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Can You Get a Deal Buying Two Cars at Once?

getting a deal buying two cars at once

Sometimes things happen and your family needs two cars at the same time. Maybe you survived a flood, fire, or some other catastrophe.  Or maybe you decided to upgrade your ride and your spouse expects a new car too in order to “make things even”.  Or maybe you’ve just got two cars that are both due to become trade-ins.

It doesn’t matter how it happened, you need two cars and you’re wondering…can you get a better deal buying them both together than you could buying them individually.  Well the answer is often “yes” if handled properly.

You don’t have to buy two of the exact same car to get a discount

…but you do have to buy from the same salesman.  So you could plan to buy a Honda Accord and a Honda Pilot from the same dealership because one salesman will handle the whole deal.

Occasionally, a dealership will carry multiple brands like a high-end one with cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes.  In that case, you may be able to mix and match….but again, only if you work with a single salesman.

Why does it work?

Not only will a salesman make a double commission, but you will help them reach their sales targets sooner.  Reaching sales targets means a bonus for car salesmen that can easily exceed the loss on any one (or two) individual deals.

It also takes a time investment to sell a car.  If a salesman can knock out two cars at once, they can use the extra time to talk to more potential buyers and close more deals.

So even if a salesman concedes a bigger discount for two cars, there is still a financial incentive for them.

How to negotiate two cars at once

Negotiation is trickier, but not impossible.  You’ll want to take a similar approach to negotiating a single car.

Contact several car dealers to get prices and start a bidding war (ask them each to beat your best price).  In your communications, explain you will be purchasing two cars at the same time and be specific with the make, model, and trim for each car.  When sharing your best price, it is important to include the MSRP of both cars so they understand you are comparing apples to apples….and bananas to bananas.

Since this type of deal has more moving parts, you will likely need to call car dealers as well to explain the specifics.

Financing may be harder for two cars

When you apply for financing at the dealership or elsewhere, you’ll need to prove your budget can handle two car payments at once.  Lenders will not let you consolidate into a single loan either, so you’ll have to go through the paperwork twice.

Other financial considerations

If you buy two cars at the same time, expect all other financial milestones to occur at the same time as well.  You’ll likely need to replace all eight tires around the same time as well as other maintenance.

Oil changes, annual state registrations, and emission appointments will be sync which means double the expense and scheduling around the same time.

Larger long term maintenance can be a surprise financial hit so make sure you budget for it.

Buying more than two cars?

Do you run a small business that needs a fleet of new cars?  Even better, the more you buy at once, the better deal you can get!

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