Mercedes European Delivery: Take a Trip to Germany (My Analysis & Review)

Mercedes European Delivery

Out of the four major European manufacturers (others include BMW, Porsche, and Volvo) that offer a European Delivery Program, Mercedes-Benz offers the second best set of perks and savings (behind Volvo).

Buyers can expect to save up to 7% off the MSRP, $200 off airfare, hotel accommodations for one night, and many other exciting features through Mercedes’ European Delivery Program.

In this article, I will break down the ordering process, delivery, features associated with the program, and a quick overview of the costs for a few different Mercedes-Benz models.

How does Mercedes-Benz European Delivery work?

Mercedes-Benz offers a program that allows customers to purchase a car in the U.S. but pick it up at the factory based out of Stuttgart, Germany. The German automaker provides many accommodations in addition to the discounted price through this program.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer to create your custom Mercedes and save up to 7% off the MSRP. Only U.S. specification vehicles can be purchased from the U.S.
  2. Once dates are confirmed, book your travel to Germany. Includes a $200 voucher for Delta Air Lines.
  3. Spend a complimentary night in a luxurious hotel near the manufacturer in either Stuttgart or Bremen.
  4. Pick up your vehicle at the Delivery Center and enjoy a factory and museum tour.
  5. Travel across Europe in your new Mercedes-Benz (complimentary insurance lasts 15 days, but can be extended)
  6. Drop of your car off at one of the 15 drop-off locations in Europe.
  7. Accept delivery to your local Mercedes-Benz dealership.

This promo video from Mercedes-Benz will give you a quick overview of what to expect from their European Delivery program.

How to order a Mercedes-Benz from Germany

Contact your local Mercedes-Benz retailer to take advantage of the special European Delivery pricing options (details further below). Buyers can expect to save up to 7% off the MSRP depending on the model; some higher-end models, like the AMG models, do not have discounts.

Drivers can also get a lease deal on a Mercedes-Benz through the European Delivery program. However, the maximum amount of time it can be leased in Europe is one month.

What is the Mercedes-Benz Delivery itinerary and timeline?

After placing the order, leaving a deposit, and completing the registration process, Mercedes-Benz will send you a confirmation, insurance information, and other travel details.

The next step is to fly out to Germany to take delivery on your new car. Mercedes offers a $200 voucher through Delta Air Lines, and is only valid for flights originating from the U.S. Please note that there is a $55 ticketing fee per person.

Picking Up Your Mercedes-Benz in Europe

Mercedes Delivery Center Sindelfingen near StuttgartOnce you arrive in Germany, you can take advantage of the complimentary taxi credit to get to the Delivery Center or hotel. Mercedes provides accommodations for one night at one of two luxurious hotels in Stuttgart or Bremen.You can choose to take a complimentary breakfast at the hotel or go the Delivery Center for a free breakfast or lunch.

The Delivery Center is located in Sindelfingen, which is a small town about 10 miles away from downtown Stuttgart. Deliveries can only take place during the week from 9 AM to 2:30 PM.

While you wait for your new car, you can explore the Mercedes Museum and/or take a tour of the Mercedes-Benz factory. Tours take place every day at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM, and lasts for approximately two hours.

Now that you’ve taken delivery on your new Mercedes-Benz, you’re ready to hit the road and explore Europe at your own pace. The German automaker provides 15 days of European Road insurance with zero deductible in addition to a full tank of fuel. Insurance can be extended for up to twelve months.

What to Do in Europe with Your New Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz offers optional travel packages that can be setup through the European Delivery program. For an extra $2,000, which is billed to your vehicle order, customers can take advantage of seven different travel packages. Some examples include:

  • Black Forest Package: One night in Baiersbronn, two nights in Hinterzarten, one night in Munich
  • French Riviera Package: One night in Lake Como, two nights in Nice
  • Kings, Castles, and Mozart Package: One night in Hohenschwangau, two nights in Salzburg, one night in Munich

Shipping Your New Mercedes-Benz Home

Once you’re ready to head back home, Mercedes-Benz makes it very convenient to ship your vehicle back. Mercedes will cover the costs for ocean freight to a U.S. port, marine insurance, transportation to the retailer, and in addition, waives the $925 destination charge.

