13 Sites Like Carvana: Top Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

Sites Like Carvana Alternatives

When it comes to online car buying and selling, Carvana takes the cake as one of the top options.

But Carvana [review] is not your only choice for streamlined online car buying and selling. There are many excellent Carvana alternatives.

We did the digging to bring you the best alternatives to Carvana.

Best for Buying a Car
  • Large inventory with competitive pricing
  • Complete your purchase entirely online
  • Includes a 7-day test period
Search Used Cars
Best for Selling a Car
  • Get the most $$$ for your car when dealers compete
  • Transactions are free of risk, hassle, commitment, and fees
  • Get paid at pickup or at drop-off
Get Multiple Offers

Best Carwiser Alternative

  • Carwiser - Best overall (4.5/5)
  • Shift - Most detailed inspection (4.5/5)
  • Peddle - Best for selling cars (4.5/5)
  • WeBuyAnyCar - Best international option for selling (4.5/5)
  • CarBrain - Best for selling old/damaged cars (4.5/5)
  • Wheelzy - Best instant cash offer (4.5/5)
  • DriveTime - Best return policy (4.5/5)
  • CarsDirect - Best combination of car buying and loan financing (4/5)
  • TrueCar- Best dealer focused on new cars (4/5)
  • CarGurus - Best additional services (4/5)
  • Carmax- Best physical locations (3.5/5)
  • Vroom - Flexible payment plans (3/5)
  • eBay Motors - Established selling and buying platform (3/5)

Ranking Criteria

Here's what we looked at when putting together this list of Carvana alternatives.


A wide range of vehicles including different makes, models, colors, and trim levels are a must.

Customer Reviews

We needed to make sure that actual customers who bought cars from these alternatives were happy with their purchasing experiences.

Vehicle Inspection and Certification

We wanted to make sure these alternatives offered some type of inspection or certification so that you can feel more confident in the quality of your car.

Trade-in, selling, and used options

Some of these also offer options for trade-ins and selling your own car or buying a pre-owned vehicle for yourself.

1. Carwiser

Best overall - 4.5/5 Rating

Carwiser Logo

Star Rating 4.5 of 5

Carwiser works with websites like ours (powered by Carwiser) to connect visitors with several offers to buy your car, all at once.  Multiple offers mean more competition which drives up the price you can get selling your vehicle.

Learn more about Carwiser in our full review >>

What Does Carwiser Offer?

  • Car Selling

Why Choose Carwiser?

Carwiser makes it easy for sellers to get multiple offers from a variety of trustworthy dealerships in their area, allowing them to pick the offer that works best for them.

The service is free and all a seller needs to start the process is a VIN or license plate number, mileage, and contact information. It often takes as little as three minutes for sellers to start seeing offers.

Once connected with the dealership whose offer you choose, Carwiser’s job is done, and you deal directly with the dealership.

Carwiser: Pros and Cons


  • Several competitive offers within minutes
  • Completely free service
  • Cars usually sell within 21 days (sometimes sooner)
  • Takes the work of finding a buyer off your hands


2. Shift

Most detailed inspection - 4.5/5 Rating

Shift Logo

Star Rating 4.5 of 5

Shift is a digital car-buying and selling company based in San Francisco. They offer direct-to-consumer buying and selling. While they are a great Carvana competitor, they are currently not BBB accredited.

Learn more about Shift in our full review >>

What Does Shift Offer?

  • Car Buying / Car Selling / Trade-Ins / Warranties / Protection Packages / GAP Insurance

Why Choose Shift?

Shift is a viable Carvana alternative. They offer fast, easy online car-buying and selling along with a 7-day/200-mile return policy.

You can even sell a vehicle you have a current loan or lease on. One of their top perks is the additional warranties and GAP insurance you can buy, though you should compare quotes from several providers first.

Shift: Pros and Cons


  • They provide a detailed inspection for vehicle quality control.
  • Fair prices with fees that are lower than most dealerships.
  • Nationwide search to help you find your ideal car.
  • Additional offerings include warranties, financing, and GAP insurance.


  • Completing the entire process can take longer than Shift makes it seem.
  • Issues arise with vehicles after the return period.
  • Must pay for delivery.
  • No ability to negotiate on the prices.

