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Anthony Sophinos has been infatuated with cars for as long as he can remember, and that passion has fueled his journey from nerdy gearhead to professional writer and content creator who covers all things automotive. His byline has appeared at CarsDirect, New Car Test Drive, iSeeCars, and other online publications. To read more of his work, visit When he's not penning articles, you can find Anthony outside biking, hiking, or exploring New England in his Miata (in the summer, of course).

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Best Trucks [Ranked for 2024]

Best Trucks

Pickup trucks are among the hottest, most competitive segments in the business. The relentless one-upmanship among brands has set the bar higher than ever, and buyers now expect workhorses that are equal parts capable, comfortable, and versatile. So which trucks are the cream of the crop? And which are best…

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Best New SUVs Under $20,000

Best New SUVs Under 20K

Hankering for a new set of wheels but don’t have much scratch? Don’t fret - automakers still offer a few bargains in their lineup. While these models aren’t loaded up with the latest goodies, they are a far, far cry from the bare-bones models that were once the only choice for penny pinchers. With the…

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Best Cheap Commuter Cars [Top Ranked Models]

Best Cheap Commuter Car

Even in this era of remote work, it's an inescapable reality that we have to travel on a frequent or daily basis. And when you trace that route every day, you want to do so in a car that is, above all, cheap to run. We looked at the market to find the best affordable…

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Best Midsize SUVs [Top Ranked Models]

Best Midsize SUV

Midsize vehicles are the Goldilocks solution - not too big, not too small, but just right. That’s been proven true with sedans and trucks, and it is no less a maxim among SUVs as well. To help you make sense of all of your options out there, we’ve whittled down this roster to our top…

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Best New SUVs Under $30,000

Best New SUVs Under 30K

You may have heard that the average new-car transaction is now closing in on the $40,000 mark. That’s a sobering thought for a lot of us, but luckily that’s only an average - there are still plenty of excellent family vehicles available for far less money. To prove it, we’ve rounded up some of our…

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Best SUVs [Top Ranked Models]

Best SUVs

SUVs are versatile vehicles suitable for various activities, from commuting to off-roading. They come in many sizes and price ranges, ensuring a fit for everyone. Originally, SUVs were defined as full-frame vehicles with rear or four-wheel drive and off-road capabilities. Nowadays, the term is often used…

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Best Double Cab Trucks [Ranked for 2024]

Best Double Cab Trucks

Double cabs are a bit of an enigma. On the one hand, they fit more cargo and passengers than the classic regular cab; on the other, they still pale in comparison to roomy crew cabs. Yet their in-between status doesn’t make them a market pariah. On the contrary, they remain popular with buyers who…

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Best Crew Cab Trucks: Which 6 Seater Truck Is Right for You?

Best Crew Cab Trucks

Buyers have flocked to these four-door models for their added practicality; unlike single or extended-cab designs, crew cabs can comfortably fit up to six adults without sacrificing the ability to tow and haul serious weight. We’ve found the trucks that best combine the usefulness of four full-size doors…

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Ford Mustang: Top Alternatives for 2024

Ford Mustang Alternatives

The Ford Mustang is America’s quintessential sporty coupe. It can be surprisingly affordable or prohibitively expensive. One thing is universal: its ability to bring smiles to drivers and passersby alike. But is it perfect? On many accounts, no. In its efforts to be all things to all people, the Mustang is…

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Best Commuter Cars [Ranked for 2024]

Best Commuter Car

Crossovers and SUVs may be in the limelight right now, but sedans are by no means down and out. In fact, they’ve gotten better than ever: between their performance, styling, and efficiency, the current crop of both mainstream and luxury four-doors are as well-rounded and sophisticated as they’ve ever…

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