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Toyota Camry: Top Alternatives for 2022

Toyota Camry Alternatives

With good reason, the Toyota Camry has long set the benchmark by which other midsize sedans are measured. It’s reliable, comfortable, fuel-efficient, and, perhaps most importantly, affordable. Yet, in a marketplace where sedans in general no longer occupy the top spot in sales volume, has the Camry maintained its appeal? Are other automakers keeping up […]

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Nissan Rogue vs Nissan Murano: Which Is Right for You?

Nissan Rogue vs Nissan Murano

The 2022 Nissan Rogue and Murano are enjoyable in their own way, but they are notably different in size, content, and purpose. Nevertheless, there are reasons to prefer one of these 5-passenger crossovers over the other, not because one is better in general, but because each has its distinct personality and strengths. Where the Rogue […]

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Best Electric Car Models [Top Rated EVs for 2022]

Best Electric Vehicles

Today, there are EVs of all sizes, body types, and capabilities, with pricing ranging from $30,000 to nearly $200,000. There is an EV for every buyer, but with so many options, someone who is new to the electric world might have a hard time knowing where to start shopping. To help with that effort, we […]

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Ford Edge vs Ford Escape: Which Is Right For You?

Ford Edge vs Ford Escape

In the sport-utility market, most of the focus is on size and capability. The Ford Edge is a midsize offering with a roomy interior and lots of storage and cargo space. The Escape is a compact option with high fuel economy and good day-to-day metrics. Choosing which is right for you will rest on what […]

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Toyota Highlander: Top Alternatives for 2022

Toyota Highlander Alternatives

The Highlander was redesigned for the 2020 model year, but retained its popular mixture of midsize capability and comfort. The Highlander has a long list of standard features and good fuel economy for the segment. Much of the popularity in the 2022 Highlander’s high sales are thanks to the Toyota nameplate and its reputation for […]

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Honda Civic vs Honda Accord: Which Sedan Is Best?

Honda Civic vs Honda Accord

Even when not at the top of the list, the Accord has routinely been among the bestselling cars in the United States, even as sedans have lost market share to sport utility vehicles. The Honda Civic has never been the bestselling car in the United States, but as its popularity has grown over the past […]

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Hyundai Elantra: Top Alternatives for 2022

Hyundai Elantra Alternatives

The Elantra sedan helped Hyundai establish itself as a mainstream brand in the United States. This sedan stood out from the competition with an incredible warranty program, aggressive styling, and more technology bang-for-your-buck than many of the other vehicles in the segment. If you are looking for an alternative to the Hyundai Elantra, we have […]

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Best Subcompact SUVs [Top Ranked Models for 2022]

Best Subcompact SUV

Where subcompact SUVs years ago were all about a low price tag and few frills, every automaker thrives to put as much content as possible into these low-cost models. At the same time, these vehicles are among the most fuel-friendly on the market, making them popular for all sorts of buyers. To help ease that […]

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Best Luxury Hybrid SUVs [Top Ranked Models for 2022]

Best Luxury Hybrid SUVs

Gone are the days when buying a hybrid vehicle meant sacrificing power, performance, and a modicum of amenities. Not only do today’s hybrids offer more of all the above, but there are more models than ever from which to choose including a bevy of luxury SUV models. Among those, we’ve selected five models that provide […]

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Honda Pilot: Top Alternatives for 2022

Honda Pilot Alternatives

The Honda Pilot is a popular three-row SUV known for its robust nature and thoughtful interior. It resides in a segment that is full of top-shelf rivals with excellent merits of their own. Yet it continues to sell well against newer rivals. Its roomy interior, versatile nature, and good fuel economy are all high points. […]

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