3. Peddle

Best for selling cars - 4.5/5 Rating

Peddle LogoStar Rating 4.5 of 5

Sell your used vehicle anywhere in the U.S. via Peddle’s online car-buying service.

Located in Austin, Texas, the company focuses on providing a streamlined service for selling your car online.

Learn more about Peddle in our full review >>

What Does Peddle Offer?

  • Car Selling (in any condition)

Why Choose Peddle?

Overall, Peddle is a good place to consider selling your used car, especially if it is older or in poor condition. Peddle is one of the few car-selling platforms that will buy “junk” vehicles, and it can be a good way to quickly and efficiently get rid of an older vehicle.

Additionally, Peddle has a strong customer reputation via customer reviews and on the BBB.

Peddle: Pros and Cons


  • Instant offer for your used vehicle.
  • They buy used vehicles of any condition and age, unlike many other online platforms.
  • Fast, convenient process that’s easy to complete.


  • Receive an offer significantly lower than private sales.
  • Complaints about third-party providers used for vehicle pickup.
  • Not the best choice for newer, higher-value vehicles.

4. WeBuyAnyCar

Best international option for selling - 4.5/5 Rating

Star Rating 4.5 of 5

WeBuyAnyCar has over 400 U.K. locations and 14 throughout the United States. The online car-selling platform offers a fast process for selling your vehicle from your home.

It’s one of the few options available throughout the U.K.

Learn more about WeBuyAnyCar in our full review >>

What Does WeBuyAnyCar Offer?

  • Car Selling (including vehicles with outstanding finances/loans)

Why Choose WeBuyAnyCar?

Many car sellers enjoy the fast, convenient process that WeBuyAnyCar provides. Despite complaints about the final offers, the company has a strong overall reputation.

For those in the U.K. or U.S looking to quickly sell their vehicle, WeBuyAnyCar is worth checking out.

WeBuyAnyCar: Pros and Cons


  • Receive a fast valuation.
  • Quick, simple process with fast payout.
  • Ability to sell for family or friends.


  • Customers complain the final offer is less than online valuation.
  • No option for pickup, must bring vehicle to a branch location.
  • No ability to buy cars, trade-in, etc.

5. CarBrain

Best for selling old/damaged cars - 4.5/5 Rating

CarBrain Logo

Star Rating 4.5 of 5

If you’re looking to sell an old or damaged vehicle, turn to CarBrain. CarBrain claims to be the “market for less-than-perfect cars” and they offer a quick, easy way to sell your vehicle from the comfort of your own home.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, CarBrain has over 12 years in the industry.

Learn more about CarBrain in our full review >>

What Does CarBrain Offer?

  • Car Selling (in any condition) / Vehicle Pickup

Why Choose CarBrain?

Before turning to a junkyard, consider CarBrain. This Carvana competitor is similar to a few others, namely Peddle and Wheelzy, because it will buy used vehicles in all conditions.

They offer an easy-to-use process that can help you quickly get rid of an old vehicle.

CarBrain: Pros and Cons


  • Quick 3-step process with instant offer in 2 minutes.
  • CarBrain purchases vehicles in all conditons.
  • They offer better deals for damaged or junk vehicles than a junkyard would.


  • Cannot buy or trade in a car on CarBrain.
  • Not the best value for cars in good condition.
  • Complaints about contracted towers.

6. Wheelzy

Best instant cash offer - 4.5/5 Rating

Wheelzy Logo Small

Star Rating 4.5 of 5

Wheelzy is an online platform for selling your vehicle anywhere in the U.S. Their goal is to make it quick and easy to sell your used car.

The Orlando-based company has quickly become a top choice for people looking to sell their vehicles fast.

Learn more about Wheelzy in our full review >>

What Does Wheelzy Offer?

  • Car Selling / Instant Cash Offer / Vehicle Pickup

Why Choose Wheelzy?

Much like Peddle, Wheelzy is a Carvana alternative that’s best to consider if you're looking for a quick way to sell an older vehicle that’s not in the best condition.

Many customers appreciate the fast, easy process that Wheelzy has for selling vehicles. Compared to many other Carvana alternatives, Wheelzy has impressive reviews and a very strong reputation.

Wheelzy: Pros and Cons


  • Instant, haggle-free, cash offer.
  • Includes towing and pickup.
  • They will buy wrecked or junked cars.


