Speed Limit in Parking Lots (& Parking Lot Driving Rules)

Speed Limit in Parking Lots

Driving with Caution: The Significance of Speed Limits in Parking Lots

While driving in parking lots may seem like a straightforward task, you have to be aware of the specific rules that govern driving in these areas.

Today, we will explore the importance of speed limits in parking lots, the reasons behind their implementation, and the guidelines that define them.

What Is The Speed Limit In Parking Lots?

What Is Speed Limit in Parking Lots

When you’re driving through a parking lot, there is a good chance that you will see speed limit signs. You will also notice that these speed limits will be much lower than what you will find on the road.

Typically, the speed limit inside a parking lot will be between 5 and 10 miles per hour.

These speed limits will be posted on signs that will resemble road signs but will be a bit smaller in size.

Why Is There A Speed Limit In Parking Lots?Why Is There a Speed Limit in Parking Lots

There are several reasons why you will find speed limit signs in a parking lot.

  • Pedestrian Safety: Chances are there will be people walking around a parking lot. That means that there is a good chance that you will have to stop right away. A lower speed limit ensures pedestrian safety.
  • Vehicle Safety: Driving at a slower pace allows you to have better control of your vehicle. This will allow you to have a better reaction time if you happen to see someone pulling out of a parking lot space or if you happen to see a pedestrian in your way.
  • Preventing Property Damage: There are many more objects that you will encounter when you are driving in a parking lot, including other vehicles, shopping carts, light poles, and guard railings. Parking lots also require lots of turning that could lead to accidents if not properly prepared.

Parking Lot Speed Limit SignsParking Lot Speed Limit Signs

In most cases, you will find parking lot speed limit signs at the entry of a parking lot. You will also find these parking lot signs throughout the lot itself.

How Are Parking Lot Speed Limits Defined?

The Size Of The Parking Lot

  • You will find that the larger the parking lot, the lower the speed limit. That is because a busy parking lot will have more vehicles and more pedestrians in the area. If you are in a small parking lot, you may find a slightly higher speed limit.

The Purpose Of The Parking Lot

  • You also have to consider the purpose of the parking lot. For instance, a parking lot for a hospital will typically have a low speed limit because you will encounter many more people, some in wheelchairs or in need of assistance walking around the parking lot.

The Amount Of Traffic

  • You will also find that parking lots that get a high amount of foot and vehicle traffic will have a lower speed limit. For instance, a parking lot at an airport or a large mall will have a very low speed limit.

Local and State Laws

Parking lot speed limits are not all the same.

There may be some local or state laws that could govern the speed limit in a certain area. No matter what the law says, be sure to drive your vehicle under the posted speed limit.

The Importance Of Speed Limits In Parking Lots

Importance of Speed Limits in Parking Lots

To Avoid Accidents

  • The main reason that you want to drive within the posted speed limit is that you want to avoid accidents. Unlike driving on the road, you will counter more unexpected situations, such as vehicles pulling out of their parking spaces and people walking around areas where you will be driving.

To Avoid Tickets

  • Yes, you can get a driving ticket when speeding in a parking lot. You need to make sure that you are driving within the posted speed limit. In some cases, law enforcement may have patrols in parking lots to ensure pedestrian and driver safety.

Knowing the Rules When Driving Around a Parking Lot

Be sure to know the posted speed limit when driving in a parking lot. This will not only keep you safe, but it can also help you avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Remember that speed limits in a parking lot will be lower than what you will encounter on the road. By following these simple rules, you will enjoy a safe trip during your next drive around a parking lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do parking lots enforce their speed limits?

Most parking lots will not have a way to enforce a speed limit but some parking lots may have patrols by law enforcement who have the power to give you a speeding ticket inside of the property.

Do all parking lots have a speed limit?

Typically, a parking lot will have a posted speed limit.

Is driving through parking spaces illegal?

In most cases, it is perfectly legal to drive through a parking space unless there is a rule that specifically prohibits this behavior.

Are speed bumps or humps used to enforce speed limits in parking lots?

Yes, many parking lots will use speed bumps to slow down traffic.

Can I use my phone while driving in a parking lot?

You should avoid using your cell phone while driving, including driving in a parking lot.