Audi Lease-End Options [Complete Guide]

Audi Lease-End Options

If your Audi lease is about to come to an end, you may be wondering about your next steps.

The better you understand your lease-end options, the less likely you are to incur unnecessary fees.

This guide will show you how to end your Audi lease and what you should do to ensure that you have a smooth transition.

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Audi Lease-End Options
Vehicle Inspectiongreen-checkmark
Return Leasegreen-checkmark
Purchase Leasegreen-checkmark
Return & Leasegreen-checkmark
Extend Leasegreen-checkmark
Lease-End FeesCharge for wear and tear and exceeding mileage limit
$300-$400 Disposition fee
Lease-End Benefitswaiver for turn-in fee
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Audi Vehicle Inspection

Audi Vehicle InspectionNo matter what lease-end option you choose, you will have to return your vehicle to the dealership for an end-of-lease inspection. You should schedule this inspection within 60 days of the lease-end. Be sure to contact the dealership where you will be returning the vehicle to see what time and days are available for inspection.

It is important that you clean up the vehicle and inspect it yourself before returning it to the dealers. That is because the vehicle will be checked for normal wear versus excessive wear. Here is what Audi defines as normal wear, which will not cause you to incur excess wear fees:

  • Chips and scratches less than 2 inches in length
  • No more than 3 scratches per body panel
  • A single windshield chip without spidering

Return Audi Lease

Option 1: Return Audi Lease

The first option is to simply return your Audi back to the dealership. If you choose this option, then you will want to complete the following steps:

  1. Schedule a pre-inspection to check for any signs of excess wear on the vehicle. This gives you the time to repair any excess damage to handle any repairs that are covered by the warranty.
  2. Contact the originating Audi dealer about returning your vehicle. Also, you should take the time to ask about excess mileage fees.
  3. Schedule your appointment to return the leased vehicle before the end lease date.
  4. Schedule any repairs at an authorized Audi dealer before returning the vehicle.
  5. Prepare to return the vehicle by removing any personal items.
  6. Return the vehicle to the originating Audi dealership on the appointment date. Complete any paperwork, sign the Odometer statement, and pay any fees.

Carvana Buy & Sell

Purchase Audi LeaseOption 2: Purchase Audi Lease

You also have the option to purchase the Audi outright at the end of the lease. Here are the steps you can take to complete the vehicle’s purchase:

  1. Contact customer support to receive your purchase option price.
  2. Contact the originating dealer to discuss the buy-out option and final price on the vehicle.
  3. Schedule your appointment to complete the purchase before the lease end date.
  4. At the lease-end, you will complete the purchase of the vehicle. At this time, you should have satisfied all financial obligations and signed the Odometer statement.

Return and Lease New Audi

Option 3: Return and Lease New Audi

You also have the option to return the leased vehicle and lease or purchase another Audi. Here are the steps you should take to complete your lease and begin a new one:

  1. Follow the steps in the “Return Audi Lease” section of this guide.
  2. Research which Audi vehicle you would like to drive next.
  3. Consider whether a lease or a purchase would be right for you.
  4. Let the dealership know that you would be interested in a purchase or another lease. Be sure to check out current Audi lease offers here.

Extend Audi Lease

Option 4: Extent Audi Lease

Finally, you have the option to extend your current Audi lease. Audi Financial Services will allow you to extend a lease for up to six months.

Initially, you will be able to extend a lease for three months and then further extend the lease on a monthly basis for another three months.

Audi Lease-End Fees

Audi Lease- End Fees

It is important to understand the various fees that are associated with your lease-end process. Here’s a look at some of the fees that you may have to pay at that time:

  • Disposition Fee. The disposition fee is the fee that you incur for the dealership to accept your returned lease vehicle. This fee will be stipulated in your lease agreement. While Audi does not have a set disposition fee, the fee can range from $300 to $400.
  • Wear and Tear. If your vehicle has excessive wear and tear, then you will have to pay what is known as “excessive wear and tear” fees. You can review the definition of what qualifies as normal wear and tear vs. excessive wear and tear in the Audi Financial Services Lease Guide.
  • Excess Mileage Fee. If you go over the agreed-upon mileage in your lease, you will have to pay a per-mile fee. This fee is currently $0.20 per mile. Consider a high mileage lease if you know you'll go over the limit.
  • Outstanding Payments. If you have any outstanding payments due from your lease agreement, then they will be due at this time.

Audi Lease-End BenefitsAudi Lease-End Benefits

Audi does not state any specific lease-end benefits. However, you may be eligible to have the disposition fee waived if you decide to lease or purchase another Audi from the dealership.

Be sure to contact your originating dealership to see if any lease-end benefits are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options at the end of an Audi lease?

At the end of your lease, you have the option to return the Audi vehicle to the originating dealership, purchase the vehicle via a buy-out, lease another Audi vehicle or purchase another Audi vehicle. You may also have the option to extend your current lease.

Where can I return my Audi lease?

You can return your Audi to any Audi dealership in the U.S. if you lease the vehicle through Audi Financial Services.

What do I need to bring with me when I return my Audi lease?

When you are returning your Audi, be sure to bring any accessories that came with the vehicle. Also, be sure to bring any documents associated with the vehicle's maintenance, including any repair receipts.

Is my residual value, purchase price, or end-of-lease fees negotiable with Audi?

You will not be able to negotiate any part of the lease that is part of the lease agreement that you signed.

Can I return my Audi lease before the lease-end date?

You can return your lease before the end-lease date. However, you may have to incur additional fees. Before returning a lease before the end-lease date, you should consider the alternatives to ending a lease early.

What charges am I responsible for when my Audi lease ends?

You will be responsible for any outstanding payments that you may have associated with the lease. Also, you will have to pay a disposition fee if you are returning the vehicle to the dealership. The following fees may also apply:

  • Excessive Mileage Fee. This fee will be $0.20 for every mile over the agreed-upon mileage allowance.
  • Excessive Wear and Tear. This fee is applied if your vehicle exhibits wear and tear beyond Audi’s definition of normal wear and tear.

What constitutes wear and tear for Audi?

Audi has two types of definitions for wear and tear. First, there is normal wear and tear that will not incur any additional fees. Here is what constitutes normal wear and tear:

  • Chips and scratches less than 2 inches in length
  • No more than 3 scratches per body panel
  • A single windshield chip without spidering

Here is what constitutes excessive wear and tear according to Audi:

  • Chips and scratches longer than 2 inches in length
  • More than three 3 scratches per body panel
  • A windshield chip with spidering

Be sure to pre-inspect your vehicle before returning it to the dealership.