BMW Performance Center Delivery Program (My Analysis and Review)

BMW Performance Center

BMW ended its European Delivery Program in May of 2020.

However, they still offer a factory tour in the US that comes with a chance to push a BMW to the limit out on the track.

Today, our avid car guys will break down the program and share whether it's worth the trip to South Carolina.

What is the BMW Performance Center Delivery Program?What is BMW Performance Delivery Center

The BMW Performance Center is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina and the Delivery Program includes a complimentary one-night stay with meals in a luxurious hotel. You'll also get a professional driving course in a BMW that is similar to the one you ordered, and a customized vehicle delivery presentation by a BMW Product Specialist. Additionally, you can enjoy a tour of the BMW Zentrum museum and the manufacturing plant.

How the Delivery Program Works

  1. Choose and order your BMW
  2. Arrive at the hotel and enjoy some of the complimentary perks.
  3. Enjoy the Performance Center experience which includes a classroom and track session.
  4. Get your new BMW and take it home.

What to Expect

The BMW Performance Center Delivery Program makes picking up your new BMW an entire experience on its own. Perks include a stay at a luxury hotel (Greenville Marriot), dinner and breakfast for two, transportation to the hotel the night before, and to the Performance Center on the day of your experience. Here's an overview of what to expect:

  • What to Expect - BMWChoose your BMW. Visit your local BMW center to choose and customize your BMW. Your BMW Client Advisor will help you with the entire ordering and delivery process and alert you when it's time to schedule your Performance Center Delivery Experience.
  • Schedule your experience. The Delivery Program is offered Monday through Friday, aside from a few blackout dates on holidays.
  • Arrive the day before delivery. Check in to the Greenville Marriot as late as 10:00 pm, and enjoy a limited bar menu from 10-11p.m. If you arrive later than 11:00 pm, make prior arrangements with the BMW Performance Center when submitting your travel information.
  • Enjoy breakfast at 6:30 am at the hotel. Hop on the BMW shuttle transportation at 7:45 am and travel from the hotel to the Performance Center. Arrive at the Performance Center at 8:00 am on the day of delivery.
  • Go through a brief classroom session at the BMW Performance Center.
  • Head to the track with a BMW selected for you based on your purchase. Learn all about the model, how to handle it, and how to enjoy it out on the track. You'll get expert advice and practice with handling, braking, traction control, and more. You also get an opportunity to explore the BMW Performance Center's off-road course.
  • The Delivery Specialists give you your personal tour of your new BMW. They'll explain the advanced features of the vehicle.

Here's a quick video that gives an overview of the BMW Performance Center:

How to Place an Order

How to Place Order - BMWTo qualify for the BMW Performance Center Delivery Experience, you must order a new BMW model in production. The order must be made from an authorized BMW Retail Center within the United States. Vehicles sold off the dealer lot, MINI BMWs, Rolls-Royce, and CPO vehicles do not qualify. You must be a U.S. resident 18 years of age or older with a valid U.S. driver's license and address.

You begin the Performance Center Delivery experience by choosing a vehicle from your local authorized BMW retailer. You can choose the model that you like and customize it to meet your needs and style. The Client Advisor guides you through the ordering process.

You will still be able to negotiate the purchase price with your selected dealer. To begin with, you should be aware of the top BMW Car Deals available.

It's helpful to bring a printout of the desired options you're interested in. Create the model via the BMW website and list your desired options. If you're unsure about the interior or color, you can review the BMW brochure. The order must also be in the same name as the person who will pick it up at the Performance Center.

Your dealer will likely require a deposit, which may or may not be refundable. Check your dealer's policy and have the deposit ready if one is required. Oftentimes, you'll also need to complete a credit application so the dealer can ensure you can afford the purchase. Ask for a dealer print out of your order so you can have the production number to track your order.

The Delivery Process

The Delivery Process - BMWThe BMW Performance Center Delivery experience includes delivery of your car to the Performance Center, not to your home. At your expense or your BMW retailer's expense, the Performance Center can transport the vehicle to your retailer.

The arrangements and cost for transporting your vehicle will be your responsibility, but your BMW Retail Center can help you explore different options. Your Retail Center will need to contact the Performance Center at least two weeks before the scheduled delivery date to provide details and documentation. Some options for transport include:

  • Driving the vehicle back yourself. This is likely the least expensive option, but it does require your time and effort, especially if you live across the country.
  • Enclosed carrier shipping. This is a very safe, secure shipping method but it will be more costly. Compare the best car shipping companies >>
  • One carrier car shipping.  Typically an affordable way to transport vehicles. However, open carriers will not protect the car as well from weather, rocks, and other elements.

What are the Costs?

There's no additional cost to opt for BMW Performance Center Delivery. You will get the aforementioned perks, like a hotel stay and meals, as part of the free experience. However, you must pay for the cost of your personal travel to and from South Carolina. You will also still incur the $875 "destination and handling fee" that applies to all BMW models.

Is the BMW Performance Center Delivery Program Worth it?

Is It Worth It - BMWThe BMW Performance Center Delivery Program is a unique experience that true car lovers will enjoy, but it does involve travel and a time commitment. For those that live within a few hours of the center, this experience is an excellent option that will make for an unforgettable BMW experience. If you aren't within reasonable driving distance, then you will need to consider the cost of travel and vehicle transport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up my BMW from the factory?

The BMW European Delivery experience no longer exists, but you can pick up your vehicle from the BMW Performance Center Delivery if it is a qualifying new car ordered from an official BMW Retailer.

How much does the BMW Performance Center Delivery cost?

You don't need to pay extra for BMW Performance Center Delivery, but you'll need to pay for your own transportation there and back, the $875 destination and handling fee, and the cost to transport your new vehicle.

What perks does Performance Center Delivery include?

  • Complimentary hotel stay at Greenville Marriot.
  • Free dinner, cocktail hour, and breakfast for two.
  • Shuttles from the airport/train station to the hotel, and from the hotel to the Performance Center.
  • A classroom session.
  • A track session with a Performance Center vehicle similar to your new purchase.
  • Personal delivery of your new BMW.

Do other manufacturers offer European Car Delivery Programs?

While BMW ended their European Delivery Program, several other carmakers offer them including Mercedes, Porsche, and Volvo. Learn more about their European Delivery Programs in this post.

Why should I consider the BMW Performance Center Delivery Program?

The top benefits of the program include:

  • A complimentary hotel stay, meals, and shuttles.
  • Create the perfect BMW for you.
  • Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip and experience.
  • Visit and experience the Performance Center at no additional cost.