Selling to Carvana: How Much Do They Pay? [Review & Guide]

Sell Carvana Review Guide

Carvana is not only well-known for selling used cars but also for buying or trading in your vehicle.

Our experienced editors are taking a look at how good of an offer it really is and if it’s worth selling your car to Carvana. We save you the time and energy you’d spend on research by bringing you our expert advice.

We’re going to look at the Carvana sell and trade-in process and give you our final verdict on whether or not you should sell via Carvana.

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Should I Sell My Used Car to Carvana: Is It Worth It?

Carvana offers a haggle-free buying experience. They provide competitive offers and a simple process. Many happy customers have had a great experience selling their used cars to Carvana.

It’s certainly worth getting your quote and considering Carvana when it comes to selling your used car.

Sell to Carvana Pros

  • Online appraisal process
  • Fast no-obligation offer within 2 minutes
  • 7-day offer guarantee
  • They will still take a vehicle you owe money on
  • Carvana will pick up the vehicle

Sell to Carvana Cons

  • The offer value may change after 7 days
  • Will only pick up if you are within 100 miles of the nearest center.
  • Lower offer than a private buyer.
  • Only pays by check

Selling Your Car to Carvana

Selling with Carvana is fairly easy. It's a great alternative to trying to return a car. Here are the steps to selling your car to Carvana:
How to Sell Carvana

  1. Head to the Carvana sell page
  2. Enter your vehicle details, including your license plate number and state, or your VIN.
  3. Then, share some key vehicle information including the condition of your vehicle, accident status, etc.
    • You must submit photos of your trade title.
    • If you have a lien on the car, then you must get a 10-day payoff quote and a photo of the vehicle registration card.
  4. Select “Get My Offer.”
  5. Carvana will send you a guaranteed haggle-free offer within 2 minutes.
  6. You have 7 days to accept or decline the offer.
  7. Choose to trade-in or sell the vehicle to Carvana.
  8. Opt to have Carvana pick up your vehicle, or you can drop it off at a Carvana location near you.
  9. Carvana performs a brief inspection to ensure the vehicle aligns with what you indicated. Then, they pay you for your vehicle (or complete the process for your new vehicle when you trade-in).

How Long Does the Sell Process Take with Carvana?

Carvana Sell How Long Does It TakeSelling to Carvana takes very little time. The process takes well under an hour to complete. Filling out the online information takes only a few minutes, and you receive your offer within 2 minutes. Once you accept the offer, having the vehicle picked up or dropping it off yourself takes under 20 minutes.

Here are some things that help speed up the process:

  • Have your title and vehicle information on hand.
  • Fill out accurate details about the vehicle quality (this helps the inspection move along)
  • Make your decision on the offer quickly.
  • Schedule your vehicle pickup right away for the earliest option.

How Long Does the Sell to Carvana Offer Last?

Carvana makes an offer on your vehicle that’s good for 7 days, which means you have an entire week to consider the offer, compare it to other buyers, and make your decision. For the entire 7 days, the offer remains set.

After 7 days, your offer is no longer guaranteed. You would need to re-enter your vehicle details and obtain a new offer. The new offer may or may not be the same as the original offer. This is why it’s most beneficial to decide on the offer within the 7 day period.

How Much Will Carvana Pay When They Buy My Car?

Carvana Sell OfferThe offer Carvana makes depends on your vehicle type, age, condition, market demand, and more. Since they operate as a dealer (they will sell your vehicle after buying it) they will make an offer in alignment with other used car dealerships.

Carvana buys a range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, etc. The conditions the vehicle must meet include:

  • 1992 or newer
  • Working odometer
  • Carvana can safely test drive

How Much Does It Cost to Sell a Used Car to Carvana?

You face no fees when selling to Carvana. They purchase your used car, they do not charge you any additional fees. They also offer free pickup and will deliver your new car for free if you are trading in.

The only case when you may have to pay a fee is when you live over 100 miles away from a Carvana center. In that case, you may have to pay for delivery or to ship them the vehicle.

Carvana Trade-In Review

You can either sell your vehicle to Carvana and receive a check, or you can opt to trade-in your vehicle and apply it towards the purchase price. One of the biggest benefits of trading in is potentially saving hundreds of dollars on the car sales tax.

Is There a Different Process for Carvana Trade-Ins?

The initial quote Carvana provides is good for selling or trading in your car. The process is not different for getting the Carvana trade-in value. Instead, you can either get the appraised quote as a check to sell your vehicle, or you can apply it to trading in the vehicle.

Can I Get More Money if I Trade-In Versus Selling?

Carvana offers the same amount for a trade-in or for a sale. We got a quote on a 2015 Honda Civic, and Carvana offered $6,359 for both as a trade-in or standalone sale.

