Dually Trucks Explained: What They Do Best

Dually Trucks Explained

Have you ever seen a pick-up truck with more than two wheels on the rear axle?

You may be wondering what you call these kinds of trucks.

Here, we will discuss these unique pick-ups known as dual-rear-wheel trucks (DRW) or commonly referred to as dually trucks.

What Is a Dually Truck?

What Is a Dually TruckA dually truck or dual-rear-wheel truck (DRW) is a truck that has more than two wheels on its rear axle. A dually truck is easy to identify with the presence of four wheels on the back axle along with its large fender flare.

What Size Truck Is a Dually Truck?

The specific size of a dually truck will vary by the manufacturer and the model. However, you'll generally find the dual-rear-wheel option on heavy-duty size truck models.

As an example, the 2021 Dodge Ram 3500 heavy-duty dually truck has an overall length of 249.9 inches with a height of 78.5 inches and a width of 79.5 inches.

How Much Does a Dually Truck Cost?

The exact pricing of a dually truck will depend on a number of factors, including the make, model, and trim level of the truck.

For example, the starting price of a Chevy Silverado 3500HD dually truck starts at $35,995. However, the price of a dually truck can be optioned out to as high as $100,000.

Dually Trucks Good For

What Is a Dually Truck Good For?

The main reason why someone would want a dually truck is to have higher towing and payload capacity.

For instance, if you are towing a large trailer, then the extra wheels on the rear axle on the dual rear wheel truck will provide better control.

Also, if you plan on hauling heavy items in the bed, the rear wheels of the dually truck will provide better support and stability while driving on the road.

For even more hauling power, consider a dump truck.

Dually Truck Pros

There are lots of good reasons to consider a dual-rear-wheel truck (DRW) or dually as your next vehicle. Here’s a look at dually truck pros:

Dually Trucks Pros

Get Better Towing and Hauling Capability

If you are looking to haul or tow more with your truck, then a dually truck will give you a better level of capability. A dually truck can be an especially good choice if you are using your truck at a worksite.

More Stability in Windy Situations

If you are driving a large trailer in windy conditions, then a dually truck will provide you with better control, thanks to the extra two wheels on the rear axle.

Better Resale Value

Because of the extra utility that a dually truck offers, you are likely to get a better resale value from the truck.

Dually Truck Cons

Along with the pros, there are some downsides that come with owning a dually truck. Here are some of the cons of a dual-rear-wheel truck (DRW) that you should consider:

Dually Trucks ConsLarge Width Makes It Harder to Maneuver

Because a dually truck is wider in the back, you can expect to have some issues when parallel parking the vehicle. Also, maneuvering the dually around tight corners can be challenging.

You Will Have to Buy and Maintain the Extra Tires

Instead of maintaining four tires on your vehicle, you will have to factor in the cost and the maintenance of six tires on your truck.

Can Be Harder to Maintain

Because a dually truck has inside rear wheels, it can be harder to maintain when you need to rotate or service the truck’s wheels. Also, repairing a flat on the interior rear wheels will be more difficult.

Dually Truck Models

Just about every truck manufacturer offers dually trucks. Here’s a look at some of the top dually trucks available:

Are Dually Trucks Worth It?

Dually trucks are worth it if you plan on doing some heavy-duty towing and hauling with your truck.

Also, if you intend to tow a larger trailer through windy conditions, the extra stability and control that the four rear tires offers will certainly make the dually truck worth the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a dually truck?

A dually truck gets its name from its dual rear wheels. This gives the truck its unique look along with its higher level of hauling and towing capability.

Are dually trucks hard to drive?

Dually trucks will be harder to park and maneuver due to the larger rear width of the vehicle. However, a dually will be easier to drive in windy conditions due to the extra stability that the vehicle offers with its dual rear wheels.

Do I need a dually truck for towing?

You may need a dually truck for towing if you have a large trailer or a heavy trailer. Also, if you intend to drive the trailer through windy conditions, then you will want the extra stability that a dually truck will offer.

Are dually trucks good in snow and off-roading?

When it comes to driving in the snow, dually trucks are just as good or even better than single rear wheel trucks. For off-roading, dually trucks can offer you better stability if you are looking to haul or tow across uneven terrain.

Do dually tires last longer?

On average, dual rear wheel truck tires will last twice as long as single rear wheel trucks. That’s because these tires have less strain on them versus single rear wheel trucks.

When should I consider a dually truck?

You should consider a dually truck if you intend to use your vehicle on a worksite that requires heavy duty towing and hauling. Also, you should consider a dually truck if you are going to drive a trailer through windy conditions.