Car Troubleshooting

What Is Heat Soak?

What Is Heat Soak

Heat soak is a common problem that can occur in cars, especially those with high-performance engines. Heat soak occurs when the engine or some part of it gets too hot, causing a decrease in performance and potentially damaging the engine. The engine produces heat during combustion, and if it is not properly dissipated, it can […]

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What Is an LS Swap Engine?

What Is an LS Swap

Engine swaps involve the replacement of an existing engine with a new one. It is either done to replace a failed engine with the same model or to upgrade the original engine. One popular type of engine swap is the LS engine swap, which utilizes General Motors’ LS V8 engine series in various form factors. […]

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Range Rover vs. Land Rover (Key Differences)

Range Rover vs Land Rover

The distinction between Range Rover and Land Rover is straightforward: Land Rover denotes the overarching brand of the vehicle, encompassing a diverse lineup of seven distinct models. On the other hand, a Range Rover is a particular model within the Land Rover family, bearing the full name “Land Rover Range Rover.”  Unfortunately, the Land Rover […]

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Top 6 Reasons Why My Car Sounds Like a Lawn Mower (and How To Fix It)

Car Sounds Like Lawn Mower

If you’ve noticed that your car sounds like a lawn mower, it can be a cause for concern. A car that sounds like a lawn mower can indicate various issues, from minor to serious. The sound can be caused by several factors, ranging from a faulty muffler to a damaged exhaust system. Sadly, it can […]

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White, Blue, or Black Smoke From Exhaust/Tailpipe

Smoke from Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust emissions are an inevitable byproduct of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, and as long as the emissions are of the appropriate hue and inconspicuous, they are deemed acceptable. Ideally, a properly functioning engine should emit no discernible smoke from the exhaust pipe. However, if smoke is detected, it likely indicates an underlying issue […]

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Wheel Bearing Noise Diagnostics

Wheel Bearing Noise Diagnosis

Identifying wheel bearing noise can present a formidable challenge, as it can easily be misattributed to tire noise. Even when a malfunctioning wheel bearing is the culprit, pinpointing the affected wheel can prove arduous. The primary function of a wheel bearing is to facilitate smooth wheel rotation with minimal friction. When a vehicle comes to […]

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Water Leaking Inside the Car’s Passenger Side

Water Leaking Inside Passenger Side

Finding water inside your car, especially on the passenger side, can be a frustrating and worrying experience. Water leaks can cause damage to your car’s interior, including upholstery, electronics, and carpeting. A water leak is a severe problem and should be fixed immediately. If ignored, leaks can lead to more severe issues, such as body […]

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Top 7 Strut Brands To Avoid

Strut Brands to Avoid

Choosing the right brand is essential when replacing the struts on your car. While there are many reputable brands on the market, there are also some that should be avoided. Choosing a low-quality strut brand can lead to poor performance, premature wear, and even safety issues. Let’s explore the strut brands to avoid, including those […]

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Top 10 Symptoms of Bad Fuel Pump

Symptoms of Bad Fuel Pump

Most cars come with fuel pumps, which are designed to deliver fuel to the engine at the appropriate amount. When the key is turned on, the fuel pump begins to operate, producing a loud hum or a quiet whining sound. Some cars come with electric fuel pumps, while others have mechanical fuel pumps. These are […]

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How to Tell: Engine Is Damaged From No Oil

Engine Is Damaged from No Oil

Could your engine damage have been prevented by something as simple as an oil change? Whether the problem is caused by poor maintenance or an oil leak, his comprehensive guide will equip you with knowledge on how to tell if there’s engine damage due to no oil. Warning Signs of Engine Damage Due to Lack […]

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