Is Selling to Vroom Really Worth It? [Review & Guide]

Selling on Vroom Guide Review

Buying and selling a vehicle can be a total pain. The folks at Vroom know this and have simplified the process down to the point you can sell or trade your vehicle from the comfort of your own home.

But is the process really that easy? Will you get a good offer when selling to Vroom?

As avid car guys, we know how time-consuming buying and selling a car can be. So, we had to try out their services to see if selling to Vroom was really worth it.

In our Vroom sell guide, we’ll dive deeper into selling your car to Vroom and what you can expect.

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Should I Sell My Used Car to Vroom: Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for a fast, easy way to sell your vehicle, then consider Vroom.

They provide you with an instant offer and an easy process. Many people have had a great experience selling to Vroom. Ultimately, it’s well worth the time to get a quote and consider Vroom.

However, it's a good idea to get multiple quotes from other providers like Carvana.

Sell to Vroom Pros

  • Fast Application Process
  • Receive a Quote Within Minutes
  • Simple Selling Process
  • Free Pickup From Your Home

Sell to Vroom Cons

  • You Could Likely Earn More From a Private Sale
  • No Negotiation Options Are Available

Selling Your Car to Vroom

Selling your vehicle to Vroom is fairly simple and straightforward. Here’s the process:

  1. How to Sell To VroomProvide Your Vehicle Details. Tell Vroom about your vehicle, including its mileage, license plate/VIN, trim, condition, and history.
  2. Receive Your Offer. Based on the information you enter, Vroom will send you an instant offer. You have 7 days or up to 250 additional miles to accept. If Vroom needs more information before making an offer, they will contact you directly.
  3. Upload Documents. You must upload documentation to prove you own the vehicle before proceeding. You should have your car registration and ID ready.
  4. Schedule Pick Up. Once you accept the offer, you can schedule for Vroom to pick up your vehicle. Pickup is free and possible within the continental US. Upon picking up your vehicle, they will give you the payment.

How Long Does the Sell Process Take with Vroom?

Vroom Sell How Long Does it TakeSelling with Vroom can be a very quick process. You will receive an instant quote. If you were to immediately accept, you could then schedule the pickup. Typically, you’ll be able to choose a pickup date within a couple of days.

So, overall the speed of the process can vary depending on how quickly you accept the offer and when you schedule a pickup.

How Long Does the Sell to Vroom Offer Last?

When Vroom makes you the instant offer, you get 7 days or 250 miles to decide. Once the week is up (or you drive more than 250 additional miles), the offer is no longer guaranteed.

Once the vroom offer is expired, you will need to re-submit your vehicle details to get a new offer. The new offer is subject to change. If you are serious about selling your vehicle to Vroom, it's advisable to make a decision within the initially guaranteed timeframe of the vroom offer.

How Much Will Vroom Pay When They Buy My Car?

Vroom Sell Offers and Costs

Vroom pays varying amounts for vehicles depending on the details of the vehicle. They consider the vehicle type, age, condition, and the overall market.

Keep in mind that Vroom resells the cars it buys to car buyers. This means they will need to make an offer that still allows them to earn a profit when selling. Additionally, it also means that the demand and market for your vehicle will play a significant role.

Vroom buys an array of vehicles. They do only accept accident-free vehicles, and in general, you’ll have the best luck with vehicles that are in good condition.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell a Used Car to Vroom?

Selling your vehicle to Vroom will not cost you anything. They do not charge fees to sellers, and they will pick up the vehicle for free.

However, you can expect to earn less from Vroom than on a private sale. Furthermore, you won’t be able to negotiate on the price. So, while you won’t have to pay any fees to sell to Vroom, you won’t earn the most possible profit.

Is There a Different Process for Vroom Trade-Ins?

Trading in your vehicle to Vroom is very similar to selling. You can apply the value of the trade-in to the car purchase. Vroom also notes that doing this can help you save on taxes since some states do not charge tax on the trade-in.

Much like the Carvana trade-in value, the offer you receive to sell your car to Vroom will not change if you decide to trade in the vehicle instead.

