Acura vs Infiniti Reliability (Detailed Comparison)

Acura vs Infiniti Reliability

Acura and Infiniti boast a wide range of high-quality vehicles with various trim levels for users' personalization.

Making a definitive comparison of the reliability of these two brands is challenging since both have a mix of models with varying degrees of reliability.

The reliability of Acura versus Infiniti is mixed because both cars haven't maintained a consistent record for a couple of years.

However, Acura is more reliable than Infiniti. Acura offers better safety ratings, cheaper repair and maintenance costs, and better cars in different categories than Infiniti.

Infiniti engines are more powerful, and you get slightly higher warranty coverage. A detailed comparison of Acura vs. Infiniti Reliability will guide you in making better decisions.

Acura vs. Infiniti Reliability: Detailed Comparison

Gas Mileage
Modern and Sporty
Elegant and Refined
Engine and Performance
Acuras can last about 250,000 to 300,000 miles, with an average lifespan of 16-20 years.
Infiniti's average lifespan is 15-20 years and an extended mileage of 200,000 - 300,000 miles.
Repair and Maintenance Cost

Acura vs. Infiniti Reliability: Which One Is Better?

According to RepairPal, Acura has a higher reliability rating than Infiniti, with a 4.0/5.0 reliability rating, ranking 2nd amongst 32 car brands.

By comparison, Infiniti only scored 16th with a rating of 3.5/5.0.

The stats drop as Infiniti does better than Acura in the 2022 JD Power dependability survey.

Their warranty coverage is one area Acura and Infiniti diverge. Acura provides a standard 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty and a 6-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Infiniti offers 10,000 miles more on their basic, limited warranty with a 4-year/60,000-mile warranty and a 6-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty. Again, the differences are slight, but it’s worthy mentioning.

The repair and maintenance cost is lower on Acura than on Infiniti, and the resale value is excellent for both car brands. Still, you will get a better safety and technology system on Acura than on Infiniti.

You must understand that both brands' reliability varies according to the different models they offer, and both brands have a mix of highly rated, like the Acura MDX or the Infiniti Q50, and less reliable options, like Arcura’s NSX or Ininiti’s QX60.

Acura vs. Infiniti Reliability: Gas Mileage

Let’s take a look at fuel economy.

The 2022 Acura ILX is a compact sedan that gets an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 24 mpg city and 33 mpg highway.

On the other hand, the 2022 Infiniti Q50 gets 20 mpg in town and 29 mpg on the highway.

While Acura wins on some models, Infiniti is better with other options.

Winner: Both

Acura vs. Infiniti Reliability: Design

Infiniti and Acura are great car brands with sleek and stylish designs. Most times, the major differences amongst the designs of these cars boil down to individual preferences. However, understanding what they offer will guide you in making better decisions.

Two areas that define the design of Acura and Infiniti are aesthetics and technology integration, which covers the sophistication of both cars' exterior and interior designs.

Acura cars lean towards a more modern and sporty look, with sharp lines and aggressive styling. Infiniti, however, adopts a more elegant design with softer lines and a more luxurious feel.

Acura beats Infiniti in the incorporation, but Infiniti does it better with luxury, comfortable interior, and premium materials.

But, you will get more cutting-edge technology from Acura.

Winner: Both

Acura vs. Infiniti Reliability: Engine and Performance

It shouldn't be surprising that Infiniti offers better and more powerful engines. Although Acura tries up its game by optimizing fuel efficiency, it is important to mention that the engine and performance of these cars control the overall driving experience.

Acura focuses on smaller, more fuel-efficient engines, such as inline-four and V6 engines. These engines balance power and efficiency, making them well-suited for various driving situations.

Infiniti prefers larger engines, like the V6 and V8 configurations. These engines maximize power and performance and are in Infiniti's more high-end models.

The transmission system also differs in both car brands. Acura vehicles come with either automatic or continuously variable transmissions (CVT), which are designed for smooth, efficient shifting.

Infiniti vehicles, on the other hand, usually come with automatic transmissions, but some models actually offer a manual transmission option as well. A better way of understanding the engine strength and performance of Acura versus Infiniti is to compare cars from both brands in the same category.

Infiniti offers better engine options in the Luxury midsize SUV, luxury compact SUV, and luxury small car categories. Acura steps up by winning the luxury midsize SUV with the Acura MDX.

On an overall scale, Infiniti is the type of car you'll go to when you want powerful and faster engines. The handling and overall performance are impressive, but Acura balances agile handling and fuel efficiency.

Winner: Infiniti

Acura vs. Infiniti Reliability: Safety and Technology

The Acura brand tends to have superior knowledge and offering on safety technology than Infiniti. This does not imply that Infiniti cars are unsafe.

You'll find more Acura cars earning high safety ratings on IIHS and different safety award platforms than Infiniti cars.

Acura has a strong focus on safety and incorporates a variety of advanced safety features. For example, the Acura MDX offers a suite of driver-assist technologies, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking.

The drool-worthy Acura NSX boasts a state-of-the-art collision avoidance system that uses radar and cameras to detect potential collisions and alert the driver.

Infiniti is not an entirely unacceptable option. The Infiniti Q50, for example, offers a range of advanced driver-assist technologies, like adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and lane-departure warning.

The Infiniti QX80 features a 360-degree camera system that helps the driver see their surroundings and navigate tight spaces.

Both car brands offer a range of connectivity and entertainment options, including great infotainment systems. Because there are more cars with higher safety ratings, they are considered more reliable.

Winner: Acura

Acura vs. Infiniti Reliability: Repair and Maintenance Cost

According to RepairPal, Acura vehicles have lower repair costs than the industry average, with an average annual repair cost of $501, compared to Infiniti vehicles which have an annual average of $638.

When it comes to maintenance costs, Acura and Infiniti vehicles are similar, with both brands offering a range of maintenance schedules and service intervals. Both Acura and Infiniti recommend regular maintenance every 7,500 miles or six months.

The specific maintenance tasks and costs will vary depending on the specific model and age of the vehicle, so it's important to consult your owner's manual for specific recommendations. But, you will get a lesser frequency for major and minor damages on Acura than Infiniti.

Infiniti has a 10% chance of major repairs and a 0.7 chance of visiting the mechanic, making it higher than Acura, which only has a 0.4 chance and 8% probability, respectively.

Acura vehicles have slightly lower repair costs on average. Let me give you the standard disclaimer that these figures can vary significantly depending on the specific model and age of the vehicle, as well as the specific maintenance tasks and repairs required.

The overall cost of ownership of both cars will greatly depend on your driving habits and maintenance culture. This is without fail to mention that Acura cars are also cheaper to buy.

Winner: Acura


Acura and Infiniti vehicles have a reputation for being reliable, but it's important to remember that no vehicle is completely free of potential issues.

Consider test-driving your preferred car from any of these brands and ensuring it meets your needs and budget. Acura and Infiniti offer a wide range of sedans, SUVs, and hybrids with varying design philosophies.