You will need to provide a confirmation of the order and your passport for any drop-offs and pick-ups. The drop-off locations are only open from Monday to Friday and the customer is responsible for making the appointment with any of the drop-off locations.

Mercedes-Benz LogoThere are eleven locations throughout Europe:

  • Germany – Hamburg, Berlin, Bremerhaven, Frankfurt, Munich, Sindelfingen
  • France – Nice, Paris
  • Switzerland – Geneva, Zurich
  • Spain – Madrid (extra fee)
  • UK – London (extra fee)
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • Italy – Milan, Rome, Florence (extra fee)
  • Slovenia – Koper (extra fee)

Any shipments that take place outside of Germany will take an extra three weeks. East Coast residents can expect their Mercedes-Benz in 6-8 weeks and West Coast residents will have to wait 8-10 weeks. It takes an additional week for Customs clearance and ten business days at the Mercedes Vehicle Preparation Center (bring vehicle back to factory standards).

What does Mercedes-Benz Overseas Delivery cost?

Now let’s take a look at the cost of the Mercedes-Benz European Delivery program compared to ordering one normally from the U.S. The table below details the typical prices for Mercedes models negotiated in the U.S. (on Edmunds) versus the European Delivery prices and perks:

ModelMSRPEdmunds True Market ValueDestination FeeTotal Expected U.S. PriceEuropean Delivery % SavingsEuropean Delivery PriceEuropean Travel SavingsEuropean Delivery Price + Travel Savings
2019 C 300 Coupe$43,800 $41,255 $995$42,250 7.00%$40,734 $350$40,384
2019 E 450 Wagon$64,700 $59,653 $995$60,648 7.00%$60,171 $350$59,821
2019 GLA 250 SUV$33,950 $30,515 $995$31,510 7.00%$31,573 $350$31,223

Please note: Mercedes-Benz does not list their European pricing on their website. You have to contact your local dealership for more details. The table is using the advertised 7% off MSRP.  I do not guarantee the accuracy of the prices or promotional details quoted above.

Is Mercedes-Benz European Delivery a good deal? (My assessment)

Based on the 7% off MSRP and $350 in travel savings (from airline voucher and one night hotel accommodations), I would say the Mercedes-Benz European Delivery program is a good deal. Mercedes is the only other European manufacturer, besides Volvo, to provide additional discounts for airfare and hotels.

Buyers can consistently expect to pay less for their new Mercedes through the European Delivery program.  I rank Mercedes #2 compared to all other European Delivery programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to buy a Mercedes-Benz in Europe?

Mercedes-Benz offers up to 7% off the MSRP through their Overseas Delivery program. It depends on the specific model, but some are cheaper or more expensive by only a few hundred dollars when comparing the European Delivery price to the true market value in the U.S. See which European Delivery programs are worth effort.

What’s included with Mercedes’ European Delivery?

Mercedes-Benz’s program includes 7% off MSRP, a $200 airline voucher, taxi and hotel vouchers, complimentary breakfast or lunch, and a tour of their museum and factory.

Can I lease a Mercedes-Benz in Europe?

Yes, you can also get lease deals through Mercedes-Benz’s Overseas Delivery, but the maximum amount of time you can lease it in Europe is one month.

How much does it cost to ship Mercedes-Benz back home?

Mercedes will cover all costs with shipping your new vehicle home. You can drop off your vehicle in locations throughout Germany, France, and Switzerland at no extra cost. There are other drop-off locations throughout Europe that require an additional fee.

What can I do in Europe with Mercedes-Benz European Delivery?

Mercedes-Benz offers optional travel packages ($2,000) with each having a different theme. They include stays at hotels throughout different regions, like the French Riviera.