Mazda Warranty Coverage Guide [Factory & Extended Warranty]

Mazda Warranty Guide

Learning about your Mazda warranty empowers you to know what parts and repairs are covered if your vehicle needs servicing.

Extended warranties offer an opportunity to protect your car and your wallet from unexpected repairs.

However, there are many types of warranties to consider, including Mazda's own extended warranty.

What Is the Standard Mazda Factory Warranty?

Mazda Standard Warranty

All new Mazdas are protected by limited warranties. Here’s a breakdown of the factory warranty:

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Covering part defects and shoddy labor, the New Vehicle Limited Warranty lasts 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Parts that are subject to regular wear are not covered.

Powertrain Limited Warranty

The Powertrain Limited Warranty covers powertrain defects and poor workmanship. It lasts 60 months or 60,000 miles.

RX-8 Rotary Engine Core Limited Warranty Extension

Rotary engine core components on all RX-8 vehicles carry additional coverage. The extension expires 96 months (8 years) after the original warranty's effective date. There is a 100,000-mile limitation.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

Towing will be provided if a Mazda vehicle is rendered inoperable due to the failure of a warranted part, powertrain component, or RX-8 rotary engine core component. Vehicles will be towed to the nearest Mazda dealership for repairs.

CPO Warranty

Mazda Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are covered by the remaining portions of their original 3-year/36,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranties. The CPO Limited Vehicle Warranty covers vehicles for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

What Do You Do When Your Mazda Car Warranty Expires?

Mazda Warranty ExpiredYou have to act before your Mazda warranty expires. If you wait, you place yourself at risk of having to pay repair bills if you're not covered. Decide whether you want to buy an extended warranty or not as soon as possible.

Figuring out how long you want to keep your Mazda can help you decide quicker. If you like your vehicle or can not afford to buy a new one, then an extended warranty might help you in both instances.

Researching what each plan covers and matching your findings with your needs can be a smart strategy. You probably do not want to pay for coverage that does not apply to your circumstances. Assess your options before committing one way or the other.

If you choose to buy an extended warranty, you should compare quotes from Mazda and third-party companies. Determine what you can afford and pick the most suitable plan.

Make sure to start your research with ample time left, because you can only purchase a Mazda extended warranty before your factory one expires.

What Is the Mazda Extended Warranty?

Mazda offers their customers three vehicle service agreement plans, Mazda Protection Products, so they can enjoy their cars longer.

Mazda Extended WarrantyPlatinum

The Mazda Protection Products Platinum Vehicle Service Agreement is the highest tier Mazda offers its customers. This plan covers parts that are not covered by the lower two tiers, the Gold and Powertrain plans.


The Mazda Protection Products Gold Vehicle Service Agreement provides coverage for parts the Powertrain plan does not cover but is not as robust as its more prestigious counterpart, the Platinum plan.


The Mazda Protection Products Powertrain Vehicle Service Agreement covers the engine, transmission, and front and rear-wheel drive systems.

Mazda Additional Plans

Mazda Warranty Additional PlansParts and Accessories Warranty

New and remanufactured parts (excluding batteries) and accessories purchased from or installed by a Mazda dealer are covered under the Replacement Parts and Accessories Warranty.

Genuine Mazda Parts Warranty

For 1996 and newer vehicles, parts, and labor are covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles from the installation date.

Mazda Brake Parts Warranty

Mazda brake parts are covered by a lifetime limited warranty. The original purchaser of the replacement brake parts must still own the vehicle.

High-Performance Replacement Battery Warranty

Mazda's battery warranty is 36 to 60 months long with some caveats:

  • If the battery needs replacing within 1-36 months, then the battery and labor are free.
  • If replacement is needed between 37 to 48 months, then 30% of the battery and labor are free.
  • Between 49 and 60 months, only 20% is covered.


Mazda Protection Products Guaranteed Auto Protection can cover the balance owed on a vehicle and an insurance settlement. GAP coverage can also cover insurance deductibles up to $1,000. Additional fees may apply.

Prepaid Maintenance Plans


The Gold maintenance plan is offered in 1 to 4-year terms. The plan covers oil and oil-filter changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections.


Platinum plans from 1 to 5 years can be bought. In addition to covering what the Gold plan does, the Platinum plan includes air filters and spark plug replacements.

Tire & Wheel Protection and Key Replacement

Mazda Protection Products Tire & Wheel protection covers tires and wheels when they are damaged by certain road hazards.


This level of protection only covers the replacement and repair of tires and wheels.

Platinum Plus

This level contains Tire & Wheel Protection as well as Paintless Dent and Windshield Repair. The latter features can be performed at the owner’s home, place of employment, or an authorized Mazda dealership.

Key Replacement

Mazda Protection Products Key Replacement covers lost or damaged keys and key fobs, lock-out assistance, and towing and transportation reimbursement. This option can be bought by itself or added to Platinum or Platinum Plus plans.