  • Cannot buy cars through Wheelzy as a private buyer.
  • The cash offer is well below the market value for the vehicle.
  • Complaints about contracted pickup agents.

7. DriveTime

Best return policy - 4.5/5 Rating

Drivetime Logo

Star Rating 4.5 of 5

Similar to Carvana, DriveTime is a direct-to-consumer online car retailer. They primarily sell used cars, and have grown a reputation as a trusted brand in the auto industry.

What Does DriveTime Offer?

  • Car Buying / Financing Options / 5-Day Return Policy

Why Choose DriveTime

DriveTime specializes in selling used cars direct to consumers. The company began in 2002, offering ample auto industry experience. They have several retail locations around the country, and sell many different car models.

DriveTime: Pros and Cons


  • 5 Day return policy
  • Variety of car models
  • Retail locations throughout the country
  • Financing options, even for low or no credit


  • Unclear terms and rates for in-house financing
  • Low customer service ranking

8. CarsDirect

Best combination of car buying and loan financing - 4.0/5 Rating

carsdirect review

Star Rating 4 of 5

CarsDirect is another online car-buying site. They allow customers to shop for a new vehicle and loan in one place, with a focus on car-buying advice and reviews.

You can also shop for affordable car loans, even if you have poor credit

Learn more about CarsDirect in our full review >>

What Does CarsDirect Offer?

  • Car Buying / Connect With Lenders for Financing / Car-Buying Advice & Reviews

Why Choose CarsDirect?

CarsDirect is an online car-buying company that works with those with bad credit. They provide many helpful resources for buying and financing a vehicle, all without leaving your home.

With CarsDirect, you can simplify car-buying by browsing, financing, and getting quotes for trade-ins all in one place.

CarsDirect: Pros and Cons


  • Free to connect with lenders, saving time on financing.
  • Works with customers who have bad credit.
  • Provide car-buying advice and services.


  • Cannot view financing rates before connecting with lenders.
  • Can only see options from those in the CarsDirect network.
  • High-interest rates for those with poor credit.

9. TrueCar

Best dealer focused on new cars - 4.0/5 Rating

TrueCar Logo

Star Rating 4 of 5

TrueCar is a digital auto platform that connects car buyers and dealers. Many other platforms, like Sam’s Club, are partnered with TrueCar.

Additionally, TrueCar collects helpful car buying statistics and market sale prices for sellers and dealers. Essentially, TrueCar acts as a broker between dealers and buyers, which can help you get in touch with the best dealership to meet your needs.

Learn more about TrueCar in our full review >>

What Does TrueCar Offer?

  • Car Buying (from network of dealers) / Focus on New Cars / Trade-Ins

Why Choose TrueCar?

TrueCar is a good option for comparing local car deals and starting your car shopping. However, to get the best car price, we recommend you contact at least 6-8 dealers.

Ideally, you should use several car price websites to reach various dealer networks and ensure you can get the best price for a vehicle.

TrueCar: Pros and Cons


  • Flexibility score to show the dealer's willingness to negotiate
  • Price report shows full invoice price of vehicle.
  • Mobile app available.


  • Limited connections with local dealers in their network.
  • Dealers may provide quotes on vehicles they don't have in stock.
  • Not much help with finding car financing or trade-in values.

10. CarGurus

Best additional services - 4.0/5 Rating

CarGurus Logos

Star Rating 4 of 5

Buy or sell new and used cars on CarGurus. It’s another platform that offers vehicles from both dealers and private sellers. Furthermore, this platform includes helpful services, like trade-in and financing options.

What Does CarGurus Offer?

  • Car Buying / Car Selling / Trade-ins / Financing Options

Why Choose CarGurus 

CarGurus has built up a strong reputation since its inception in 2006. It partners with dealerships and manufacturers around the world, offering deals on many different car makes and models. Overall, it’s a great platform to search for vehicles from a variety of sellers, and it’s available in many countries around the globe.

CarGurus: Pros and Cons


  • Good reputation
  • Available around the world
  • New and used cars
  • Diverse sellers, including dealers and individuals
  • Offers deals on popular car brands


  • Many negative reviews, especially from sellers
  • Listings can have inaccuracies
  • Very few private sellers (more dealerships)

11. CarMax

Best alternative with physical location - 3.5/5 Rating

carmax logo

Star Rating 3.5 of 5

With CarMax, you can buy or sell new or used cars. One major difference between CarMax and other Carvana competitors is that CarMax has physical locations in addition to its online store.

