Car Troubleshooting

Squeaky Suspension (Major Causes & Fixes)

Squeaky Suspension Causes

Besides brake pads, the most common reason for vehicle suspension squeaking is the lack of lubrication. This issue can occur when the metal-on-metal wear in the connecting components, such as the steering linkage, tie-rods, and suspension joints, causes the parts to get scratched. If lubrication is the leading cause of your vehicle’s squeaking issue, then […]

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Audi vs Volkswagen: Which Is More Reliable?

Audi vs Volkswagen Reliability

Although Audis and Volkswagens may trail behind Toyota and Honda in popularity, their unique offerings, like Volkswagen’s affordability and Audi’s luxurious interiors and Quattro AWD system, make them competitive. When comparing reliability, Volkswagen edges out Audi with lower maintenance costs, better fuel efficiency, and stronger performance in SUVs and eco-friendly models. Audi, known for its […]

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Volkswagen vs. Volvo: Which Is More Reliable?

Volkswagen vs Volvo Reliability

Understanding the Volkswagen vs. Volvo reliability debate is essential for anyone in the market for a new vehicle. We know how daunting it can be to navigate through countless comparisons and reviews to pinpoint the ideal choice for your needs. Imagine having a reliable guide to lead you through the plethora of choices—that’s exactly what […]

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Volvo vs Audi: Which Is More Reliable?

Volvo vs Audi Reliability

There is no doubt about Audi’s reliability. However, when they are placed in comparison, it is clear that Volvo is more reliable than Audi. Volvo offers higher safety ratings, better gas mileage, and is more durable. The truth is that Audi and Volvo brands are two companies with different ideologies, design philosophies, and target audiences. […]

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Nissan vs. Subaru: Reliability Comparison Guide

Nissan vs Subaru Reliability

Diving into the Nissan vs. Subaru reliability debate feels like unraveling a mystery without help. We get it. We’ve been there. Choosing between these trusted Japanese brands is tough. Picture our expert editors as your go-to car guy on the car-buying journey, eager to explore the pros and cons without the jargon, just straight-talk about […]

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The Ultimate Guide to the Hyundai vs. Subaru Reliability Face-Off

Hyundai vs Subaru Reliability

Whether you’re shopping for a sedan, SUV, coupe, sports car, electric, or hybrid vehicle, choosing between Hyundai’s vs. Subaru’s reliability can feel like a tough choice. I mean, how do you know which brand is the best for you? How do you figure out which is more reliable than the other? Well‌, that’s where our […]

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Chevy vs Hyundai: Which Is More Reliable?

Chevrolet vs Hyundai Reliability

Hyundai and Chevy, both giants in the automotive arena, cater to a broad audience with their distinct offerings. Chevy has earned acclaim for its robust trucks, whereas Hyundai is celebrated for its diverse lineup of SUVs and sedans. Hyundai offers higher reliability, dependability, and higher safety ratings. Repair and maintenance cost is cheaper on Hyundai […]

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Kia vs Mazda: Reliability Comparison

Kia vs Mazda Reliability

Amidst the countless contenders vying for dominance, Kia and Mazda have emerged as prominent players in the auto industry, renowned for their exceptional dependability and prestige. Let’s compare Kia vs. Mazda’s reliability to thoroughly examine the intricacies of their track records concerning durability, technology, safety, et cetera. Key Takeaways Both Mazda and Kia are reliable […]

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How To Transfer a Car Title in Wisconsin

How to Transfer Car Title in Wisconsin

If you are in Wisconsin, you must transfer a car title when it’s bought or sold, but also when it’s left from a deceased owner. The process of transferring car titles in Wisconsin varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the process but the basic documents you’ll need are: Your driver’s license Vehicle title signed by […]

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Top 7 Symptoms of a Bad Body Control Module

Symptoms of Bad Body Control Module

We get it—keeping up with the technological heartbeat of your modern vehicle feels daunting, especially when it comes to the Body Control Module (BCM). This unsung hero quietly ensures your drives are safe, your rides comfortable, and your car’s security tight. Think of the BCM as the conductor of an orchestra, where every note must […]

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