Best Electric Trucks: Most Promising Models on the Horizon

Best EV Trucks

Until recently, electric pickup trucks were more of a dream than a reality. While the best electric trucks promised unthinkable power and futuristic specs, most of them firmly occupied the concept category much more than the production-ready vehicles that the EV world is crying out for.

The question of what is the best electric truck to buy will soon be one that real-world buyers are asking.

It’s one we’ll try to answer, even at this early stage, as we look at the most promising electric trucks we expect to see over the next couple of years.

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The Best Electric Trucks Coming to Market

With the caveats above in mind, we recommend considering the following models as the best electric trucks:

ModelStarting MSRPRange (miles)Towing CapacityBed Size
Ford F-150 Lightning
10,000 lbs
5.6 ft
Rivian R1-T
11,000 lbs
4.5 ft
Tesla Cybertruck
11,000 lbs
6.5 ft
Chevy Silverado EV
5ft 11 in
GMC Hummer EV
11,500 lbs
5 ft

For more on truck beds, take a look at our guide to truck cab and bed sizes.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these models to see which is most likely to take the title of best electric pickup truck.


1. Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford-F-150-Lightning-Best-Electric-TruckWhen it comes to the best pickup trucks, many buyers don’t need to look much further than the Ford F-Series. As the top-selling vehicle line in the United

States for four decades, it represents arguably the most important market in which electric vehicles need to make progress.

What better way to show you’re serious about electrification, in that case, than to create an all-electric version of the most popular vehicle in that series?

Unveiling the Ford F-150 Lightning is already a massive win for Ford, even before an electric truck has rolled off a dealer’s lot.

Even against the backdrop of rising vehicle prices, the F150 Lightning represents good value for an all-electric truck. Its starting price comes in lower than every other competitor without sacrificing performance or functionality. With incentives available and production outpacing demand, Ford is likely to holds its position as the automaker with the most accessible electric pickup for the foreseeable future.

From there, form and function come into play. The F150 Lightning has a few unique styling cues but it is immediately recognizable as part of the F-Series. No unconventional chassis, no curious headlights, or curtailed bed; this is a functional truck in a familiar package that just happens to have an electric drivetrain.

That being said, with the vast space of the F-150 Lightning’s “Mega Power Frunk”, its ability to provide backup power to a home, and performance that leads its combustion siblings in many categories, Ford shows that electrifying the F-Series could be the company’s smartest move in many years.


  • Spacious and practical version of America’s top-selling vehicle.
  • Electric platform allows for highly functional power frunk workspace.
  • Compelling price point for fleet/commercial use.


  • Lowest price point is initially only available to commercial buyers.
  • Towing range unlikely to compete with gasoline-based F-150 models.
  • Conservative design compared to all-electric competitors.

2. Rivian R1T

Rivian-R1-T-Best-Electric-TruckBeing the first electric truck to market in the current generation of EVs comes with a certain amount of plaudits. Even so, with limited production of the R1T anticipated for at least the first 18 months and leading US automakers ready to electrify their most popular marques, it won't be long before Rivian has significant competition.

That being said, the Rivian R1T is a strong first offering from a company with lots of funding but no track record in the automotive sector. Early tests prove that the company's adventure branding is more than just talk, with a successful journey across the Trans-America Trail providing a strong start to the model's credentials.

With a 300+ mile range and a dedicated fast charging network expected to roll out quickly over the next couple of years, the Rivian R1T sets the bar for the electric trucks.


  • Ground-up EV design, built for off-roading.
  • Partnerships and accessories make for an excellent camping vehicle.
  • Growing Rivian Adventure Network with preferential charging access for Rivian owners


  • Relatively small bed.
  • High price tag limits accessibility, especially for fleets.
  • Much promised from Rivian, but any EV startup could be a gamble.

3. Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla-Cybertruck-Best-Electric-TruckOne of the first electric trucks to be revealed with specs and pricing was also one of the latest to market, as Tesla Cybertruck deliveries were delayed until late 2023. Unveiled in November 2019 to equal parts delight and derision, the Cybertruck is a polarizing vehicle but has a lot going for it.

Sub 3-second 0-60 mph times might not be the first thing that potential truck owners look for, but EV performance in a heavy-duty vehicle is nice when you need it. Combined with 300+ miles of range and Tesla’s unique take on technology, including the promise of Full Self Driving, 48V and a new steer-by-wire system , the Cybertruck is an undeniably unique package in more than just looks.

Where Tesla has failed to deliver with the Cybertruck lies in its pricing. Four years is a long time in the EV sector and market conditions have changed significantly between Tesla’s 2019 reveal and its eventual 2023 delivery of the first production Cybertrucks. What was to be close to a $40,000 electric truck starts closer to six figures and won’t deliver a less expensive version until much later. Even when an entry-level Cybertruck arrives, it will still be priced above $60,000 and could struggle to match the functionality and specs of rivals in that price category.


