Honda Warranty Coverage Guide [Factory & Extended Warranty]

Honda Warranty Guide

Every new or CPO Honda vehicle comes with a quality basic warranty that meets industry standards. As your Honda factory warranty nears its end, you have several options available.

One of your options is Honda Care, its extended warranty plans. What does Honda Care cover, and is it worth it?

In this guide, we'll review everything you need to know about Honda's basic and extended warranties so you can make the best decision for your vehicle.

What Is the Standard Honda Warranty?

Honda Standard WarrantyHonda’s basic factory warranty offers bumper-to-bumper coverage for 3-years or up to 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The factory warranty covers any manufacturing defects and comes with access to roadside assistance.

The basic warranty also includes a powertrain warranty which lasts 5-years/60,000 miles and covers the transmission, engine, and drive axle.

Honda New Car Warranty

The Honda new car warranty includes 3-years/36,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper coverage. It’s called the “New Vehicle Limited Warranty” and protects nearly any part of the car from manufacturing defects.

Note that it does not cover damage from accidents, vandalism, lack of maintenance, etc.

Honda Powertrain Warranty

New Honda vehicles also include a 5-years/60,000-mile powertrain warranty. It covers the engine, drive axle, and transmission.

Honda CPO Warranty

Honda offers two different options for Certified Pre-Owned warranties. They have the HondaTrue Certified and the Honda True Certified+.

Both options increase powertrain coverage to 100,000 miles and 7-years. They also include roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage, concierge service, and two oil changes that must be used in the first year of ownership.

HondaTrue CertifiedHondaTrue Certified+
Powertrain Coverage Increase
7-Years / 100,000 Miles
7-Years / 100,000 Miles
Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage Increase
4-Years / 48,000 Miles
5-Years / 86,000 Miles
Vehicle Eligibility
Older Vehicles
Under 12 Months w/ Under 12,000 Miles
Additional Benefits
- Roadside Assistance
- Trip Interruption
- Concierge
- Two Oil Changes
- Roadside Assistance
- Trip Interruption
- Concierge
- Two Oil Changes

Honda Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Warranty

Honda warranties cover hybrid parts, but the specific terms vary by state. The Honda Hybrid Powertrain warranty covers the main hybrid components for 8-years/100,000 miles.

In some states, the Hybrid warranty may be up to 15-years/150,000 miles.

What Is the Honda Care Extended Warranty?

Honda Extended WarrantyTo lengthen your Honda warranty, you can purchase the Honda Care extended warranty. The extended plans provide coverage for up to 8-years/120,000 miles.

They offer two different coverage options:

Honda Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage

The first extended warranty option is Bumper-to-Bumper coverage. You can purchase it for certified pre-owned or new vehicles that are still under factory warranty.

It covers all major vehicle systems, aside from a few excluded items.

Honda Powertrain Coverage

Powertrain extended warranty is only for used cars. It lists the component coverage for transmission, engine, and drive axle.

Honda Warranty Additional Benefits

  • Honda Roadside Assistance: Honda extended warranties include roadside assistance. This benefit includes jump-starts, spare tire installation, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, towing, and more.

How Much Does Honda Care Extended Warranty Cost?

Honda Warranty CostsYou cannot find exact prices for a Honda warranty online.

On average, Honda Care warranties cost between $350 and $450 per year.

As an example, an average 7-year/100,000 warranty with a $0 deductible could cost nearly $3,000.

What Is Not Covered By Honda Extended Warranty?

There are some common components and situations not covered by the Honda extended warranty including glass, trim, frame, tires, carpeting, weatherstripping, bumpers, hood, doors, and damage from accidents/vandalism/weather/lack of maintenance.

Should I Get the Honda Extended Warranty Program?

Should I Get Honda WarrantyHonda makes reliable vehicles that are known for being long-lasting and sturdy. In fact, the Honda Reliability Rating is 4 out of 5 stars, which is 1st out of all 32 car brands. Compared to many other brands, the yearly cost of maintaining a Honda is fairly low.

Even though the vehicles are notably reliable, there is no guarantee of 0 issues over the course of their lifetime. There is always a chance of a manufacturer issue that can cost you.

Extended warranties help prevent you from facing unexpected costly repairs. They can give you greater peace of mind, and the Honda extended warranty provides added benefits like roadside assistance.

If you do decide to purchase an extended warranty, then the manufacturer warranty is a good choice. However, before choosing you should obtain quotes and compare plans from several providers.

Honda Extended Warranty vs. Third-Party Extended Warranty

Honda is not the only extended warranty provider. You can also consider third-party providers, including Endurance [Review], CarShield [Review], and CARCHEX [Review].

