Porsche European Delivery – Travel Through Europe in a Porsche (My Analysis & Review)

Porsche - European Delivery - Car-min

Let's break down everything you need to know about the Porsche European Delivery Program Starting from the ordering process, delivery, and a quick overview of the costs for a few different Porsche models.

Compared to other European Delivery services (from BMW, Mercedes, or Volvo), Porsche doesn’t offer any sort of price discount, but they do present an equally rewarding experience as other manufacturers' programs when you pick up your new Porsche in Germany.

How does Porsche European Delivery work?

Porsche European Delivery allows customers to purchase a car in the U.S but pick it up at the factory based in Germany (either in Stuttgart or Leipzig). In addition to many waived fees (details below), Porsche provides tours for their factory and museum.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Contact and place an order with any authorized Porsche dealer in North America by choosing the model, options, and date of pick up.
  2. Once your Porsche European Delivery Coordinator sends a confirmation email, book your travel to Germany.
  3. Once you arrive, meet your Porsche Delivery Consultant to pick up your new vehicle.
  4. Take a tour in Porsche’s factory and/or take a journey through their museum. Experience the on-road test track at Leipzig.
  5. Travel across Europe in your brand new vehicle for up to three months (complimentary insurance lasts 2 weeks but can be extended).
  6. Drop off your vehicle at no cost at Leipzig or at 16 other locations for an additional charge.
  7. Accept the delivery at your local Porsche dealership.

This video will give you a very detailed tour of what to expect when you pick up your brand new Porsche in Leipzig, Germany.

How to order a Porsche from Germany

You start the European Delivery experience by placing an order through your local authorized Porsche retailer. Ask your dealer if you can take advantage of current Porsche leasing offers.  It is advised that you place the order at least 12 weeks before delivery in order to get the exact delivery date that is requested. While at the dealership you will have to fill out the European Delivery Vehicle Order Form and leave a deposit.

After the order is reviewed and confirmed, a European Delivery Coordinator will reach out to you with a confirmation email containing the date, time, and location of delivery.

Once the final payment is received, the dealer will provide all the final delivery information which includes, delivery time, hotel and taxi vouchers, and your personal Monroney Label. You should check it against the copy of your order form for model, options, insurance, and delivery date.

You will need to provide a valid passport and driver’s license when picking up your new vehicle. Porsche recommends having an international driver’s license to avoid language problems while in Europe.

What is the Porsche European Delivery itinerary and timeline?

After placing the order and finalizing payments the next step is to fly out to either Stuttgart or Leipzig, Germany. Unfortunately, Porsche does not provide any discounts on airfare but they do provide a free one-night stay at a hotel. Porsche will also reimburse you for any taxi ride from the airport/hotel, so remember to ask the driver for a receipt.

Picking Up Your Porsche in Europe

There are two locations to pick up your new Porsche, with both locations offering different experiences.

The New Car Delivery Center for their line of sports cars is based in a Stuttgart suburb, Zuffenhausen; ask the cab driver to take you to the “Porsche Museum”. The Center is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM but English speaking programs are only open from 8 AM to 9:30 AM.

While in Stuttgart, you can tour the Porsche museum to see the very first realization of Porsche or take a tour of the factory and witness the meticulous detail that goes into every vehicle. Afterwards, you can enjoy a complimentary lunch in the Executive Office Building and shop for exclusive merchandise.

The factory for the line of Cayenne and Panamera models is based in the northern part of Leipzig, Germany. You can utilize the Customer Center for a ride or take a taxi (later reimbursed) to the delivery center. English speaking programs are scheduled to start at 8:30 AM.

While at Leipzig, you can experience similar thrills that are reminiscent of Monaco, Monza, and Spa-Francorchamps on Porsche’s own FIA-compliant track. The track is only 6-km (3.7 miles) but it is packed with many opportunities to test the performance of a Porsche.

Finally, a Porsche Delivery Consultant will hand you the keys and walk you through all the features of your new Porsche with a full tank of gas. You will also be handed:

  • International Registration booklet
  • Yellow and green Proof of Insurance Card
  • Porsche Assistance
  • Export Documentation
  • Return Shipment Voucher

You must have these documents in your vehicle at all times during your trip.

Shipping Your New Porsche Home

To conclude your trip in Europe, Porsche makes it very easy to ship your car back home. They will cover the following:

  • Factory Delivery
  • Shipment of vehicle to North America
  • Marine insurance
  • U.S. Customs duty and clearance fees
  • Inland Transportation

You can drop off your vehicle at the Leipzig factory, 24-7, at no additional charge. Porsche also partnered with International Freight Forwarders to allow for these other drop off locations in Europe:

  • Germany: Berlin, Bremerhaven, Duisburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Sindelfingen
  • France: Paris, Nice
  • Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich
  • Great Britain: London
  • Belgium: Antwerp
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Spain: Madrid
  • Slovenia: Koper

There are additional charges to cover the transportation cost, and the contact information and pricing will be sent with your European Delivery package.

All Porsche vehicles are insured for the return shipment, but personal items are not covered so make sure you clean/check the vehicle before dropping it off.

What does Porsche European Delivery cost?

Let’s breakdown the cost of the Porsche European Delivery program compared to ordering a Porsche normally from the U.S. The table below shows the typical prices for Porsches negotiated in the U.S. (on Edmunds) compared to the European Delivery prices:

ModelMSRPEdmunds True Market ValueDestination FeeTotal Expected U.S. PriceEuropean Delivery % SavingsEuropean Delivery PriceEuropean Travel SavingsEuropean Delivery Price + Travel Savings
2019 911 Carrera$91,100 $87,226 $1,250 $88,476 -$91,100 $150$90,950
2019 718 Boxster$59,000 $55,857 $1,250 $57,107 -$59,000 $150$58,850
2019 Cayenne SUV$65,700 $61,744 $1,050 $62,794 -$65,700 $150$65,550

Is Porsche European Delivery a good deal? (My assessment)

Porsche is the only manufacturer offering an overseas delivery program that does not have a price discount.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that its a better value to purchase a Porsche in the U.S.

But if price isn’t a concern, the track at Leipzig and the prospect of traveling throughout Europe in a brand new Porsche are certainly the experience of a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to buy a Porsche in Europe?

No, Porsche does not offer any type of discount through their European Delivery program. See which European Delivery programs are worth effort.

What’s included with Porsche’s European Delivery?

Porsche’s program includes hotel and taxi vouchers, a complimentary lunch, a factory and museum tour, and the opportunity to drive around an FIA-compliant race track.

Where can I pick up my Porsche in Europe?

You can pick up your new Porsche in two locations, both offering different experiences. The New Car Delivery Center with a Porsche museum in Stuttgart, or in Leipzig with a factory and race track.

How do you ship Porsche back home?

You can return your Porsche to Leipzig for no additional charge, but there are locations throughout Europe that require an additional fee. Porsche will cover all transportation costs and insurance.

What do I need for Porsche European Delivery?

You will need to provide a valid passport and driver’s license when picking up your new Porsche. Porsche recommends having an international driver’s license before departing.