Carwiser Review – Best Price For Your Car?

Carwiser Review

Your options for selling your car aren’t just to take it to a dealership or to do a private sale. And even then, you’ll probably be wondering if you got the highest possible price. That’s where Carwiser comes in.

Our expert editors are here to review Carwiser to see if it really helps sellers get the best price for their cars by letting them choose from multiple offers.

Let’s dive into this Carwiser review and see if our experienced editors feel that it gives you the best price for your car.


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Should I Sell My Used Car to Carwiser: Is It Worth It?

Carwiser Is It Worth ItIn general, yes, Carwiser is worth it.

The majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with most sellers claiming that they got $1,000 over the price they expected when selling to Carwiser.

The best part is that there are no fees included in the process, so sellers aren’t charged anything.

Overall, it’s worth it to sell your car using Carwiser if you don’t want to go through the hassle and headache of trying to sell your car privately.

Carwiser Pros

  • Free service- you don’t have to pay anything.
  • Takes the work off your hands.
  • Customers generally get a higher price than a private sale.
  • Nationwide network of dealerships to buy for in all 48 continental states.
  • Quick, easy, and secure payment systems with their partners.
  • Agents contact sellers with multiple different offers.
  • They sell cars within 21 days (often sooner than that).

Carwiser Cons

  • Some claim they just source cars for Carvana and Vroom
  • They source cars from Craigslist sometimes

What Is Carwiser?

What Is CarwiserFounded in California in 2014, Carwiser is a third-party site that gets car sellers connected to dealerships to sell their cars for the best price possible. They have connections to Carvana [review] and dealers across the country and use these partnerships to collect a list of quotes that they hand off to sellers.

They facilitate an easier, more secure process for sellers and dealerships.

Is Carwiser Legit?

With over 1,500 reviews on Google and a trustworthy site, it’s safe to say that Carwiser is legit.

They do seem to often refer people over to Carvana [selling to Carvana guide], so it does appear to just be a source for that company.

How Does Carwiser Work?

How Does Carwiser WorkCarwiser works by collecting information on sellers’ vehicles and using their connections to reputable dealers to provide sellers with a list of offers from dealerships in the area, or refer them to a Carvana rep who does the same thing.

They leave the final choice of which offer to choose up to the seller, so they’re more of a middleman than anything else, but they do seem to streamline the selling process.

Since they do not charge sellers a fee, Carwiser makes money by earning a commission or a flat fee with the dealerships they work with.

What Makes Carwiser Different From Other Car Selling Platforms?

Carwiser creates an easier process than other options for selling your car where you’re required to go to a physical location.

Everything can be done online, and they provide sellers with multiple options.

They’re also dedicated only to helping sellers, while many similar platforms also offer purchasing options for customers.

What Documents Does Carwiser Need?

Carwiser Required DocumentsCarwiser will need your VIN or license plate number, mileage, and contact information to begin the process.

Most sellers can begin the process within minutes since there isn’t really any verification process aside from confirming the basic info on your car. They don’t need any more documents or paperwork, since their job is just to get sellers matched up with their partners. Once you choose an offer and get matched to a partner, Carwiser’s job is done.

You will need to provide paperwork like the signed title of the car, maintenance records, a bill of sale, a release of liability, warranty documents, and as-is documentation, as well as any special paperwork like a power of attorney if applicable.

Selling Your Car to Carwiser

The car-selling process with Carwiser is done in four easy steps.

How to Sell Carwiser1. Provide vehicle information

You will need to provide Carwiser with your vehicle’s VIN or license plate, the mileage on the car, and your contact information.

2. Compare offers

Carwiser will provide you with a list of offers from dealerships in your area for you to review.

3. Choose an offer

Sellers then choose their favorite offer, and Carwiser connects them with the dealership.

4. Get paid

Discuss the process of either having the dealership pick up your car from your driveway or drive to them and get paid instantly on the spot.

How Long Does the Sell Process Take with Carwiser?

It takes 16 days on average for a seller to get their car sold with Carwiser.

Carwiser Sell OfferHow Long Does the Carwiser Sell Offer Last?

The offer for your car depends on which dealership you choose to go with, but offers last one month on average.

What If I Have a Loan on My Car?

You can still sell your car with Carwiser if you have a loan on your car.

Will Carwiser Buyout My Lease?

Carwiser themselves will not buyout your lease, but you’re likely to find one of their partners who will.

Are There Any Fees to Sell my Car to Carwiser?

No, Carwiser does not charge any fees. Their services are completely free to sellers.

Can You Trade In With Carwiser?

You cannot trade in with Carwiser as they only collect offers from dealerships to deliver to you.

Carwiser Inspection Process

Carwiser does not have an inspection process. Any inspection will be carried out by the dealership you are connected with.

Can I Negotiate the Carwiser Sell Offer?

You can negotiate the Carwiser offers with the partners who placed them.

Can I Beat the Carwiser Selling Experience?

You’d be hard-pressed to beat the ease and speed of the Carwiser selling experience, but there are a few competitors that offer similar services.

Reminder: Cancel Your Car Warranty

Before you sell your car through Carwiser, make sure that you cancel any extended warranty that you may have on the car.

Carwiser Alternatives

There are a few companies offering services similar to Carwiser’s.

A few of them are:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a car through Carwiser?

No, you can’t buy a car through Carwiser.

What happens if my Carwiser offer expires?

If your Carwiser offer expires, you can always request a new one through Carwiser.

Does Carwiser offer pickup services?

Yes, Carwiser offers pickup services.

Can I trust Carwiser?

Yes, you can trust Carwiser, though they will likely direct you to companies like Carvana.

Is Carwiser better than Carvana to sell my car?

Carwiser is about the same as Carvana to sell your car.