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Best SUVs [Top Ranked Models]

Best SUVs

SUVs are versatile vehicles suitable for various activities, from commuting to off-roading. They come in many sizes and price ranges, ensuring a fit for everyone. Originally, SUVs were defined as full-frame vehicles with rear or four-wheel drive and off-road capabilities. Nowadays, the term is often used interchangeably with “crossover,” referring to vehicles combining a unibody […]

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Longest Range Electric Cars: Which Has the Best Range? [2024 Picks]

Longest Range EV

Over the past decade, battery technology has advanced rapidly enough that the longest range electric cars now top 500 miles on a single charge, while 300 miles is considered a baseline for many more. Commutes for most Americans only cover around 30-40 miles per day, something that many mid-priced EVs will take care of without […]

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Most Reliable Heavy Duty Trucks For 2024 [Updated]

Most Reliable Heavy Duty Trucks

Shoppers looking for a heavy-duty (HD) truck tend to be contractors for whom reliability is second only to capability when it comes to their trusted equipment. Reliability is a key metric when determining our list of the best trucks. FindTheBestCarPrice researched the HD truck models available in America using three trusted sources. We then also […]

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Which Is the Most Reliable Midsize Truck? [Top Rated Models]

Most Reliable Midsize Trucks

Shoppers looking for a midsize truck have a unique set of priorities. Among those is reliability, which is a major factor in how we determine our list of the best trucks. We researched the midsize truck models available in the American market using three trusted sources, and we also aggregate those scores to a simple […]

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Most Fuel Efficient SUVs [Gas, Hybrid, & Electric Picks]

Most Fuel Efficient SUV

For many decades a big downside for SUVs was fuel efficiency. The great news for today’s shoppers is that SUVs now come in very fuel-efficient versions. Automakers use a wide variety of technologies to improve SUV efficiency. Transmission technology and hybrid-electric technology were the two prime movers of mainstream EV efficiency improvements. Battery-electric and plug-in […]

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Best Double Cab Trucks [Ranked for 2024]

Best Double Cab Trucks

Double cabs are a bit of an enigma. On the one hand, they fit more cargo and passengers than the classic regular cab; on the other, they still pale in comparison to roomy crew cabs. Yet their in-between status doesn’t make them a market pariah. On the contrary, they remain popular with buyers who appreciate […]

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Honda CR-V vs Honda Passport: Which Honda SUV Is Best?

Honda CR-V vs Honda Passport

Honda offers shoppers looking for a roomy five-passenger SUV two great choices. The CR-V is a mainstay in the American family car market, often being among the top sellers in the country overall. We know that the CR-V defines that segment, but what is this reborn Passport all about? I tested both the Honda CR-V […]

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Best Crew Cab Trucks: Which 6 Seater Truck Is Right for You?

Best Crew Cab Trucks

Buyers have flocked to these four-door models for their added practicality; unlike single or extended-cab designs, crew cabs can comfortably fit up to six adults without sacrificing the ability to tow and haul serious weight. We’ve found the trucks that best combine the usefulness of four full-size doors with the expected utility of a pickup. […]

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Ford Mustang: Top Alternatives for 2024

Ford Mustang Alternatives

The Ford Mustang is America’s quintessential sporty coupe. It can be surprisingly affordable or prohibitively expensive. One thing is universal: its ability to bring smiles to drivers and passersby alike. But is it perfect? On many accounts, no. In its efforts to be all things to all people, the Mustang is a jack of all […]

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Best Crossover SUVs [Top Rated Models]

Best Commuter Crossover

Searching for an SUV with a more car-like ride? Here are the best vehicles in the most important crossover SUV segments. If you are searching for a new crossover SUV, we don’t have to tell you that compared to sedans, they offer easier entry and exit, a superior view of the road, much better cargo […]

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