Aaron Turpen

Aaron Turpen is an automotive writer and reviewer living in Wyoming, USA. A life-long off-road and mechanical enthusiast, Aaron has had a varied career in vehicles. Aaron grew up with home mechanics and maintenance on tractors, trucks, and cars as well as small engines and devices. At any one time, he's worked as an automotive disassembler (aka "junk yard parts puller"), shade tree mechanic, over-the-road truck driver, and more. Aaron's interests include family-oriented vehicles, off-roading, and anything fun involving tires and steering. With most of his life having been in rural America, Aaron understands pickup trucks and SUVs, winter weather hazards, and what life is like where phrases like "Just down the road" mean "within 100 miles." Aaron's automotive writing career has included outlets such as Carfax, CarTalk, NewAtlas.com, and many others. He's appeared on NPR's All Things Considered, on various YouTube channels, and on several podcasts. Aaron also operates a couple automotive sites: EVmeme.com and Drivemodeshow.com

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Subaru Outback: Top Alternatives for 2024

Subaru Outback Alternatives

The Subaru Outback is primarily known for its station wagon design, ample interior space, all-terrain capability, and upscale feel. Many consumers consider the Outback the flagship of the Subaru lineup, fitting a niche that others have tried to copy but rarely match. This is changing as other automakers…

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Ford Edge vs Ford Escape: Which Is Right For You?

Ford Edge vs Ford Escape

In the sport-utility market, most of the focus is on size and capability. The Ford Edge is a midsize offering with a roomy interior and lots of storage and cargo space. The Escape is a compact option with high fuel economy and good day-to-day metrics. Choosing which is right for you will rest on what…

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Best Hatchbacks [Top Rated Models]

Best Hatchbacks

In today’s market, hatchbacks are usually found only in the compact category. Where once the hatch ruled the automotive roost as the most versatile of wagon-style options, they’ve largely been supplanted by crossovers and sport utilities. Today’s hatchback, though, is still as useful and versatile as…

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