Mazda Additional Benefits

All of the Mazda extended warranties include these additional benefits:

Mazda Warranty Additional BenefitsVehicle Rentals

The Mazda Protection Products Gold and Powertrain Vehicle Service Agreements cover a maximum of $35 per day for 5 days per event.

The Mazda Protection Products Platinum Vehicle Service Agreement covers up to $50 a day for the same length of time.

Meals and Lodging Reimbursement

The Mazda Protection Products Gold and Powertrain Vehicle Service Agreements cover $35 per day if vehicle owners are more than 150 miles away from their homes. This coverage can only be used for 5 days over the length of the agreement.

The Mazda Protection Products Platinum Vehicle Service Agreement covers up to $100 a day.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Mazda Protection Products Vehicle Service Agreements and Prepaid Maintenance plans provide roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service is carried out by Cross Country Motor Club, Inc. and Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc.

Protect Your Mazda Lease

Excess Wear & Use Protection

Mazda Protection Products Excess Wear & Use Protection covers leased Mazda vehicles. It covers eligible wear and use charges such as body dents and torn interiors. Excess Wear & Use Protection provides coverage up to $5,000. It is only available at the time of leasing.

How Much Does Mazda Extended Warranty Cost?

Mazda Warranty Costs

Mazda extended warranties have no set price. Costs depend on the vehicle's make and model, mileage, and plan details. Some online sources estimate the price average to be around $2,000.  Contact your Mazda dealer for the most accurate quote.

What Is Not Covered by Mazda Extended Warranty?

Like most extended warranties, Mazda does not cover:

  • Collision damage
  • Damage from misuse or lack of maintenance
  • Weather damage
  • Normal wear and tear

Should I Get the Mazda Extended Warranty?

Mazda Warranty Is It Worth It

Vehicle repair costs can add up, especially because they are unpredictable. Using an extended warranty to reduce these costs can help Mazda owners in the long run, especially if they want to keep their car once they pay it off.

Although Mazdas can rank as having the lowest repair costs ($462 on average), expenses can add up, making extended warranties fortunate solutions to many financial problems.

To determine whether or not to get Mazda's extended warranty, you must evaluate your own budget and car ownership plans.

If you plan to keep your vehicle for several years, and do not want to take from your savings to pay for unexpected repairs, then an extended warranty makes sense. However, you should compare several providers (including third-party companies) before choosing a plan.

Mazda Extended Warranty vs. Third-Party Extended Warranty

If you're looking for an extended warranty, there are plenty of third-party options to consider outside of the manufacturer.

Endurance [Review], CarEdge [Review], and [Review] also offer extended warranties.
Start Date
Before Factory Warranty Expires
Local Mazda Dealer
Free, Instant Online Quote
Free, Instant Online Quote
Free, Instant Online Quote
Max Coverage Length
9 Years, 100K Miles
8 Years / 250K Miles
10 Years / 100K Miles
3 Years, Up to 185K Miles
Plan Options
3 Plans
6 Plans
4 Plans
3 Plans
Varies, Plans w/ $0 Available
Up to $200
Repair Network
Mazda Dealerships
ASE-Approved Shops
ASE-Approved Shops
ASE-Approved Shops
Refund Within 30 Days ($50 Fee)
Full Refund Within 30 Days
Cancel Anytime
Cancel Anytime (Monthly Payments)

Can I Cancel Mazda Warranty?

Mazda extended warranties can be canceled within 30 days for a full refund, minus a $50 processing fee. After 30 days, refunds will be prorated. To cancel, you must contact the dealership.

Mazda Maintenance GuideMazda Maintenance Guide

Understanding the recommended maintenance for your vehicle is important. It can help prevent issues and ensure you stay eligible with your extended warranty coverage.

The exact recommendation from Mazda varies by vehicle. In general, they recommend regular service intervals every 6 months or 5,000 miles which include an oil change, tire rotation, and inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the basic Mazda warranty last?

The basic Mazda warranty lasts 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

How long does the Mazda extended warranty last?

Terms vary due to Mazda’s flexible plans. As such, this information is not available on Mazda’s website. You can contact your local Mazda dealer for information.

Does Mazda extended warranty cover maintenance?

Mazda extended warranties do not cover routine maintenance.

Is the Mazda extended warranty worth it?

A Mazda extended warranty may be worth it. You must analyze your personal situation to decide. Assess how long you plan to keep the vehicle, your monthly budget, and your savings. If you decide an extended warranty is a smart decision for you, then compare quotes from third-party companies and Mazda to determine the best option for you.

Can I transfer my Mazda extended warranty?

Mazda warranty coverage can be transferred once for free.

Are Mazda cars expensive to repair?

Several online sources found that Mazdas cost slightly less than other vehicles to repair on average. Still, some components may be expensive to repair.

Where can I take my Mazda for repairs under warranty?

You can take your Mazda anywhere that has Mazda factory-trained technicians.