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Best Deals on New Cars Under $20,000 for September 2020

best car deals under $20,000

There are plenty of new models available from popular manufacturers like Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia for under $20,000. A lot of entry-level cars that fall under 20K have standard safety features that you would expect from a new vehicle in 2020. In addition to the low cost, manufacturers consistently offer finance, cash back, and lease […]

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Cheapest Lease Deals For September 2020

cheapest lease deals

One of the benefits of leasing compared to buying a new car is the low up-front cost. New lease specials are published each month, and you can save even more by focusing on some of the cheapest lease deals available right now. We take into account the monthly payment and the amount due at signing […]

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Best Lease Deals For September 2020

Best Lease Deals

Many manufacturers are offering low monthly lease deals this month on 2019 and 2020 models for well qualified buyers. In addition to offers with low monthly payments, there are a few deals with no or low down payments. By paying a lower amount at signing, drivers can save money on many of today’s popular models […]

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Best 0% APR Deals on Luxury Cars and SUVs [September Edition]

best 0 apr luxury car deals

Car manufacturers are offering zero percent APR deals on luxury cars to entice car buyers to spend in a down economy. 0% APR deal term lengths are much longer than historical financing deals, with payment terms going up to 84 months and many at 60-72 months as well. A few deals each month have bonus […]

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Best 0% APR Deals on SUVs [September Edition]

best 0 apr suv deals

The auto industry has been beat up badly by the Coronavirus which is a good thing for you.  We’re seeing an unprecedented number of zero percent APR deals on SUVs to encourage car sales. Not only are there more 0% APR deals, but payment terms have been extended and many offers are for 60 months, […]

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What Does Cashback Mean for Car Buyers?

what does cashback mean for car buyers

Buying a new car is a large investment, but there are several ways to save money in the process. Many manufacturers or dealerships offer cash back incentives, making it easier for you to buy a newer model. Understanding cashback, sometimes referred to as rebates, will help you obtain the maximum benefit available. Also Read: Best […]

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What is a Well-Qualified Buyer?

what is a well qualified buyer

You can find incredible deals on loan and lease offers for new cars, but many times these deals have one particular caveat. Typically, attractive deals are only eligible for “well-qualified” buyers, also referred to as “competitive lessees”. Many times that description is left vague and unanswered, making the process more frustrating for buyers. But what […]

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Best Cars for Gas Mileage

Best Cars for Gas Mileage

A new vehicle is a big purchasing decision that includes several key considerations. You must choose a car that suits you as a driver and one that fits your lifestyle needs. Another important factor to consider is the gas mileage. Some cars tick every box but they are not fuel-efficient. However, fuel efficiency is not […]

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What’s the Car Sales Tax in Each State?

car sales tax

Buying and owning a vehicle is a significant investment. From the moment you purchase a new vehicle to the time you replace it, it will cost you money. Even after purchasing the car, you must pay for recurring expenses like maintenance, repairs, gas, insurance, and possibly more monthly payments. But before you even leave with […]

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Swapalease Review: Is it worth trying?

Swapalease review

Here’s my honest review of Swapalease. The platform offers a way to connect people that want to get rid of their lease with those who are looking to take over a lease. They claim to facilitate quick and easy lease transfers as the largest automotive lease marketplace. But is it really that simple? The answer […]

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