You can opt for delivery or curbside pickup, or visit their dealerships to test-drive.

Learn more about CarMax in our full review >>

What Does CarMax Offer?

  • Car Buying / Car Selling / New & Used Options / MaxCare Extended Warranty / Financing Options

Why Choose CarMax?

CarMax is an excellent Carvana competitor for buying and selling vehicles. Unlike many other Carvana alternatives, they allow you to buy new cars. They also have physical locations which means you can test-drive and/or pick up a vehicle if it’s near you.

CarMax: Pros and Cons


  • Have the option to visit in-person locations to test drive and review.
  • High-quality vehicles w/ clean titles.
  • Strong customer reputation.


  • Higher prices than some other Carvana alternatives.
  • Lower offers than what you could get through a private sale.
  • Non-refundable transfer fee to bring a vehicle to a location near you.

12. Vroom

Best flexible payment plans - 3.0/5 Rating

Vroom logos

Star Rating 3 of 5

Vroom is a nationwide online retailer for buying and selling used cars.

It’s one of the best places to search for or sell low-mileage used cars under 3 years old, despite many customer complaints about Vroom service. Vroom will only sell vehicles with clean titles.

Learn more about Vroom in our full review >>

What Does Vroom Offer?

  • Car Buying / Car Selling / Trade-Ins / Financing

Why Choose Vroom?

Vroom offers a haggle-free car buying and selling process ideal for used cars under 3  years old. By eliminating the middle-man, Vroom can pass savings onto customers while offering a streamlined online car-buying and selling experience.

Vroom: Pros and Cons


  • Includes a 90-day/6,000-mile limited warranty with one year of roadside assistance.
  • Large vehicle selection.
  • All cars sold on Vroom include clean titles and rigorous inspections.


  • BBB accreditation was revoked and low customer satisfaction ratings.
  • $599-$999 delivery fee.
  • Many customer service complaints, especially about difficulty getting the coverage the warranty promises.

13. eBay Motors

Established selling and buying platform - 3.0/5 Rating

Ebay Motors

Star Rating 3 of 5

eBay Motors is a subset of the well-known eBay marketplace. Users can buy and sell used cars here, and the platform also offers trade-in and financing options. Individuals and dealers can sell on this platform, and many count on eBays long-standing reputation as an established online marketplace.

What Does eBay Motors Offer?

  • Car Buying / Car Selling / Trade-In / Financing Options

Why Choose eBay Motors

Founded in 1995, eBay is a well-established platform with ample experience in online sales. The eBay Motors platform has a wide variety of vehicles available, from both dealers and private sellers. Many buyers enjoy the peace of mind of the eBay platform, as well as the access to a wider array of sellers.

eBay Motors: Pros and Cons


  • Established platform with good reputation
  • Large selection of vehicles
  • Financing options available


  • Lower control of vehicle quality
  • eBay does not directly own or sell the vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company is the largest online car dealer?

There are now several large online car dealers, including Carvana, Vroom, CarMax, and AutoTrader as some of the largest.

What are the best companies like Carvana?

There are lots of companies like Carvana to consider when buying or selling a vehicle. Some of the top Carvana competitors to check out include Carwiser, Vroom, CarMax, CarsDirect, Peddle, and Wheelzy.

What is the best Carvana alternative for buying a car?

There are several Carvana competitors that you can check out to buy a car. We recommend checking out Vroom, Shift, or CarMax when buying a vehicle. One added benefit of CarMax is that they have physical locations as well as an online platform. However, this does mean that prices can be slightly higher due to the increased overhead.

What is the best Carvana alternative for selling a car?

There are many Carvana alternatives you can use to sell a car. If you're looking to sell an older, damaged, or junk vehicle, we recommend Peddle, Wheelzy, or CarBrain. However, if you’re looking to sell a newer used vehicle in very good condition, Carwiser and Vroom are a solid options.

What is a site like Carvana that offers the most additional benefits?

Some companies like Carvana offer additional benefits that can improve and streamline your experience. Shift is one Carvana alternative that offers several additional benefits. In addition to car buying, selling, and trade-ins, they also sell warranties, protection packages, and GAP insurance.