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Aaron Turpen

Aaron Turpen is an automotive writer and reviewer living in Wyoming, USA. A life-long off-road and mechanical enthusiast, Aaron has had a varied career in vehicles. Aaron grew up with home mechanics and maintenance on tractors, trucks, and cars as well as small engines and devices. At any one time, he's worked as an automotive disassembler (aka "junk yard parts puller"), shade tree mechanic, over-the-road truck driver, and more. Aaron's interests include family-oriented vehicles, off-roading, and anything fun involving tires and steering. With most of his life having been in rural America, Aaron understands pickup trucks and SUVs, winter weather hazards, and what life is like where phrases like "Just down the road" mean "within 100 miles." Aaron's automotive writing career has included outlets such as Carfax, CarTalk, NewAtlas.com, and many others. He's appeared on NPR's All Things Considered, on various YouTube channels, and on several podcasts.

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Ford Explorer: Top Alternatives for 2021/2022

Explorer Alternatives Competitors

The Ford Explorer is a popular midsize, three-row sport utility with a long history on the market. As times have changed, so has the Explorer, always keeping with consumer trends and remaining popular. The current-generation Ford Explorer debuted in 2021 to mark the sixth generation for the SUV. Known for…

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Honda CR-V: Top Alternatives for 2021/2022

Honda CR-V Alternatives

The Honda CR-V has long enjoyed the top sales position in compact crossovers. The CR-V was one of the founders of its segment and has usually been the benchmark for the market since. Compact crossovers are noted for their small size, versatility, and accommodating interiors. And while the CR-V has remained a…

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Jeep Cherokee vs Grand Cherokee: Which Jeep Is Right for You?

Jeep Cherokee vs Jeep Grand Cherokee

In the Jeep family of sport utilities, the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee are often seen side-by-side as options for buyers looking for rugged family vehicles. The two share a name and some commonality in design and parts but are very different in other regards. Most notably in size, performance, and price…

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Nissan Rogue vs Hyundai Tucson: Which Redesign Is Better?

Nissan Rogue vs Hyundai Tucson

The Nissan Rogue and the Hyundai Tucson are direct competitors in one of the most contentious markets in the automotive industry. The small-but-not-quite-compact sport-utility market is outsized, and when it comes to crossover sales, this segment is where it’s happening fastest. The Tucson and Rogue…

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Best Luxury Commuter Cars

Best Luxury Commuter Car

What matters most to a commuter is fuel economy and comfort. For maximum comfort, performance, and quality of life, we look to luxury vehicles. This list comprises the best luxury vehicles for commuting and includes some sedans, SUVs, and one or two sporty options for those who like excitement as well.…

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