmentally conscious. We all share the same planet, so we should take responsibility for reducing our fuel consumption and protecting the environment as much as possible. Choosing a car that is more fuel-efficient is one small way to do that.

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Other Considerations for Purchasing a Fuel Efficient Car

Of course, fuel efficiency is only one factor that you must look for when purchasing a new car. In addition to having great gas mileage, the car must also suit your needs. The other top considerations include:

  • Comfort. Is the car well suited for your height? If you are particularly tall or short, you may want to look for a car that fits your height well.environmental benefits
  • Safety. Of course, you also need a car that has excellent safety ratings and features.
  • Reliability. Highly efficient cars lower the risk that you will run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but overall reliability is essential as well. Choose long-lasting, durable, and reliable cars.
  • Vehicle usage. How do you use your vehicle? Consider the most common usage for your vehicle, and think about the additional features that fit your lifestyle. If you typically cart around all of the kids and their sports equipment, you want a car with enough room in the back seats and a spacious trunk.
  • Price. Never compromise your budget for great features. Always be conscious of the price when shopping for a car, even if it gets great gas mileage.

Fuel-efficient cars are better for the planet and better for your pocket. You can easily find one that also fits your lifestyle and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most fuel efficient cars available right now?

Some of the cars with the best gas mileage are the Toyota Prius Prime, Honda Insight, and the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

What types of cars are the most fuel-efficient?

The EPA states that the top three fuel-efficient types of vehicles are two-seaters, mini compacts, and subcompacts.

What types of vehicles are the least fuel-efficient?

Several types of vehicles are known as being less fuel-efficient including trucks, vans, and SUVs.

What denotes good gas mileage?

There are multiple ways to determine fuel efficiency. One way is to look at the miles per gallon (which will vary in the city vs on the highway) or to examine how many gallons of fuel the car would use to travel 100 miles. There’s no cut off line for mileage, but many fuel-efficient vehicles have MPGs of 35 and above.

Why does gas mileage matter for car buying?

Fuel efficiency is a very important factor you should pay attention to. Cars that get better mileage will save you money on gas (which quickly adds up) and are better for the planet.