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Car Most (and Least Likely) to Have Catalytic Converter Stolen

Cars Most Likely to Have Catalytic Converter Stolen

Hot Targets and Safe Rides: The Catalytic Converter Theft Dilemma” Catalytic converter theft is one of the most common issues people face when it comes to vehicle security. In fact, theft of catalytic converters has been on the rise in recent years, leaving car owners concerned about the safety of their vehicles, ie whether or […]

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What Is a Squatted Truck? Why Are They So Popular?

What Is a Squatted Truck

It’s a question that can ignite passionate debates among vehicle enthusiasts. Squatted trucks, with their distinct high-front and low-rear stance, are turning heads on highways across the country. But what is it about these modified pickups that makes them so controversial yet undeniably popular? The Aesthetics and Mechanics of Squatted Trucks Squatted trucks, a trend […]

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The Hardest Cars to Steal in 2023: Protecting Your Precious Ride

Hardest Cars to Steal

Fortress on Wheels: The Unyielding Security of 2023’s Toughest Cars to Steal Today, car theft has become an intricate task for criminals, as automakers employ sophisticated anti-theft systems to safeguard their vehicles. Before you shop for your next vehicle, take a comprehensive look at the hardest vehicles to steal in 2023. The Hardest Cars to […]

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Honda CR-V: Top Alternatives for 2023

Honda CR-V Alternatives

The Honda CR-V has long enjoyed the top sales position in compact crossovers. The CR-V was one of the founders of its segment and has usually been the benchmark for the market since. Compact crossovers are noted for their small size, versatility, and accommodating interiors. And while the CR-V has remained a best seller for […]

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Best Minivans for Wheelchair Users [2023 Update]

Best Minivans for Wheelchair Users

Finding the Perfect Minivan for Accessibility, Comfort, and Safety With the right features and modifications, a minivan can provide greater accessibility, comfort, and safety. To help find the perfect minivan, we have created this guide for the top ones for those with disabilities. We’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the right […]

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9 Best Tonneau Covers for Your Toyota Tundra: Secure & Stylish Protection

Best Tonneau Covers Toyota Tundra

Discover the Top Tonneau Covers to Enhance Your Toyota Tundra’s Utility and Style If you own a Toyota Tundra, you know it is one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. That means you will want to make the most of your Tundra with a good tonneau cover solution. That’s why the editorial team […]

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Best Wheelchair-Friendly SUVs [Updated for 2023]

Best SUVs for Wheelchair Users

From spacious interiors to adaptive equipment, discover the top SUVs that can accommodate a wheelchair and keep your loved ones safe and comfortable on the road. The SUV segment offers a range of models with ample space, high ground clearance, and versatile features that can make it easier to transport passengers with disabilities. To help […]

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Toyota Prius: Top Alternatives for 2023

Toyota Prius Alternatives

The Toyota Prius is the de facto hybrid car standard for the world. In its third decade of sales, the Prius is still a formidable competitor. Toyota has a plug-in hybrid-electric trim called the Prime, as well as all-wheel drive trims for the snowbelt buyers. Here, we’ll highlight some of the best alternatives to the […]

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Jeep Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited: Top Alternatives for 2023

Jeep Wrangler Alternatives

Those looking for off-road adventure, or an all-weather SUV that can do it all, should really start with the Wrangler line. The Wrangler line is so good and has evolved to such a degree that it is hard to find fault with the modern Jeep. So, unlike some of our other lists, this one is […]

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Cadillac Escalade: Top Alternatives for 2023

Cadillac Escalade Alternatives

The Cadillac Escalade is about as big and brash as they come: it stretches up to nearly 19 feet long, features 38 inches worth of screens, seats up to eight, and is decked out with all the frippery one expects of a six-figure luxury SUV. With its widespread appeal ranging from musicians to Hollywood stars […]

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