  • Industry-leading BEV technology in a rugged, powerful design.
  • Impressive specs at multiple price points, from functionally affordable to extreme performance variants.
  • Advantages of established Tesla charging network and preferential use/rates.


  • Polarizing looks and design could put off traditional truck buyers.
  • Production delays and potential for more affordable variants to quietly disappear from the line.

4. GMC Hummer EV

GMC-Hummer-EV-Best-Electric-TruckThe Hummer EV is something of an outlier here, as the brand’s most recognizable form is the gas-guzzling SUV that laughed in the face of fuel conservation and emissions standards around the turn of the century. Fast forward 20 years and a high-end electric SUV is in the mix, but GM is leading with the pickup version and calling this the world’s first “all-electric supertruck,” which isn’t unreasonable when we consider the specs.

In whatever form you find it, the GMC Hummer EV will be an expensive electric vehicle. With the versions due in the first production run (late 2022) starting in the six-figure region, it’s not until 2024 that the MSRP reaches anything approaching other electric trucks on this list. The Hummer EV2 base model targets a $97,175 starting price but the market will be much more crowded by then. If you’re in the market for a high-end electric truck soon, expect to shell out $100,000 or more for the privilege of driving a Hummer EV.

With that eye-watering price tag comes an impressive set of specs. Whether it’s the 3 seconds 0-60 mph time of WTF mode or the mind-boggling 11,500 lb. ft of torque that GM claims, this is a truck to go head-to-head with a Taycan, not a Tacoma. A seemingly endless array of off-road features make this a direct competitor with the Rivian R1T in its more adventurous trims, though the latter has a small head start over the Hummer EV.


  • Halo product designed to show the very best of GM’s new battery platform.
  • Highly capable off-road abilities and “Crabwalk” diagonal driving feature.
  • Extreme performance specs that push far beyond its roots.


  • Priced beyond the reach of most consumers. Little commercial/fleet potential.

5. Chevrolet Silverado EV

Chevrolet-Silverado-EV-Best-Electric-TruckAlmost as highly-anticipated as Ford's electrification of the F150 line, GM's launch of the Chevrolet Silverado EV sets the scene for the biggest names in pickup segment to go head-to-head for the crown of best electric truck.

As the second best-selling pickup truck line in the United States, the Silverado brand promises to bring electric vehicles to a whole new audience. The Ultium-based EV beats the Ford F150 Lightning on range, as it is estimated to deliver 400 mileson a charge. Power and practicality should also prove attractive, though it is price that will matter most to the fleet managers and small business owners who opt for the work truck configuration.

The Silverado EV is the newest of the electric trucks coming to market but it’s unclear if that fact will help or hinder the vehicle. Along with its sibling the GMC Denali EV, General Motors has an opportunity to see where the likes of Ford have experienced difficulty with electric trucks. GM can adjust its production targets and sales pitch accordingly, focusing on markets and trim levels that are most appealing at this early stage of electrification.

Suffice it to say, if you're a fan of the Silverado line and can benefit from the advantages of going electric, expect GM to deliver a version of its popular truck that is quicker, more spacious than - and with improved functionality over - its combustion siblings.


While the best electric trucks are almost certainly yet to come, it’s fair to say that the first all-electric pickups to hit the market will be a landmark moment for EV adoption in North America.

One of the region’s favorite vehicle formats going electric marks another step on the road to cleaner personal transportation and we look forward to seeing how these early entrants deliver on the promises of their manufacturers!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Ford-150 Lightning be available to purchase?

With the federal tax credit still very much in play for Ford, the price of a brand new Ford F-150 Lightning lies somewhere between $43-45,000. The 2022 Ford Lightning is scheduled for Spring 2022.

What was the first available electric truck available to customers?

With limited production of the R1T anticipated for at least the first 18 months and leading US automakers ready to electrify their most popular marques, it won't be long before Rivian has significant competition.

Does Tesla make electric trucks?

One of the first electric trucks to be revealed with specs and pricing could actually be one of the last to market, as the Tesla Cybertruck has been delayed to late 2022.

How much is the GMC Hummer EV truck?

In whatever form you find it, the GMC Hummer EV will be an expensive electric vehicle. With the versions due in the first production run (late 2022) starting in the six-figure region.

Are there electric versions of the Chevrolet Silverado?

Almost as highly-anticipated as Ford's electrification of the F150 line, GM's confirmation that the Chevrolet Silverado EV will finally be unveiled at CES 2022 sets the scene for the best electric trucks to go head-to-head in the very near future.