Kia Warranty Coverage Guide [Factory & Extended Warranty]

Kia Manufacturer Warranty Guide

Kia offers a fairly generous warranty on its new cars, but after that warranty expires, protecting your vehicle is still vital.

Extended warranties offer an opportunity to protect your car and your wallet from unexpected repairs.

However, there are many types of warranties to consider, including Kia’s own extended warranty.

What Is the Standard Kia Factory Warranty?

Kia Standard Warranty

Kia is often rated one of the best companies for factory warranties. Here’s the breakdown of its factory warranty:

Limited Powertrain Warranty

Kia’s limited powertrain warranty lasts for 10 years or up to 100,000 miles. It covers the transmission, engine, and driveline components of the vehicle. Note that this warranty is only valid for the original owner.

Limited Basic Warranty

The limited basic warranty lasts for 5 years or up to 60,000 miles. This is bumper-to-bumper coverage including most parts.

Limited Anti-Perforation Warranty

The anti-perforation warranty lasts for 5 years or up to 100,000 miles. It covers the body sheet metal parts of a car and any perforation (holes) caused by material or workmanship issues.

Roadside Assistance

Enjoy Kia’s roadside assistance plan for 5 years or up to 60,000 miles. You receive 24/7 assistance in the event of a breakdown, including for a battery, emergency fuel, wheel changes, and towing.

CPO Warranty

All certified pre-owned Kia vehicles include a 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and 1 year/12,000 miles of Platinum warranty coverage.

What Do You Do When Your Kia Car Warranty Expires?

Kia Warranty ExpiredEven though Kia offers a highly generous factory warranty, it still comes to an end eventually. As the end of your initial warranty approaches, you must consider your choices:

If you plan to get a Kia extended warranty, then you must do so before your factory warranty expires. Here are some steps you should take so you don’t miss out:

  • Begin planning within 3 months/3,000 miles of your factory warranty’s expiration date.
  • Assess your budget and savings.
  • Determine how long you plan to keep the vehicle.
  • Speak with your local Kia dealer about the price and options for an extended warranty.
  • Request quotes from several third-party warranty providers.
  • If you plan to keep the vehicle for many years, and an extended warranty fits in your budget, then you should choose a plan.
  • Should you decide to go with the Kia extended warranty, you must do so before your current warranty expires.

What Is the Kia Extended Warranty?

As you approach the end of your factory coverage, you can opt for a Kia extended warranty. Here are the details of the Kia Distinction Vehicle Protection Plan options:

Kia Extended WarrantyPowertrain Plan

The Powertrain Plan offers the most basic coverage. It covers the engine, transmission, and drive axle.

Silver Plan

In addition to covering the same parts as the Powertrain Plan, the Silver Plan also includes coverage for:

  • Steering
  • Electrical
  • Brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • Front suspension
  • Additional hybrid/plug-in electrical compressed natural gas

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan covers everything from the Silver and Powertrain Plans as well as:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Drive axle
  • Electrical
  • Front suspension
  • Brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • Hybrid/plug-in electrical compressed natural gas components

Gold Plus Plan

In addition to covering the same components as the lower tiers, the Gold Plus Plan also covers:

  • Cooling
  • Fuel
  • Air conditioning
  • Steering
  • Front suspension
  • Rear suspension
  • Electrical
  • Hybrid/ plug-in natural gas components

Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan is the highest level of coverage Kia offers and is the closest to bumper-to-bumper coverage. It includes all of the same components from the lower-tier plans. This plan is exclusionary coverage, meaning it only lists what is not covered.

Kia Additional Benefits

All of the Kia Distinction Vehicle Protection Plans include these additional benefits:

  • Kia Warranty Additional BenefitsRental Car Reimbursement for up to $35 per day for 10 days.
  • Towing coverage for up to $75 for towing due to mechanical breakdown.
  • Travel coverage when a breakdown happens over 100 miles from home.
  • Fuel coverage to replace fuels in covered repairs.
  • Roll the cost of your extended warranty into your vehicle financing.

How Much Does Kia Extended Warranty Cost?

Kia Warranty CostsThe cost of your Kia extended warranty varies depending on which plan you choose as well as your vehicle model, condition, etc. For a typical warranty, consumers pay roughly $1,500-$2,500 for 7 years/75,000 miles of coverage. As the cost is extremely variable, it is best to request your personal quote, including quotes for different plan levels.

