Car Wraps: How To Get Paid To Drive

by Car Negotiation Coach

Car wrapsDid you know you can make money just by driving your car? You can, if you are willing to allow a company to put an advertisement on it. These advertisements, called wraps, look like they are painted right on the vehicle, but they are just really nice decals. The programs are called ‘free car' or ‘get paid to drive' and they pay you for advertising for their product on the side of your car. 

If you have ever taken public transport you have probably noticed that there is a lot of advertising done on the inside and outside of buses and trains. This is because companies know that when you are riding in your vehicle or are stuck in traffic you become what they call a ‘captive audience.' That means, as a consumer you are stuck reading their advertisement and it is very good for business. The idea to use car wraps came out of the success of advertising on the sides of buses and the walls of trains. It works in basically the same way, big companies pay for the prime advertising real estate located on your vehicle. Just like the buses and trains, your car can also hold a captive audience.

How Do Car Wraps Work?

Step One – You must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver's license. Your license should be clear of any traffic violations in the past year. 

Step Two – Contact one of the many car wrap companies. They advertise on the web and are fairly easy to find, usually having the words free car or get paid to drive in their company name. A reputable company will not charge you a fee to advertise your benefits. They will want specific information from you like where you live and how many miles a week you drive. Drivers are usually required to be employed, so that the vehicle is driven each day. Some companies might outfit your car with a GPS so that they can track your driving.

Step Three – The company you get work with will pay to have your car decal put on. You do have a say in what decal is placed on your car. Advertisers want you to choose something that you are comfortable having on the side of the car to encourage you to drive it more. Outside of the decal, you are responsible for any other maintenance on your vehicle. 

Step Four – Drive like you normally would; to work, to drop off the kids at school, to the grocery store and earn big money. Remember that all of these trips are earning you a pay check. Maybe you can save up for a new car or better yet, a holiday to celebrate your smart, new income stream.  You do not necessarily have to be frugal when you have a car wrap opportunity. Depending on where you live you can make a lot of money with these advertisements. In big metropolitan areas, companies have paid as much as $3200 per month for a car wrap. In lower traffic areas you can easily make between $500 and $900 per month. That is a significant amount of money that can cover your car loan, insurance, and even your gas. Leaving more of your salary for you. You might wonder why it is called ‘free car' when you don't actually get a free car. Companies used to offer free cars with no other compensation, but they quickly learned that this was not a smart financial choice, the name just stuck.

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Funny about Money

Wow! This would solve some big financial problems here in Layoff-Land. I’ll look into this.

As a practical matter, I wouldn’t dream of letting some corporation track my driving habits with a GPS. But I sure would let them put an ad on my aging minivan in return for $500 a month.

Do you know whether these decals are removable? If not, they’d presumably trash the vehicle’s trade-in value.

Car Negotiation Coach

Good luck. It’s tough because they typically want you to be employed so they know you will be commuting, but still worth a try.

There are many companies that do this now and I wouldn’t be surprised if some have removeable decals and some do not. If it’s only on your windows, you shouldn’t have a problem. On the body, questionable. Definitely check before getting one applied.

And as for the GPS, I’m not a fan of being tracked either, but I can understand why they would want to pay for certain minimum number of miles covering routes in specific areas of town. If you end up doing it, let me know how it goes!

Dory's mom

I’ve been interested for a long time but afraid of scams can you recommend a legitimate wrap company

Car Negotiation Coach

@Dory’s Mom: Sorry I can’t be more help on this, but to be honest, this is not my area of expertise and I don’t want to steer you towards any unscrupulous companies.

If you do find a good one though, please let us know. Good luck!

Karen Harrington

I drive a white 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. Currently, I drive about 100-150 miles per day. Kids to school, work, work, and more work. Every three months to Buffalo for Breast cancer treatments. I would love to have another stream of income. Call me! 716-378-2528 anytime is a good time, just tell who you a representing when you call so I know who I’m talking to…
Thanks for your time.


Karen Harrington

Forgot to check the box []NOTIFY ME OF FOLLOWUP COMMENTS VIA E-MAIL. 🙂

Car Negotiation Coach

Karen, I would suggest googling “car wraps” and you’ll see a ton of companies. At this point I can’t validate which ones are legit, but try a couple and see if any are looking for new drivers in your area. If you find any good ones, definitely post back and let us know.


Do you think they would be interested in a Saturn sky convertible In the middle of Houston tx? Average around 2,000 miles a month.

Car Negotiation Coach

Patrick, 2,000 miles a month is a lot and that would certainly work in your favor. But it’s hard to tell who each company will accept. Different advertisers target different demographics (route driven, type of car, market area, etc). I suggest applying to a few companies and see what happens.

Karen Harrington

Can anyone suggest a few companies?
Or advice as to what the format is to get in contact with someone…


Im looking for any Company’s to see if I can put their Advertising or Logo
on my car and get paid to drive my car

Bimbo Diva

This blog does not cover where to contact to get car wraps so I find it incomplete as many others have. Will you send us information where we can go?

Adsonwheels Team

yes its true if you would like to advertise on your car for a company advertisement then you can earn money by do it..


I commute 200 miles every day. I drive a ford taurus sedan and would like to carry ad for a company. I have a job and must commute and on days (weekend) I am in town I am in a big cities. My car travel in front of at least 30000 youngsters in addition to the normal city/ highway audience.

Robyn Lewis

Hey I’m very interested in having my car wrapped. I’m a temp worker and I work all over the LA surrounding areas. Today it could be in Santa Monica, tomorrow in Anaheim. I never know where I’ll be but I’m definitely driving around different cities. I didn’t notice anyone listing Car Wrap companies. I noticed people asking but no one responded. Are there really such companies that don’t expect you to pay in order to start driving around with their ads on your car?

Car Negotiation Coach

Hi Robyn, Yes there are companies out there that will pay, but unfortunately, there is a large supply of drivers and these companies don’t need to look very hard to find willing candidates. I can’t honestly say which companies are legit so I don’t want to list companies here and steer people in the wrong direction. Just google “car “wraps” and apply to a few companies that come up and see how you make out. However, I’d definitely avoid paying any company that asks you….there are scammers out there.


So where would I go to get signed up for Paid to drive if I meet all the above requirements listed

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