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Virginia Vehicle Sales Tax & Fees

Virginia Car Sales Tax

Before making a vehicle purchase, you should understand the total cost. The purchase price of a vehicle is only one part of your out-the-door cost. Sales tax is another fee that can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Because of the potential expense of vehicle sales tax, many people want to know how to […]

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Best Trucks By Size [Ranked for 2021]

Best Trucks by Size

Whether a pickup is your family’s daily driver, the backbone of your business, or your utility vehicle when it comes time to tow the boat, no other vehicle is as capable as pickup trucks. Which truck is the “best” is up to you as the consumer. If you prioritize value and reliability, we can offer […]

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Car Deals [2021 Edition]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Car Deals

Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) usually have some of the best deals of the year, but on the busiest of retail days, salespeople will be slammed. So do your test drives in advance so you can focus on getting a good price. With the ongoing inventory shortage and high markups, we may not see the […]

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Car Models With the Highest & Lowest Markup for October

Highest Lowest Markup

The recent COVID pandemic coupled with work stoppages and a never-ending boom-bust cycle for semiconductors has wreaked havoc on the U.S. auto market. The result is that a shortage of vehicles is driving the value of used cars up, and new vehicle prices are being marked up dramatically by dealers. The most commonly-used phrase for […]

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End of Model Year Car Deals [Fall 2021 Edition]

Model Year-End Clearance

The fall season means it’s time for model-end clearance deals. In September and October, many manufacturers are trying to get rid of their 2021 models to make room for 2022 cars. And yes, car manufacturers do start selling the new models before the new year starts (so you can actually buy a 2022 car in […]

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Best Minivan Lease Deals [October 2021 Edition]

Best Minivan Lease Deals

Minivans are not just for “soccer moms”, they are great for anyone who wants an affordable vehicle with a ton of room. In addition to offering immense cargo space, minivans are affordable and comfortable. If you’ve been considering getting a new minivan, now is a great time. Not looking for a minivan? Here’s our picks […]

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Highest Cash Back Offers for October 2021

Highest Cashback Offers Updated

A majority of manufacturers are offering large cash back rebates this month on 2021 and 2022 models for well qualified buyers. And many of today’s popular manufacturers like Kia, Lexus, and Buick, have standalone cash back deals if you would rather finance independently. Also Read: What is cashback? How to choose between low APR or […]

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Best Electric Car Finance Deals [October 2021 Edition]

Best EV Finance Deals

Electric vehicles are more efficient and affordable than ever before. Companies will only continue to add charging stations as time goes on.  EVs are an environmentally sustainable choice that reduces the cost of ownership over its lifetime. There are now several different manufacturers offering EV options.  Below we share the best EV financing options for […]

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Best Lease Deals With No Money Down [October 2021 Edition]

best lease deals with zero down

One advantage of leasing a vehicle is that it generally requires a lower initial investment compared to buying. You can save even more by taking advantage of a zero down payment deal. Also, by paying a low or no down payment, you lose nothing if the leased vehicle is stolen or totaled in the first […]

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APR Deals with Cash Back Offers for October 2021

APR Deals with Cashback Updated

In addition to low APR financing deals, many car manufacturers are offering a bonus cash back rebate on select 2021 and 2022 models this month for well qualified buyers. Most of the bonus cash back deals are between $500 and $1,000 but a few deals are worth a couple thousand dollars. Drivers can save money […]

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