Start Date
Before Factory Warranty Expires
Local Dealer
Free, Instant Online Quote
Free, Instant Online Quote
Free, Instant Online Quote
Max Coverage Length
8 Years / 120K Miles
8 Years / 200K+ Miles
200K Miles
10 Years / 250K Miles
Plan Options
2 Plans
6 Plans
6 Plans
5 Plans
$0 - $100
Up to $200
Up to $100
Repair Network
Honda Dealers
ASE-Approved Shops
ASE-Approved Shops
ASE-Approved Shops
Full Refund Within 60 Days
Full Refund Within 30 Days
Full Refund Within 30 Days
Full Refund Within 30 Days

Can I Cancel the Honda Extended Warranty?

Cancel Honda WarrantyYes, you can cancel your Honda Extended Warranty at any time. If you cancel within 60 days of the original purchase and have not used the warranty services, then you will receive a full refund. If you cancel after 60 days, you may only receive a pro-rated refund.

To cancel your Honda Care extended warranty you should:

  1. Contact. Contact the dealership that sold you the policy.
  2. Cancel. Ask the agent to cancel your extended warranty.
  3. Provide Information. Submit any relevant information the agent asks for (vehicle information, extended warranty contract, etc).

Does Honda Have a Secret Warranty?

In the past, “secret warranties” were commonplace. Essentially, they were policy adjustments or hidden extended warranties that manufacturers did not explicitly share with the customers. The Center for Auto Safety identified secret warranties in the past, so manufacturers had to take accountability.

In the 1970s, Honda had secret warranties surrounding rusting fenders and head gaskets. Now, it’s unclear if Honda has any secret warranties since CAS cannot access a list to expose.

What To Do When Your Honda Car Warranty Expires?

Honda Warranty ExpiredThe Honda factory warranty offers good coverage, but it only lasts up to 3-years or 36,000 miles. You have several options when your basic warranty ends, including:

  • The Honda Care Warranties
  • Third-Party Extended Warranty
  • Keep the Car Without Any Warranty
  • Sell the Vehicle

You must purchase a Honda extended warranty before your factory warranty ends. Therefore, you should start the decision-making process as your warranty nears its end.

Here are a few steps you should take:

  1. Start Process. When you are 3-months or 3,000 miles before the end of your factory warranty, start evaluating your warranty options.
  2. Contact Honda. Contact your Honda dealership to discuss the cost and process for Honda Care.
  3. Quotes. Get quotes from third-party warranty providers.
  4. Budget. Assess your monthly budget and savings accounts.
  5. Plan. Determine how long you plan to keep the vehicle.
  6. Select Based on Quotes. If you do plan to continue driving the vehicle for years to come and determine a warranty suits your budget more than saving for repairs, then select the best warranty based on the quotes you received.
  7. Select Honda. If you choose to go with Honda Care, then you must get it set up before your basic coverage expires.

Honda Maintenance Guide

Honda MaintenanceNone of Honda’s warranties cover routine maintenance. However, failing to maintain the vehicle can result in damage that the manufacturer will not cover. That’s why it’s so important to follow their maintenance guidelines.

Routine maintenance includes doing the following every 7,500 miles

See how Honda compares to Subaru in terms of reliability.

  • Rotate Tires
  • Check & Replace Fluids
  • Brake Inspection
  • Change Oil & Filter
  • Inspect Tires
  • Throttle Linkage Lubrication

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the basic Honda warranty last?

The basic Honda warranty lasts for up to 3-years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

How long does the extended Honda warranty last?

The Honda extended warranty has several coverage term options. You can choose the option that is best for you, but the longest possible coverage term is 8-years/120,000 miles.

Does Honda extended warranty cover tires?

No, the regular Honda Care extended warranty does not cover tires.

Does Honda extended warranty cover maintenance?

No, the warranty plans do not cover maintenance.

Is the Honda extended warranty worth it?

If you want peace of mind for covering repairs, then Honda Care may be worth it. However, you should also consider third-party options before making your final decision.

Can I transfer my Honda extended warranty?

Yes, you can transfer the warranty to a new owner if you sell the vehicle. You can also choose to cancel coverage and receive the prorated refund instead.

Are Honda cars expensive to repair?

Compared to many other vehicles, Hondas are not expensive to maintain or repair. On average, RepairPal reports that Honda owners pay $428 per year for maintenance and repairs. This is below the industry average of $652.

Where can I take my Honda for repairs under warranty?

You must take your vehicle to a Honda dealership for repairs under the Honda Care warranty.

Can I extend my Honda warranty after it expires?

No, you must extend the Honda warranty before the basic one expires. If you wait until your factory coverage ends, then you will need to use a third-party option.

How do I know when my Honda warranty expires?

You can check the status of the warranty with your VIN and odometer reading. Call your local dealership and they can look up the vehicle to provide you with the details.