Can I Save On Taxes When Trading-In With Carvana?

Yes, you can save on taxes if you trade in, depending on the state. However, most states do not charge tax on vehicle trade-ins. To see if yours does, check out our car sales tax guide by state.

Using the 2015 Honda Civic example from above, Carvana estimates you can save up to $382 in taxes in Pennsylvania (6% tax rate, which is about average). You can then apply the trade-in value to lower your monthly payments or reduce your down payment.

What Is the Carvana Inspection Process?

Carvana Sell InspectionPrior to an in-person inspection to finalize the sale, the Carvana appraisal assesses the value of your vehicle based on data they pull from your VIN and the questions you answer. They can find out a lot about the vehicle from the VIN, helping them make an accurate online appraisal before the purchase.

Carvana does a brief vehicle inspection during pickup/drop-off. They examine the exterior and interior of the vehicle, taking a few photos. They specifically make sure the vehicle is in running and driving condition.

Can I Negotiate the Carvana Sell Offer?

Carvana offers are haggle-free, which means they do not allow negotiation. They provide you with their top offer right away. Typically, this offer is less than a private seller, but may still be significantly higher than other dealers. You then have 7 days to accept or decline the offer.

Can I Beat the Carvana Selling Experience?

Carvana Sell Is It Worth It

Carvana offers a convenient, fast, and easy selling experience. For many customers, it’s an effective, hassle-free way to sell a used car.

However, some customers do have negative experiences. While the Carvana selling experience is mostly positive, there are ways to beat it.

To determine the best place to sell your car, you should get quotes from several sources. You should also check how far away you live from the nearest Carvana center. Additionally, if you plan to trade in, you should look for inventory on Carvana and the other options.

You may also want to consider selling your car to Vroom or to Carwiser. But as always, be sure to get quotes from multiple services and choose the highest offer.

Cancel Your Car Warranty Before Selling

Before selling to Carvana, consider canceling your extended warranty policy. Most third-party warranty providers allow you to cancel within 30 or 60 days for a full refund. You can also cancel at any time for a prorated refund.

The same goes for CarvanaCare. You can cancel a Carvana vehicle service protection plan at any time for a prorated refund.

Read our extended warranty guide to learn more.

What Other Services Will Buy My Car?

While Carvana is a great place to sell your used car, there are other services that will accept cars. Some other services to consider include:

  • Carvana Sell AlternativesCarMax: CarMax allows you to buy and sell vehicles haggle-free, and they also have physical stores you can visit. You must drop off your vehicle at the CarMax outlet and pay a processing fee. Learn more in our full CarMax review.
  • Peddle: Receive an instant offer to sell your vehicle with this simple online platform for car selling. Peddle accepts cars in all conditions. They also offer free towing or pickup. Read our Peddle review for more information.
  • Wheelzy: Similar to Peddle, Wheelzy also accepts cars in all conditions. They offer free towing or pickup. They claim to offer an easy, guaranteed process. However, they do not sell cars right now. Read our Wheelzy review for details.
  • Vroom: Vroom is one of Carvana’s biggest competitors. They also offer easy online car buying and selling. Read more in our Vroom review, and see how Carvana vs Vroom stack up in our comparison.
  • Carwiser: Carwiser is a site that promises to help sellers get the best price for their cars by letting customers choose from multiple offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to sell my car to Carvana or Vroom?

Carvana and Vroom are fairly comparable to each other. Some car sellers note that they received their highest offer from Carvana. Ultimately, you should get offers from both to help you decide.

Is it better to sell my car to Carvana or CarMax?

CarMax is also very similar to Carvana when it comes to selling your car. However, CarMax also has physical locations which allow you to test drive if you are interested in trading in your vehicle. Ultimately, you should get appraisals from both to determine the best place to sell your car.

Can I sell my car to Carvana if I have a loan?

Yes, you can still sell your vehicle to Carvana if you have a loan. You must submit a 10-day payoff quote from the lender and bring it with you when you sell the car.

Can I trust Carvana when selling my car?

Yes, Carvana is a trustworthy company for selling your used car to. They have purchased vehicles from many customers and maintain an A- rating as a BBB accredited business.

Can you sell to Carvana without a title?

You need to have your vehicle title to sell to Carvana. If you have a loan, then the lender has the title. In that case, you must submit the 10-day payoff quote from the lender.

Can I cancel selling my car to Carvana?

When you receive your Carvana appraisal quote, it is no obligation. The quote is good for 7 days, and anytime within those 7 days you can decline the offer and end the sale. If you’ve already accepted the offer, you will need to contact Carvana for information on their cancelation policy.