Longest Range Electric Cars: Which Has the Best Range? [2024 Picks]

Longest Range EV

Over the past decade, battery technology has advanced rapidly enough that the longest range electric cars now top 500 miles on a single charge, while 300 miles is considered a baseline for many more.

Commutes for most Americans only cover around 30-40 miles per day, something that many mid-priced EVs will take care of without needing to charge until the end of the work week.

These are our recommendations for the longest-range battery-electric cars if you’re ready to make the switch to all-electric driving.

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Battery Electric Cars with Longest Range Comparison

EPA RangeMPGeFederal Tax Credit?
Lucid Air Grand Touring
516 miles
Tesla Model S LR
405 miles
Rivian R1S/R1T Max Pack
400 miles
Hyundai IONIQ 6 LR
361 miles
Fisker Ocean Extreme
Tesla Model 3 LR
341 miles
Tesla Model Y LR
330 miles
Ford Mustang Mach-E Rt. 1
312 miles

Lucid Air Grand Touring (The Range King)

All Lucid models offer excellent range due to the company’s industry-leading electric motor technology, but the Grand Touring is the model that broke the 500-mile mark and set a new benchmark for range.

Priced well into six figures, the most capable Lucid Air isn’t accessible to most buyers. By setting new standards and laying the blueprint for others, however, this model is showing where EVs can go in the years ahead.

Rivian R1S and R1T Max Pack (Bigger Batter, Maximum Range)

The fact that two new automakers top the range list in 2024 demonstrates just how quickly the EV space can change, as well as how important range is to success for all-electric models. Rivians R1 platform, which comes in both truck and SUV form, introduced a larger, efficient battery pack in late 2023 that boosts range from around 350 miles to the 400-mile mark.

Although this isn’t quite enough to pass the Tesla Model S, it’s an impressive number for the large, heavy R1 models. Charging is also fast at more than 200kW and Rivian is building out its own charging network in North America, specifically designed for the adventurous intent behind its vehicles.

An important consideration here is the price tag. All of that range comes at a $10,000 premium over the trim below, which still offers a solid 352 miles on a charge. Whether or not that extra capacity is worth the money comes down to where you live and how far you intend to venture with your new Rivian.

Hyundai IONIQ 6 (Combined Charging Power & Range)

Hyundai’s new EV platform has received more headlines for its supremely fast charging speeds than the distance its cars can drive. DC charging taking its models from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes is undeniably impressive, but the IONIQ 6 makes the most of that energy with its exceptional efficiency.

Dubbed a “streamliner” by Hyundai, the IONIQ 6’s slippery shape squeezes out almost 50 miles more than its sibling, the chunkier IONIQ 5. The EPA sets that range at 361 miles, which beats out almost everything at its price category of $40,000-$50,000 and puts the IONIQ 6 in direct competition with Tesla’s popular Model 3 sedan.

With this combination of excellent efficiency and segment-leading fast charging times, the Hyundai IONIQ 6 is one of the most accessible range kings available in 2024.

Fisker Ocean Extreme (Newcomer with Impressive Numbers)

Although the Fisker name isn’t new to the automotive world, the automaker’s Ocean EV certainly is. With modern styling and SUV form factor, the Fisker Ocean is attracting the interest of EV buyers. Its range numbers also make for interesting reading, as the bulkier Fisker clocks in only one mile behind Hyundai’s ultra-sleek IONIQ 6 on our list.

In its vehicle segment, 360 miles of range puts the Ocean Extreme around 50 miles ahead - or 17% more than - direct rivals like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Kia EV6. Those are impressive numbers for a newcomer.

The Fisker Ocean’s newcomer allure is also its potential limitation. Without a track record of cars on the road or any kind of service history, purchasing an Ocean Extreme on range numbers alone represents a gamble. But if Fisker comes good, owners will have one of the most unique electric vehicles on the road without compromising on how far they can drive.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (The Road Trip King)

The Model 3 hit volume production in 2018 and quickly became the best-selling electric vehicle in the United States. There are now more than half a million of this model on the road, many of which are the popular Long Range version.

The Model 3 has always boasted more than 300 miles of range in one form or another but its latest incarnation offers new features at a more accessible price point.Although this isn’t a model that leads the pack in any category for 2024, the Model 3 remains an excellent all-rounder with all of the benefits that a Tesla EV offers.

The Model 3 also offers Tesla’s ambitious driver assist technology, which is frequently updated over the air (OTA updates) and aiming for Full Self Driving (FSD) in the years to come. This makes for a smooth, less stressful ride that can make all the difference on a long drive. Factor in the rapid charge times and extensive Supercharger network and you have one of the best all-electric road trippers on the road today.

Tesla Model Y Long Range (The Family-Friendly Tesla)

The second Tesla on our list can’t quite match its sibling for the crown of longest range electric car, but it runs it rather close while delivering a lot more practicality than the Model 3. With 326 miles of EPA range and highway tests that put it in the high 200s, the Model Y covers a lot of distance and adds roughly 3x more storage capacity than the 3.

Beyond that, the ride height and uninterrupted panoramic roof add a feeling of extra space in the Model Y, where the 3 feels less roomy as more riders occupy the rear seats. The Y can even squeeze an extra two seats into that additional rear section, although very small people and pets are the most likely candidates for those spaces.

The remaining features are right in line with the Model 3, as the two share a common platform and styling. Which Tesla you opt for will depend largely on how many people you’re regularly hauling and how much practicality trumps performance in your everyday use. Even so, with a sub-five second 0-60 time and an upgrade that brings it down to 3.5 seconds, the Model Y is still a lightning-fast electric car with range to burn.

Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 Edition (An Icon, Electrified)

The reimagined Mustang crossover comes in many all-electric forms, from a base model that delivers a range as low as 211 miles to the extended range pack, which pushes past 300 miles in some iterations.

The most efficient of these is the Route 1 Edition, which features a few more aerodynamic touches that push the Mach-E up to 305 miles. As Ford is more cautious than Tesla in its range calculations, this puts the Ford Mustang Mach-E right in line with Model Y as the longest range electric crossover.

Leaving aside the controversy of a four-door Mustang, Ford has the distinction of being the first legacy automaker to go toe-to-toe with Tesla in terms of range and performance. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a fast, fun electric car that goes the distance and brings excellent build quality to the table. The tech might not quite rival a Tesla, but it’s an excellent long range electric option that also qualifies for the full federal tax credit, if you can take advantage.