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John Goreham

John Goreham is a life-long car nut and recovering engineer. John's focus areas are technology, safety, and green vehicles. In the 1990s, he was part of an academic team that built a solar-electric vehicle from scratch. His was the role of the battery thermal control designer. After earning his engineering degree, John also completed a marketing program at Northeastern University. For 20 years, he applied his engineering and sales talents in the worlds of semiconductor manufacturing, biopharmaceutical production, and automotive electronics supply chain. Always a writer,  John has published numerous articles in technical journals such as Chemical Processing Magazine. In 2008 he retired from that career and dedicated himself to chasing his dream of being an auto writer. In addition to online publications such as Car Talk, John's work has appeared in print in dozens of American newspapers, and he provides reviews to many vehicle shopping sites.

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Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry: Which Is Your Choice?

Accord vs Camry

No segment packs as much vehicle for the dollar as sedans, like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. There is no wrong choice between these two. Our comparison here is not intended to tell you which is “the winner,” but rather give you the information you need to help narrow your search for the perfect…

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Best Small SUVs: Which Is Right For You?

Best Small SUVs

We’ve tested every vehicle on this list, and our expert opinion is they all deserve to be recognized. Every vehicle on this list has AWD available or as standard, has towing capabilities, and has real-world utility features. Read about how we rank our cars >> What Is Considered a Small SUV? When…

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Honda Pilot vs. Toyota Highlander: Which One Works Best For Your Family?

Pilot vs Highlander

The three-row crossover SUV segment is hot and getting hotter. Two vehicles that define the segment include the Toyota Highlander and the Honda Passport. Both offer optional all-wheel drive and are excellent choices for those seeking a family vehicle with all-road and all-weather capability. We won’t…

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Honda Pilot vs. Passport: Which SUV Is the Best?

Honda Pilot vs Passport

If you are a Honda fan looking for a roomy family crossover SUV, Honda offers you two outstanding choices larger than its top-selling CR-V. The Pilot has three rows and is widely considered a benchmark in its segment. Honda also offers the two-row Passport. Although the number of rows is the primary…

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Subaru Forester vs Outback: Which Is Best For You?

forester vs outback

Subaru has slowly but surely worked its way to the top of the sales charts in the two-row crossover segment by offering drivers different takes on the same great theme. The five-passenger Outback and Forester may appear similar on a screen when you research them online, but there are essential differences…

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