What is Find the Best Car Price and Why is it Free?

Coronavirus Car Payment Assistance Programs

COVID19 Coronavirus Relief Programs

Almost all major car manufacturers are offering payment relief programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are offered in the form of deferred payments on new vehicles, payment extensions, and lease extensions. Many will also waive any late fees for an extended period of time. (these are discounts for everyone, not to mention those discounts for […]

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6 Steps to Hack the Car Buying Process

Programmer working on code

“I’m taking a blood-bath on this car!” the salesman confided in me after we closed the deal. We had agreed upon $2000 UNDER invoice. That’s invoice folks (dealer cost) and $4700 under the sticker price (MSRP). I bought a brand new model in the first week of the year. The salesman said the next day […]

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Memorial Day Car Deals [2020 Edition]

Memorial Day Car Dealership

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new car, Memorial Day weekend might be a good time to do it. The car industry is reeling from the financial repercussions of the Coronavirus.  No one has left their homes and dealerships are empty.  Dealers are slashing prices and manufacturers are offering special COVID-19 financing programs.  And […]

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My Honest Review of Your Auto Advocate (Car Buying Service)

My Review of Your Auto Advocate

You won’t have to talk to a car salesman when using a car buying service like Your Auto Advocate.  It’s convenient, less stressful, and will keep you from getting ripped off. But is it worth the money? In this review I’ll share my personal experience and rating of Your Auto Advocate. Disclosure: I sometimes receive compensation […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Car Discounts for First Responders

First responder car deals

As an appreciation to first responders and healthcare workers for their service in the community, a handful of manufacturers are offering up to $500 off a new car. This bonus discount is typically stacked on top of other discounts and can be applied to a purchase or lease on most of the manufacturer’s new vehicle […]

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Short-term car leases (What you need to know)

Short Term Car Lease

Yes, you can get a 1 year car lease, a 6 month car lease, and even a 3 month car lease. But is it actually a good idea? Let’s look at the pros and cons of a short-term car lease. But first… What is a Short-Term Car Lease? Leasing a car is similar to renting […]

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Porsche European Delivery – Travel Through Europe in a Porsche (My Analysis & Review)

Let’s break down everything you need to know about the Porsche European Delivery Program Starting from the ordering process, delivery, and a quick overview of the costs for a few different Porsche models. Compared to other European Delivery services, Porsche doesn’t offer any sort of price discount, but they do present an equally rewarding experience as […]

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BMW European Delivery: Experience Europe in a BMW (My Analysis & Review)

BMW European Delivery

Let’s break down everything you need to know about the BMW European Delivery Experience. Starting from the ordering process, delivery, and a quick overview of the costs for a few different BMW models. Compared to other European Delivery services, BMW does not offer as much value as Volvo’s program, but BMW still provides some attractive […]

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Mercedes European Delivery: Take a Trip to Germany (My Analysis & Review)

Mercedes European Delivery

Out of the four major European manufacturers that offer a European Delivery Program, Mercedes-Benz offers the second best set of perks and savings (behind Volvo). Buyers can expect to save up to 7% off the MSRP, $200 off airfare, hotel accommodations for one night, and many other exciting features through Mercedes’ European Delivery Program. In […]

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How the Coronavirus will impact car buying and the auto industry

Coronavirus impact on car buying

The auto industry has been drastically impacted by COVID-19.  Car sales are down and most dealership showrooms have shuttered their doors. Because of quarantines and social distancing, car buyer behavior is quickly changing the dealership model.  Many changes are likely to become permanent and we haven’t seen the full impact yet. Let’s look at my […]

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