Tesla Model S: Top Alternatives for 2024

Tesla Model S Alternatives

If there is any singular electric vehicle that has commanded attention since its inception, it undoubtedly would be the Tesla Model S.

Introduced to the marketplace in 2012, the Model S surpassed expectations right from the beginning (it even landed on our list of hardest cars to steal). Since then, nearly every other major automaker has been playing catch-up.

Clearly, worthy competitors have emerged in the last several years, giving car shoppers good reasons to look around for premium alternatives to the Model S sedan.


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Tesla Model S Weaknesses

Despite its impressive performance and range, some might seek alternatives to the 2024 Tesla Model S due to limitations like its relatively high starting price, potential lack of service centers in certain regions, and minimalist interior design that might not appeal to luxury car enthusiasts.

Additionally, while it offers a strong range, competitors like the Lucid Air boast even further distances on a single charge.

Tesla Model S Top Competitors Comparison Summary

Lucid Air vs Tesla Model S: Go for the Air if range is king and you crave luxury, but be prepared for a new brand experience and a higher price.

Mercedes-Benz EQS vs Tesla Model S: Choose the EQS for ultimate luxury and comfort, but be aware of the shorter range and less sporty driving experience compared to the Model S.

BMW i7 vs Tesla Model S: Opt for the i7 if design, space, and performance are key, but be prepared for a shorter range and less engaging driving experience compared to the Model S.

Audi e-Tron GT vs Tesla Model S: Consider the e-tron GT if sporty handling and fast charging are priorities, but be aware of the significantly lower range and less luxurious interior.

1. Lucid Air


The Air remains a strong contender with exceptional range, spacious interior, and luxurious features.

For 2024, it sees minor updates like standard DreamDrive Pro ADAS and new exterior color options.

  • Strengths: Boasts an even longer range (520 miles!), boasts a spacious and luxurious interior, packed with features.
  • Weaknesses: Less established brand with fewer service centers, comes with a higher price tag, and falls short in acceleration compared to the Model S.

Key Takeaway: Longest range, spacious interior, luxurious features, but less established brand and slower acceleration.

2. Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan


The EQS offers a luxurious cabin, advanced technology, and a comfortable ride.

2024 updates include new infotainment features and an available AMG variant for enhanced performance.

  • Strengths: Exudes luxury with a premium interior and comfortable ride, loaded with advanced technology features.
  • Weaknesses: Falls short in range compared to the Model S (350 miles), sacrifices sporty driving dynamics for comfort, and carries a steeper price tag.

Key Takeaway: Luxurious interior, comfortable ride, advanced technology, but shorter range and higher price tag.

3. BMW i7


The i7 boasts a bold design, spacious interior, and advanced technology.

2024 brings new exterior color options and potential software updates.

  • Strengths: Makes a bold statement with its design, offers a spacious and tech-filled interior, matches the Model S in performance.
  • Weaknesses: Offers a shorter range (300 miles), delivers a less engaging driving experience, and comes at a higher starting price.

Key Takeaway: Bold design, spacious interior, similar performance, but shorter range and higher starting price.

4. Audi e-tron GT


This sporty sedan combines performance and luxury with fast charging capabilities.

For 2024, expect minor updates like new wheel designs and potential software improvements.

  • Strengths: Matches the Model S in performance (almost!), provides sporty handling for spirited driving, and boasts fast charging capabilities.
  • Weaknesses: Falls significantly behind in range (238 miles), offers less interior space and a less luxurious feel, and comes with a higher starting price.

Key Takeaway: Sporty handling, fast charging, similar performance, but limited range and less luxurious experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicle is the best alternative to the Tesla Model S?

This comparison of five top contenders in the premium all-electric sedan marketplace is a starting point to finding the vehicle that will best meet your needs. Electric vehicles are new experience for most drivers. If possible, test driving each of these models will bring you closer to deciding which is best for you.

Which luxury electric sedan provides the best combination of power and range?

Clearly, the Lucid Air comes out on top if one just considers power and range statistics. However, owning any one of the vehicles in our comparison has its own special advantages and rewards.

Should I expect to pay over $100,000 for a new all-electric luxury sedan?

Not necessarily. Although, a six figure MSRP is more the rule than the exception for a first-owner luxury sedan in the all-electric vehicle marketplace.