How To Transfer a Car Title in Maine

How to Transfer Car Title in Maine

Are you a Maine resident looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle? Or perhaps you’re saying goodbye to your trusty car and transferring ownership to a new owner? Either way, transferring the title is a necessary step to establish ownership. But don’t worry – transferring the title in Maine is a straightforward process that involves […]

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How To Transfer Car Title in Louisiana

How to Transfer Car Title in Louisiana

Are you in the market for a new car in Louisiana? Whether you’re buying from a dealership or a private seller, one thing is clear – undertaking the car title transfer procedure is essential. In Louisiana, car buyers can submit their title transfer documents and pay $76.50 in fees to the OMV within 40 days […]

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Tennessee (TN) Vehicle Sales Tax & Fees [+ Calculator]

Tennessee Car Sales Tax

If you’re excited to buy your new car in Tennessee, we’re excited for you! Tough news though; you will need to pay sales tax on it. Things like sales tax and other fees are often forgotten about in the excitement of making a new car purchase. But in Tennessee, you’ll need to be prepared to […]

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How To Transfer Car Title in Kentucky

How to Transfer Car Title in Kentucky

Are you the proud new owner of a car or boat in Kentucky? Congratulations! But before you hit the road or water, there’s an essential step you’ll need to take – transferring the title. The title is an official paper that establishes you or your company as the lawful proprietor of the vehicle or vessel. […]

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APR Deals with Cash Back Offers for April 2024

Best APR Deals w Cashback

In addition to low APR financing deals, many car manufacturers are offering a bonus cash back rebate on select 2023 and 2024 models this month for well qualified buyers. Most of the bonus cash back deals are between $500 and $1,000 but a few deals are worth a couple thousand dollars. Drivers can save money […]

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Best Deals on New Cars Under $20,000 for April 2024

Best Deals on Cars Under $20K

There are plenty of new models available from popular manufacturers like Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia for under $20,000. A lot of entry-level cars that fall under 20K have standard safety features that you would expect from a new vehicle in 2024. In addition to the low cost, manufacturers consistently offer finance, cash back, and lease […]

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Highest Cash Back Rebates for April 2024

Highest Cashback Offers

I recently went through all the major car manufacturer websites to find the best cash rebate deals out there for 2023 and 2024 models. My aim was to spot the top offers for anyone looking to buy a car and save some money. So, what car has the best rebate right now? For April 2024, […]

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Best Tax Refund Car Deals [2024 Edition]

Tax Refund Car Deals

Once you get past the stress and hassle of filing taxes, you’ll find a great opportunity for buying a vehicle. Many people are fortunate enough to get tax refunds during this season, and car dealerships offer some incredible deals during this time. While you’ll want to understand how your state sales tax works before maximizing […]

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Best Minivan Lease Deals [April 2024 Edition]

Best Minivan Lease Deals

We carefully checked each car brand’s official website to find the best minivan lease deals. We focused on finding lease offers with the lowest monthly payments and smallest upfront costs, especially compared to the minivan’s MSRP. We conducted this thorough search to help car buyers find the best deals. We were committed to ensuring that […]

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Best Electric & Hybrid Car Finance Deals [April 2024 Edition]

Best EV & Hybrid Finance Deals

Navigating EV, hybrid, and plug-in finance options can be complex, but we’re here to simplify it for you. We’ve discovered the best finance deals for these fuel-efficent vehicles, including 0% APR and low-interest options, to ensure a hassle-free purchase. Our selection of top finance deals in the EV, hybrid, and plug-in categories, emphasizing affordability and […]

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