Ford Mustang: Top Alternatives for 2024

Ford Mustang Alternatives

The Ford Mustang is America’s quintessential sporty coupe. It can be surprisingly affordable or prohibitively expensive. One thing is universal: its ability to bring smiles to drivers and passersby alike.

But is it perfect? On many accounts, no. In its efforts to be all things to all people, the Mustang is a jack of all trades and master of none.

If you’re wondering what else might be worth cross-shopping, we’ve rounded up our top three alternatives to the iconic Mustang.

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Why Consider a Ford Mustang Alternative?

People might look for a Ford Mustang alternative due to preferences for different performance characteristics, like the Toyota GR Supra's agility, or the Dodge Challenger's spacious interior and comfort.

Others may seek the technological sophistication and premium feel of the Supra, influenced by its collaboration with BMW.

Each alternative offers unique features that cater to varied tastes and requirements, from interior space and luxury to specific handling and performance traits.

Ford Mustang Top Competitors Comparison Summary

Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang: Both offer powerful performance options, but the Mustang has a more powerful top-end Shelby GT500. The Camaro counters with slightly better fuel efficiency and a lower base price.

Dodge Challenger vs Ford Mustang: The Challenger stands out with its spacious interior and available all-wheel drive, making it more practical. The Mustang is more agile and offers a broader engine lineup.

Toyota Supra vs Ford Mustang: The Supra focuses on a compact, two-seater experience with a premium interior, thanks to its BMW collaboration. The Mustang provides more engine options and traditional muscle car appeal.

1. Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet-Camaro-Alternatives-to-Ford-MustangBoth the Mustang and Camaro are iconic American sports cars with a rich history of rivalry.

The Mustang offers a broader range of engine options, including a high-performance Shelby GT500 variant with 760 horsepower, making it the most powerful option between the two.

The Camaro, however, counters with slightly better fuel efficiency and a comparable performance at a slightly lower starting price.

Interior-wise, the Mustang is often praised for its blend of modern tech with classic muscle car charm, whereas the Camaro's interior, despite its sporty layout, can feel more cramped and has been noted for its limited visibility.

Ideal for drivers seeking Mustang-like performance with a slightly lower price tag.

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2. Dodge Challenger

Dodge-Challenger-Alternatives-to-Ford-MustangThe Challenger sets itself apart from the Mustang with its distinctive retro styling, larger body, and more spacious interior, making it the most practical choice for those who need more room.

It also offers a unique all-wheel-drive option not available in the Mustang, enhancing its appeal in colder climates.

While the Mustang excels in agility and handling, thanks to its lighter frame and newer platform, the Challenger boasts a range of powerful V8 engines, including the Hellcat models, which prioritize straight-line speed and raw power.

Best for those who need more cabin space and appreciate retro styling.

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3. Toyota Supra

Toyota-Supra-Alternatives-to-Ford-MustangThe Toyota GR Supra presents a different approach, focusing on a sportier, more compact design and a driver-centric experience.

Unlike the Mustang's variety of engine choices and the option for a rear seat, the Supra is strictly a two-seater with a choice between a turbocharged four-cylinder or a more potent inline-six engine. T

he Supra benefits from its collaboration with BMW, offering a more upscale interior and advanced technology.

It's designed for those who prioritize handling and a European driving experience over the traditional American muscle car feel of the Mustang.

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