What Is the Vroom Inspection Process?

Vroom Inspection ProcessVroom does not have a formal inspection process for the cars they buy. In most cases, they will pay the full amount of the offer they gave you.

Unlike the Carvana appraisal and inspection, there is not a lot of clear information on the Vroom inspection process and if or how they impact the amount you are paid.

Can I Negotiate the Vroom Sell Offer?

No, you cannot negotiate with Vroom about your offer. They focus on a haggle-free process.

It’s true that you can also get more from a private seller, but the ease of the process is also a factor to consider. Additionally, you do have 7 days/250 miles to see if you can get a better offer elsewhere.

Can I Beat the Vroom Selling Experience?

Vroom ExperienceVroom makes selling your car fast and easy, something you can do from your home. Many people have found the seamless process to be highly beneficial.

Still, not everyone has the ideal experience with Vroom. Some customers complain about low offers or not receiving what they were guaranteed.

So, while selling on Vroom is beneficial overall, there are certainly ways to beat the experience.

Ultimately, you need to determine the best place to sell YOUR vehicle. The way to do this is to acquire quotes from several sources. If you plan to trade-in, you should consider the inventory on Vroom as well as other places.

What If I Have an Extended Warranty for my Car?

If you have an extended warranty for your vehicle, you should look to cancel it. Even though many manufacturer and third-party warranties are transferable, Vroom does not mention transferring such warranties.

Most of the time, you can cancel your warranty within 30 days for a full refund, and any time for a partial refund. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your extended warranty.

What Other Services Will Buy My Car?

Vroom is one good option for selling your car, but there are other places to consider. Some other services that will buy your car include:

  • Vroom Sell AlternativesCarvana: Carvana is one of Vroom’s most well-known competitors. They also offer a simple process for buying and selling used vehicles. Learn more in our Carvana review and read about Carvana vs Vroom.
  • CarMax: Unlike many other sites, CarMax also has physical locations that you can visit to buy and sell your car. When selling, you must take your vehicle to their location and pay a processing fee. Learn more in our CarMax review.
  • Peddle: Peddle buys vehicles in all conditions, and they have an easy-to-use platform. They will also pick up or tow your vehicle. Check out our Peddle review to learn more.
  • Wheelzy: Wheelzy also accepts vehicles in all conditions and will pick up or tow the vehicle for free. They provide a simple selling process, but they don’t sell cars to consumers. Find out more in our Wheelzy review.
  • Carwiser: Carwiser is a site that promises to help sellers get the best price for their cars by letting customers choose from multiple offers. Find out more in our review.

Our Thoughts on Selling Your Car To Vroom

Overall, we found that selling your car to Vroom can be a good experience. It allows you to sell your car without leaving your home, offering a ton of convenience and a simple process.  Of course, it’s not without potential hiccups, but we didn’t experience anything major that would stop us from recommending.

To make sure you enjoy a smooth, fair selling process, always get quotes from other providers. You won’t be able to negotiate on the price with Vroom, but you can then make the best choice for your vehicle sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to sell my car to Vroom or Carvana?

Vroom and Carvana are two of the most used online platforms for buying and selling used cars. They offer a very similar process, though some people mention that they got a higher offer from Carvana. Request quotes from both sources to determine which to sell your car to.

Is it better to sell my car to Vroom or CarMax?

CarMax is also similar to Vroom for car selling. One benefit of CarMax is that you can test-drive vehicles at their physical locations if you are interested in trading in. Still, it’s best to get appraisals from both before deciding.

Can I sell my car to Vroom if I have a loan?

You must submit proof of your lien release or that you can pay any negative equity before selling to Vroom.

Can I trust Vroom when selling my car?

Yes, Vroom can be a trustworthy place to sell your vehicle to. However, it’s worth noting that the BBB reports current alerts for Vroom, especially regarding third-party drivers, customer service, and more.

Can you sell to Vroom without a title?

No, you need a car title to sell to Vroom.

Can I cancel selling my car to Vroom?

After receiving your offer from Vroom, you have no obligation to sell. At that time, you can simply choose not to accept the offer.