In general, the low yearly cost to maintain your Kia means that the warranty wouldn’t offer much savings. However, if you experience certain issues with the engine or transmission, then it’s well worth having the warranty. In these cases, the warranty can save you thousands of dollars.

What Is Not Covered by Kia Extended Warranty?

Like most extended warranties, Kia does not cover:

  • Kia Warranty What Is Not CoveredCollision damage
  • Damage from misuse or lack of maintenance
  • Modifications
  • Damage from the environment or weather
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Window damage
  • Damage from repairs from a third-party shop

Should I Get the Kia Extended Warranty?

Kia Warranty Is It Worth ItAs a subset of Hyundai, Kia has a good quality rating. According to the 2020 J.D. Power U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study, Kia had fewer issues per 100 vehicles than the industry average. Consumer Reports also ranks the carmaker as 9th in reliability, and RepairPal ranks it 3rd out of 32 brands.

While Kia is a fairly reliable brand, it is not 100% perfect or problem-free. As with any vehicle, there’s always a risk of an expensive repair coming up.

An extended warranty can help protect you from the cost of expensive repairs. This helps give you peace of mind and also helps your budget. Of course, the extended warranties also include several additional benefits to help you as a car owner.

If you plan to keep the car for a long time and aren’t able to pay for the repairs out of pocket, then an extended warranty may be the right choice. While Kia has strong options for extended warranties, you should still assess all of the options available (including third-party providers).

Kia Extended Warranty vs. Third-Party Extended Warranty

If you're looking for an extended warranty, there are plenty of third-party options to consider outside of the manufacturer.

Endurance [Review], CarEdge [Review], and [Review] also offer extended warranties.
Start Date
Before Factory Warranty Expires
Local Kia Dealer
Free, Instant Online Quote
Free, Instant Online Quote
Free, Instant Online Quote
Max Coverage Length
120K Miles
8 Years / 250K Miles
10 Years / 100K Miles
3 Years, Up to 185K Miles
Plan Options
5 Plans
6 Plans
4 Plans
3 Plans
Varies, Plans w/ $0 Available
Up to $200
Repair Network
Kia Dealerships
ASE-Approved Shops
ASE-Approved Shops
ASE-Approved Shops
Full Refund Within 30 Days
Full Refund Within 30 Days
Cancel Anytime
Cancel Anytime (Monthly Payments)

Can I Cancel Kia Warranty?

Yes, you can cancel your Kia extended warranty at any time. You have a 30-day grace period that permits cancellation with a full refund. If you cancel after 30 days, you will receive a prorated refund only.

Kia Maintenance Guide

Staying on top of your Kia maintenance is critical for keeping your car in good condition. It’s also important for your warranty, as the warranty will not cover damage from lack of maintenance.

Kia Maintenance GuideThe specific maintenance recommendations vary by car model and age, but in general, Kia recommends:

  • An oil change, tire rotation, and safety inspection every 7,500 miles.
  • At 15,000 miles, engine air filter and cabin filter replacement.
  • At 22,500 miles, additional brake pad and tire replacement.
  • Blake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant replacement at 30,000 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the basic Kia warranty last?

Kia’s limited basic warranty lasts for 5 years or up to 60,000 miles.

How long does the Kia extended warranty last?

You can select a term length that works best for you, but the longest Kia extended warranty available is 120,000 miles.

Does Kia extended warranty cover maintenance?

No, a Kia extended warranty does not cover routine maintenance.

Is the Kia extended warranty worth it?

Many car owners find the Kia extended warranty to be worth it, but you must assess the situation for yourself. Evaluate your personal budget, current/ future savings, and car ownership plans. Additionally, compare the cost, benefits, and coverage of multiple providers before choosing.

Can I transfer my Kia extended warranty?

Yes, you can transfer your Kia extended warranty which is great news for the resale value of your vehicle.

Are Kia cars expensive to repair?

On average, Kia vehicles are less expensive to maintain than others. The average annual repair cost is under $500. Still, the cost of a repair depends on the part and extent of the issue. For example, repairing a Kia transmission can be up to $3,500.

Where can I take my Kia for repairs under warranty?

Under the Kia warranty, you can take your vehicle to any Kia dealership for repair. Bringing the vehicle to a third-party repair shop can void the warranty.